Is Technology Niche No Longer a Good Niche?

These days blogging is one of the hottest career option and many of the engineers or net savvy people are creating blog and earning handsome income out of it. I’m also an engineer by education, and when I starter blogging; I started with a tech blog here. Later on, my interest shifted to online marketing, and that’s how ShoutMeLoud got the niche. This post will clear some of your most FAQ related to technology niche, and should you have a blog on tech or not.

Engineers are supposed to be closely connected to Internet and most of engineers starts with a blog & most of them select niche as technology. Couple of days back, one of ShoutMeLoud readers asked me is Tech niche a good niche to start a blog or not? He was afraid that Technology blogs are overcrowding internet and he might not get success.

I believe this is the same question most of the beginners bloggers are facing. Here I’m sharing my view points which might help you to decide if getting into this overcrowded niche is a good idea or not.

Technology niche

Type of Tech blogs:

There are different types of Tech blogs like one which is publishing news posts, another one publish tutorials and so on.  First thing which you need to decide is what kind of tech blog you are trying to build. Is it going to be tutorials, news, or review blogs. Below I’m sharing example of some of the common types of technology niche blog:

News tech blog:

If you are building news tech blog, you are suppose to be one of the early news breaker. If you are publishing 2 days old news, getting success with such strategy is limited. If you become an authoritative source to publish latest updates, people will like to follow your updates and follow your blog closely for instant updates.  Such niche is good if you are working online most of the time. One of the most common question asked is, how to get latest tech topics. Start subscribing to popular news breaking tech blogs email newsletter, Facebook fan page updates.

Suggestions: MashableSlashdot, RRWTNW

Tutorials Tech blog:

Such blogs are more popular than any other blog. For example HowtoGeek. As tutorials posts are time taking posts and requires complete knowledge of the topic, so it’s  not for everyone. But if you are comfortable with writing tutorials on any particular topic, like Windows 8,  iPhone, you can start a tutorial blogs. Such blogs take more time than News tech blog to build traffic, but in long run, conversion and more money is in this niche blog. More over, my suggestion would be pick a sub-topic which are going to last for long. For example, computer care is one of those topic that will last for long ( Securing your online profile, securing your computer, anti-viruses).

Reviews Tech blog:

Reviews tech blog requires you to have sound tech knowledge. You need to pick one micro niche like mobile phone reviews, laptop reviews, software reviews and you can start such blog. Specially mobile and laptop reviews blogs are popular. Though money is in micro niche blogs like antivirus reviews blog, where you can use affiliate links to increase your income tremendously. Specially, amazon affiliate program is going to be very useful for your Tech blog.

Quality of content:

This is the most common attributes of any successful blog. It doesn’t matter what kind of blog you are running, but you need to come up with quality content which will connect you to your readers. If you are using too many technical jargon, probably basic users, won’t be able to follow your posts. You should create a balance in your article to make sure, any average person  can understand the tech aspect.

If you want to create a successful tech blog, I would suggest start a tech blog on a particular topic. Like iPhone news and hacks, Gadgets reviews, nokia news, Windows news and tutorials and so on.

The idea here is apart from micro niche sites, all generic niche sites are crowded. To stand ahead of other blogs, you need to pick one good niche, write quality content, optimize your blog for search engine and social media.

My strategy with Technology Niche blog:

So far I have tried 4 technology niche blog, and they are still making money for me via AdSense and affiliate marketing . Initially I started with a blog targeting news related posts, but with time it’s more painful to manage such news tech blog, because the amount of news we have to share is huge. At times you will find it tough to cope up with all the latest tech-stuff happening around. After running this blog for 2 years, I decided to stop working on it, and work on another portal which will focus more on ever-green content. So, I started, which is still up and running.

In between, I also experimented with small-micro niche blog related to niche topics like Cydia, iPhone and they are working out pretty good. For example, one of my small niche blog is making over $200/month and with little work. If you want to read the complete strategy of that blog, here is the blue-print for you.


Technology blog is a hot niche and what you need to focus is on providing quality and add value. If you are publishing on a regular basis, you will soon get good traction on your blog. Don’t be scared of millions of others tech-blog out there, as there is no competition for quality.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask me via comments. What do you feel about tech niche? Is it over-crowded or safe niche to blog?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 49 )

  1. says

    Hi harsh,
    Thanks for sharing such an useful post.
    I have a doubt.
    If I blog about two niches – BLOGGING & TECHNOLOGY, can I sustain for long time and grow my blog.
    I have seen many such blogs with these 2 niche’s performing well.
    Please give me an advice.

  2. Raymond Tupas says

    I also have a doubt weather to choose a tech niche blog, as there are already a lot around the web, glad that I have read your article. Now the things are clear for me, I will continue my tech niche blog which focus on tutorials. Great post Harsh Agrawal, keep sharing. it helps us a lot especially those beginners in blogging.

  3. says

    HI Harsh,
    Thanks for the article.It’s really good tech articles are read by most of the people in the world but you said that tutorials will drive traffic more but it takes more time can you suggest me to make it fast and earn money ?

  4. Fred says

    Hey Harsh I really like this post at first i thought you will discourage me to do tech blogging but you enlighten me and give me knowledge on what should and where should I start. Thank you

  5. Shine Eddy says

    Nice Post! You are right. Tech niche is one of the crowded one. Tutorial type is time taking posts and requires complete knowledge. But it may stand longer time than news. Anyway, I love technology and happy to blog about tech niche.

  6. Ankit says

    Very Nice article Harsh, Actually i also have a tech blog and I was confused about, In which direction I should take it forward but this post has cleared all my doubts.
    Thanks once again bro :)

  7. Jimmy says

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for the article :-)

    U wrote Tutorial blog will take more time to build traffic than news tech blogs. Y is it so ?

  8. Aakash @ Web Hosting India says

    Bang on target Harsh.

    Well described and this post is showing depth of your knowledge. Really appreciate it.

    One more thing – I think now this is the time when you should change the look of your blog as you also noticed that all new bloggers are adopting your theme.

    So we do need a change after all you are one of the best blog on tech from India and best need best and unique design.

    Now you will say that your new theme will be also copied later on … than yes we should ready for that as well.

  9. seenu says

    Hi Harsh
    Very useful article.May be I’m the one of the persons who asked you about the future of Tech blogs.
    This article gave me some hope to continue my work with confidence.

  10. Pumama says

    Nice Post!Glad to know you are owner of CAG.
    Make a Technology Blog is very hard but can if we try hard.
    And the most reason to make a Technology Blog is : TECHNOLOGY IS OUR PASSION

  11. Siddharth says

    Most of the Newbie bloggers ask the same qn when they are in an idea to start a blog and its always true that Tech Niche will never be the wrong selection as tech revolution is going all around and there are lot many topics to cover.

  12. Vivek Krishnan says

    Okay, first there was the MMO niche and now there is this tech niche. I really believe that the tech niche is going to get hyper-competitive, MMO is almost saturated now. And I am saying this even though I do not run a tech niche blog. I have noticed eespecially Indian bloggers are obsessed with the Tech niche. This trend needs a shift.

  13. Prabal @ Price Arena says

    Yea ! This is what I was looking for days. I am about to start a new technology blog in a week & was concerned about some of the points you listed above. Thanks Harsh. Great to see that you end up earning around $1000 from an individual tech blog. :)

  14. Rahul says

    Technology is nice niche. Calling all geeks has lot of authors. Single guy cannot make his blog this big in short time.
    If you are new here. Go for easy keywords to rank. Because every tech blog needs 6 month to establish. Than it will make profits.

  15. Vijayraj Reddy says

    i prefer Tutorials and Reviews Tech blog than News, bcoz you will get visitors for your Tutorials and Reviews posts for lifetime, but for news blog a post gets stops getting visitors after a week it has published..

  16. techntuts says

    Awesome post harsh.. :) It helped me decide on choosing a niche. I was confused whether to go with a tutorial blog or not? but now i got a bit of confidence that choosing a niche and working hard on that helps.

    But patience is the main key to success :)

  17. Atul@TechOfWeb says

    within 6 mnths, 1.5 lacs pageviews per month and $1000, unbelievable

    I am also trying to make techofweb a tech blog

  18. Michael Aulia says

    Yeah, technology is one of the crowded niche, but again, every niche is already so crowded anyways. It’s back to the style of your writing and what you write about

    Harsh, I’m amazed that you can get $1000 on a tech niche under 6 months! I’m still struggling to get up to that stage in 2 years!

  19. Kartik@DailyTechPost says

    Great article Harsh….Yes we can’t deny that tech niche is crowded but then every other quality niche is and this fact nullifies the ideology of “Choosing a Niche”…then you are left just with the option of choosing the easiest niche and thats “Tech niche”..

  20. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney says

    Tech niche is still worth to try and start a new blog. If you are single guy who runs the blog, then better to narrow the niche and select a single topic. If a group of bloggers, then you can go for top niche with several topics.

    The blogs started 1 to 2 years ago in tech field, still dominating the internet.

    Thanks to Harsh for your opinion.

    • says

      Thanks Dinesh for your valuable comment and I certainly agree with your statement on narrow niche for single writer and broader niche for blog with multiple author. I’m following the later one for CallingAllGeeks. :)

  21. Keshav Gupta says

    Only one point is there I would like to highlight
    You as a reader is always looking for good information and if you are getting it, you won’t mind adding that one more blog to your reading arsenal.
    We as a reader follow 10s of news site, 10s of tech site,10s of beauty tips site etc etc. So don’t think of 1 reader = 1 site, its more like 1 reader = 100′s of sites.

    • says

      Keshav I agree with your statement @above. It’s very important to offer good information. That’s why I categorize tech niche in 3 sub niche depending on kind of blog you are running. One with tutorials will get you maximum subscribers.

  22. Amit says

    It’s very relative to define a niche as “Good” or “Bad”. It’s up to the blogger, his ideas and the strategy he takes which defines whether the niche is Good or bad for him. Any niche is good, depends on how the blogger approaches it

    Regarding tech: Agree there is cut throat competition but if you approach the same thing in a different way, adding your own style …they will come

    • says

      Useful comment Amit.. The point here is I named Tech niche as crowded niche and it’s one of the best and easy niche for most of Engineers. The idea of this post is to make them understand, despite of being crowded niche, it’s still a good niche but one should focus on a strategy to stand ahead of the crowd and make maximum out of a tech blog.

  23. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    This is the reason I have started my Tech Blog. Tech Niche will never die like blogging niche and if you combine certain things with tech niche I am sure you will generate a good amount of income from it.

  24. Jojo Mathews @Around Social says

    Firstly the blogger should think, is there any need of that niche blog ? If blogger is just willing to copy paste or regenerate same topics, it’s a really bad idea… go unique.. stay simple….

  25. Devesh @ Technshare says

    Awesome post man. Actually i was thinking to start a blog in tech niche and this post is really helpful.

    Thanks for sharing man. Keep up the awesome work and have a great holidays!

  26. Sandeep Singh says

    Well put u bro ..! surely many have this doubt !!! but what you want to say is that any niche, quality will succeed you ???

  27. Vuong says

    That is really what I am concerned while my StarBlogger has just jumped in blogoshere for 2 weeks. Difficulties are lots but my most headache now is which niche I will pursuit.

    Technology is my hobby but seemly it is extremely crowded and blogging tips niche is too. Do you have any suggestion?

    I see Callingallgeek is a good case study for me but at first, might be I will jump in this co-authors community. I already register an account on CAG, but I do not see any option to put in my GA code as SML does.

    • Jagan Mangat says

      Hey frnd(and author too)i want to say that:
      The world is very fast and guys every one willing to get success must be fast too.I don’t agree upon this that the technology blogging niche is crowded,the thing is which ever niche you choose if that is successful than i bet you will find it crowded(only tech niche is not crowded).Because every one needs sudden success and run for that,when a reader (before starting blog) look at the success of a particular blog he chooses that nice and hence the niche becomes crowded.One more thing is now a days people needs ready made things for example tutorials for making blog post,for marketing etc etc,there are so many blogs(uncountable) which provide help,tutorials and nearly every help related to that niche and is the major factor which makes a particular niche crowded.
      Thanks Harsh Agrawal for the post and for providing this space for me to say something.

      • Vuong says

        Do you have any suggestion for me, Jagan Mangat? I think it is not easy to be out of the box in the technology niche now.

        I am sure Harsh does not like a combinatorial niche including blogging tips and technology news such as SML ever has. That is why he kicks off CAG 6 months ago.

        In my case, the problem is that I am interested in technology but blogging tips also has promising potentials.

        Jagan Mangat, I agree with you that every niches ever have other people landed before us. But as this article ‘s author has pointed out that, the actual reason why technology niche has been overcrowded is the engineers :-P In my case, I am not one of them.

        Yeah, making money online is not easy indeed, hic.

        • Jagan Mangat says

          Thanks Vuong.And the above posts is what i will suggest(the posts author is more experienced than me and he provided all the useful points and tips).

  28. sureshpeters says

    great writeup :) , the blogging is not the thing to earn money, It should be like passion to express and solve the problem. The passion towards the technology and blogging will drive the blogging successs. and treating visitors as humans and giving some gifts to them, it will play a good role in the blogging era

  29. Vivek Parmar says

    nicely explained, technology is one of the best niche to get started as you don’t have to work hard on it and one thing i like to add, every second blog on web is about technology??

  30. Sharat says

    There are 1000’s of websites related to same category. But the only website stands or lift up is one having unique and good contents, creative ideas, new information. CallingAllGeeks blog is example which suites here.