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DreamHost Affiliate

When ever I publish my monthly income report, one most common question I was asked that which all affiliate program do I use and here I’m writing about one of the mot successful affiliate program which I have used till now.

Dreamhost is one of the top webhosting for WordPress and they offer an affiliate program which you can use to make almost 97$/sale. To become a member of Dreamhost affiliate program you don’t need to be a Dreamhost customer and any one can become an affiliate of Dreamhost.

How to Get started with Dreamhost Affiliate Program?

To get started with this, Sign up for their affiliate program. Once you are signed up with their aff. program, login to their panel and click on reward tab to grab your dreamhost affiliate link. Now promote that link via Blog Post or Send it via Email list you have created and tell people about this web-hosting.

How much Money you can make from Dreamhost affiliate?

I have been a Dreamhost Affiliate from long time (2008-2014) and I had a great success with their program and till now I have made almost $11164 with their affiliate program. Dreamhost pays by check and by PayPal.(for India, they make payment via cheque only). Once you become their premium publisher, you will be able to checkout your affiliate income every month. Also, you will be getting special Dreamhost promo code for people who are signing up for more than 2 years. They are certainly one of the best Webhosting affiliate program, as you can decide your own commission from $97/sale.

You can either offer a discount coupon worth $97, which I offer to ShoutMeloud readers (SML97) but your commission will be 0 then, or you can give a discount of $50, and keep a commission of $47.

Here is one of my check which I have received from Dreamhost:

Dreamhost Affiliate Payment

In the next post I will be sharing how you can promote Dreamhost affiliate offer. For now, I’m Over all  happy with Dreamhost affiliate as they pay in time and their affiliate control panel give enough stats. They make Payment via PayPal and Check. Once you become a premium affiliate (5+ sales), you will be able to checkout money at the end of every month. The best thing is, Dreamhost offers 3 tier affiliate. That means, if your sub affiliate make any sense, you will be getting extra $5/referral.

Join Dreamhost affiliate program for free

Do let me know if you have any question about Dreamhost affiliate? You can also consider joining Thesis affiliate program for more conversion.

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COMMENTs ( 32 )

  1. Aditya says

    How many months does the person have to sign up for dreamhost in order for me to get the commission?

    and how quickly does dreamiest pay the commission?

  2. wong says

    You can share a discount coupon via a blog post
    You can add the banner on your sidebar
    You can send it via an email newsletter

    the above three, where and how to promote in my blogpost, i am a newbie.

    pls advise.


  3. says

    Hello Sir, my name is Rajat Kumar. I just started a few months ago, my blog which I read on your website affiliate program to the affiliate program, how can we have good income. Affiliate programs and how we can get a nice little income. Affiliate Programs Today I’m earning 3693$ each month. Topics of the affiliate program on your website that I just reached here I am. I want to thank you wholeheartedly.I only just put in my blog post from which five have started my good earnings.

  4. Mogglee says

    Hey Harsh,
    I made a DreamHost Affiliate account and made my first commission with DH via a coupon code.
    Can you please tell me about the 97-day holding period? what does that mean? and in your post, you mentioned about cheque payment for Indians. But I don’t see any of that? I only see cash-out via paypal.

  5. Dilip Soni says

    the big problem with most of affiliate program is that you need customer from English speaking countries .@harsh plz tell a program who work for indian or people who like to write in hindi like me .

  6. Tauseef Alam says

    Hi Harsh

    I joined DreamHost Affiliate last month only and made total 11 sales but still the commission has not been credited in my account for any of the sale except the one which is latest.

    For all the sales i made before, no commission has been added to my account. I contacted their support team but no solid reply. Can you please tell me how much time does it take to credit the sales commission.

  7. Avnish Gautam says

    No one web hosting affiliate program can compare with dreamhost, because it pays high commision on every sale and gives earning opportunity for sub referrals. Thanks.

  8. Punit says

    Hi Harsh,

    I have created my account with DreamHost for affiliation and created one promo code also. But, I don’t have any blog then how can i promote this code with other modes like facebook, gmail and how the people will use this code. Need more clarification on it.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

  9. Rakesh Kumar says

    I do not know exactly to say something. I mean, I have heard worst reviews of dreamhost and these days I have an increasing number. If we are hearing such worst reviews about a hosting company, wont it affect our brand reputation if some one faces trouble with Dreamhost. Anyway, congo for your success,

    • says

      As I say, try a product before you buy. Tell me one hosting company, for which you have not heard a bad review about?
      Dreamhost is a good webhosting company to start with, and for a starter blogger it’s a good saving of $20-30 discount, which matters at the initial days.

  10. shenoyjoseph says

    i always think how people will buy through our affiliate link and how they trust us without knowing anything about us? By seeing your post now i understanded the achievement will be done with trust and promotion.

  11. Harish Krishna says

    I just have a small doubt harsh. I dont see any affiliate banners or ads on sml. Then can I assume that you earn your income for other blogs more than what sml provides you?

  12. says

    Hi harsh,

    i was a DH client before for years… But seeing what your doing with affiliation is really nice. One question : Can we open an affiliate program without having a actual host at DH?


  13. Amit Agrawal says

    Very nice post! I’ll also give a try to become a dreamhost affiliate and earn some bucks! :)
    Thanks for the post!

  14. shakil says

    very very well written and informative post. You are the man how raised my dream to become an affiliate marketer. Keep it up man

  15. Sreejesh says

    Initially I was not so interested in affiliate programs, thinking it is just waste of time. However, its impressive to know that you’ve earned $3900 so far fro just Dreamhost! May I know since when you’ve joined their affiliate program?

  16. GVO Conference says

    Yes, of course Dreamhost pay good commission for promoting and making sales. Like other webhosting companies they are also in the market with good reputation.

  17. Giang Chau says

    Dreamhost is one of my choice while searching hosting provider. But I have lived with it only one year since it had made several problem with my blog including difficultily accessible.

    Now I have a plan that will drive my blog to Hostgator as soon as possible. Maybe you have gotten much dollar with its affiliate?

    • says

      Giang I have used Dreamhost & hostgator both and no doubt Hostgator is superior than Dreamhost. The advantage of Dreamhost is it’s cheap plan + 1 free domain which is good enough for started…I was on DH for 1 year and moved to VPS hosting after that.. I still have one Dh account and 1 HG account… I’m enjoying both of them and for me both of them are working great! :)

  18. Mahendra says

    I fully agree with you Harsh,
    It is easy to make a sales, but not easy to manage support and technical
    Esp. hosting today is a bit risky business and it does not give returns comparing to investment of time and money.

  19. sureshpeters says

    hey harsh..!! i too host the websites..i have reseller account.. but if you have ur hosting company,,, you no more need to work for can startt your own hoting company by the traffic you get :), try out.

    • says

      Suresh I agree but imagine when I can make almost 100$ with a single sale via affiliate, why I will take pain to start my own hosting company when I have to offer support and take care of all customer feedback.. Is in’t it easy to promote some one else (already branded) stuff than working on something which I don’t have 100% technical expertise?

      • sureshpeters says

        referral income is one time singnup,so if u get hosting..every year..they ll pay u :) , so that if they like hosting they will refer their friends too :) think on this..and u started domain markettig also right?? how u did tat..

        • says

          Suresh My question: How many you can make per client who sign up for your hosting for 1 year? And what about tech support?
          Is it worth the money? I have been looking into Some reseller hosting plans but realize it’s not a good idea to land into something when I’m not sure about the quality.
          meanwhile about reseller, you can also start your domain reseller account for as low as 200$

          Let me know if you need any help starting your domain reselling account. It will be complete white labeled reseller account :)
          That means you can promote your company and your brand,…!!