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What Is Sponsored Review and How To Get Started?

What Is Sponsored Review and How To Get Started?

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I have talked about various methods one can use to earn money from his blog. Today I will be talking about SponSored reviews which is another lucrative method for you to make huge income. Typically when you use an Ad network like AdSense, Chitika or any other, you need to wait a long time to get paid. More over, you will be getting few cents for click and payment comes after a long time. On the other hand Sponsored review will help you to make more money in single shot. Before I share more details about Sponsored reviews, I have listed down some of the best make money blogging articles which you should read:

What is Sponsored review or Sponsored post?

Most of the time you review different products related to your niche on your blog and you don’t make any money out of it. In sponsored review you typically review a product related to your niche and get paid for it. Typically either you reach out to potential advertiser who might be interested in buying a sponsored review on your blog or advertiser directly contact you for sponsored post. There are many pros and cons of sponsored posts and if you do things ethical way, you will end up making huge with these posts. Here I will outline various tips and tricks for you to get sponsored articles.

Sponsored review for bloggers

In 2014 Sponsored posts are being replaced by native advertising where you blend ads in a way it looks like part of the content. Well I will not talk much about native advertising here as it’s a separate topic all together to discus. For now, lets look at the methods which you can to get sponsored reviews for your blog.

How to get sponsored reviews and make money?

The most important advice which I would give you here is to have a well designed blog with targeted audience. This way you can earn huge with single paid post. If you still have a blog with cluttered design, spend next few hours giving a professional look to your blog. Make sure you have a logo and your sidebar have important elements like subscription box, Facebook like box, recent posts and other which reflects your blog personality. Once you are done with it, it’s time for you to work on following:

Have an advertisement page and..:

Advertisement page or media-kit is one major way to get sponsored reviews. Create an effective media-kit which shows what your blog is all about and what your advertiser can expect out of it. Apart from giving options for display ads also offer option for sponsored review. A Sponsored review pricing is usually more than your native ads. Here are few articles which you can read to learn about advertisement page:

Reach out to potential advertisers:

This method is exactly same as finding the direct advertisement but in this case your proposal would be for sponsored review. Make sure you reach out to only those product owner which have good reviews. After all you don’t want to endorse a bad product and lose your reader trust. You can also ask a review copy of the product/service to try out and come up with an honest review. Here is a grey line with Sponsored post which you should manage carefully. Many time you just have to spread the news about the service/product and don’t necessarily try it. In such cases make sure you don’t mention that you are using this service or now using.

Point to remember:

  • Pick only trusted product/brand/service for sponsored post.
  • If the product is crappy after trying it, say no and deny the offer.
  • Add a disclaimer in the post saying “This post is sponsored by $Brandname”

By Writing 2-3 sponsored review, you can easily make $100-$500. Do remember always target advertiser who are related to your niche. Else you might lose the trust of your readers.

You can join Izea network to get sponsored post for your blog and also for your social-media profile. While signing up make sure to chose brand as an option if you are using your blog to advertise.

What’s your experience with Sponsored review so far? How much money you have made and do you know of any good Sponsored review ad network?



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  • Sameer Singla

    Hi Harsh,
    For many days i was wondering to know about the sponsored reviews. But couldn’t find a better explanation from anyone, finally i googled and was really happy to see shoutmeloud there. Now, after reading ur this explanation all i can say is that yes!! i know what is sponsored review..your this post made it so clear me..:-)
    Thanks for sharing this.
    But Harsh, could u please also tell me that weather any non tech blog can have any sponsored reviews?
    I’ll look for your reply.:-)

  • Tanishq Sharma

    Hi Harsh, it would be really useful if you could tell some of the websites other than izea!

    Tanishq Sharma

    • Harsh Agrawal

      For now I don’t have any more site like Izea that I know of. I will update as soon as I stumble upon any more similar working site.

  • Vishnu

    Hey Harsh,
    You know I googled the question which is exactly the headline of your post :D
    Glad to see shoutmeloud there :)
    And It was a very useful post indeed, you’ve explained it exceptionally well and all those interlinked post were also beneficial. If anybody want to learn how interlinking is being done then there is nobody better then you to explain it :D
    Anyways, thanks for sharing this post and Sponsored Reviews watch out I’m coming!

  • Dilip Kumar

    Do publishers could be penalized for participating in sponsored reviews ? or could be removed from Google search results entirely? I heard lots of things like this, Is this true?

  • Geek Revealed

    Harsh, you are the best. I was looking for “what is sponsored review” and then found your post. You in this post have made everything crystal clear.
    Thumbs UP!

  • Samir

    I’ve recently come across a few blogs that have stopped writing sponsored reviews because it reduced the trust factor in their readers. Do you think they are indeed so bad? Or can we just select good products which wouldn’t reduce the trust of our readers?

    • Gravyin

      Hi samir.. as Harsh explained in his one of the post that do sponsored reviews of only that products which suites your niche & will actually benefit. If posible you try it before you recommend.

  • Developerholic

    SponsoredReviews is my favorite review site for the reason being that you got control on products that you want to review.

    Indeed, the products that we must choose to review must be the one who are close to our niche


    • Harsh Agrawal

      That’s true. There is no point of reviewing any product which is not related to your niche.
      Infact if you bid for something related to your niche, there are more chances of getting it at the price you will quote.


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