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    Make money online with Sponsored reviews

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    When ever we talk about making money online via Blogging, some of the common method we know are adsense or ads, direct ads, text ads and paid reviews or sponsored reviews. In case, if you are new to sponsored reviews, here is how it works: A company launch a new service or product, they ask bloggers to test and write about it and in return they offer some free accounts or money. This is knows as sponsored review.

    Now, one common problem which blogger faces are: Finding the direct sponsored reviews and this way they miss out a large chunk of money.  Here I’m talking about a market place which is use by advertisers to find bloggers and webmasters for sponsored reviews.

    sponsored logo thumb Make money online with Sponsored reviews

    The best part of Sponsored review is that, you don’t have to give any false review about their product , rather you can give your honest review (Good or bad).

    One approach to get the sponsored review is by directly writing en Email to the target advertiser and ask them for paid or sponsored reviews. This process usually takes time. There are few websites which provide you advertiser and you can write a review for them.

    One of them is Sponsoredreviews, You can define your category related to your niche and you can simply bid for the paid reviews. You can select the product you like and write a review according to their conditions specified.

    sponsoredreview thumb Make money online with Sponsored reviews

    You can bid for the amount and if sponsor like your blog/website, he will approve your bid. At times, you will get offer from advertisers for sponsored review and even after 1 and half year of signing up, I keep getting offer up to $200+. When ever you get any such sponsored review offer don’t forget to read the condition of the review post and this way you will avoid last minute hassle. Don’t forget to keep updating your profile and don’t forget that you write for your readers, so taking any such review post which you might never use, might harm your reputation.

    Writing 2-3 sponsored review, you can easily make $100-$500. Do remember always target advertiser who are related to your niche. Else you might loose the trust of your readers.

    Link : Signup for sponsored review



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    SponsoredReviews is my favorite review site for the reason being that you got control on products that you want to review.

    Indeed, the products that we must choose to review must be the one who are close to our niche



    Harsh Agrawal

    That’s true. There is no point of reviewing any product which is not related to your niche.
    Infact if you bid for something related to your niche, there are more chances of getting it at the price you will quote.


    Accent Money

    Applied for sponsored reviews, got accepted but it’s almost a week and my bids are neither accepted nor declined.



    I’ve recently come across a few blogs that have stopped writing sponsored reviews because it reduced the trust factor in their readers. Do you think they are indeed so bad? Or can we just select good products which wouldn’t reduce the trust of our readers?


    Geek Revealed

    Harsh, you are the best. I was looking for “what is sponsored review” and then found your post. You in this post have made everything crystal clear.
    Thumbs UP!


    Dilip Kumar

    Do publishers could be penalized for participating in sponsored reviews ? or could be removed from Google search results entirely? I heard lots of things like this, Is this true?


    Anchit Shethia

    One drawback is that the site charges too much as their commission.
    No one takes 50% of commision in a review service.


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