Create a Professional Freelancing Profile to Get More Leads

Freelancing is always a good way to earn online with your skills but to generate leads is a difficult task. If you will search freelancing jobs on popular job boards you will get lots of competition to get a good freelancing task.

Clients always prefer to provide projects to someone who has all the details properly mentioned in his profile which helps client to judge that the freelancer is worth considering or not. If you are a freelancer then I would suggest you to make your profile strong to attract leads.

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Here are few tips to make your Freelancing portfolio strong:

Attractive Titles

Title is the first thing which is noticed by a client. Thus always prefer to add a title which shows what your skill is how much experience you are having. If you are a web designer and having 4 years of experience then you can have profile title like “Web Designer with 4+ years of Experience”. Now whenever client will see your profile he will get a quick glance about your skill and experience.

Descriptive Details

When it comes to details make sure that you provide all the useful details related to your work. If the profile have option to add picture then never leave it blank, make sure that you add your professional image in your profile. Give the details of your work as you write in a cover letter of your resume. If you have links of your work samples then attach it with your profile. A big no to “Blanks” in your profile description, you should fill all the relevant information required to complete your profile.

Transparency about work

Always write clear details about your work and never add skills and work which you can’t do. Adding different skills is not a good way to get work online. Clients do rate you according to the quality of work you submit thus to make your profile strong you must take projects which suits you and add only those projects in your profile.

Research about payment

This is another important point to remember, when you are adding rates per hour or for whole project then make sure that you do proper research about the average bid on that project. Bidding more money can result in losing the project. If you are a newbie than consider bidding low amount so that you can get projects to make your profile strong.

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Keep profile updated

I have come across many freelancing profiles which are not updated since months. If you are an active freelancer than you should keep on updating your profile with new skill, projects etc. But make sure that you don’t mess up with lots of keywords in your profile while updating.

Above are few things which you must remember while creating your freelancing profile to get relevant leads and more clients. If you have more tips to share, do drop in comments.

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14 thoughts on “Create a Professional Freelancing Profile to Get More Leads”

  1. Ifham khan

    Getting more or a client for freelancing is pretty easy, if considered in a rignt way. I usually get my clients through social network such as facebook and twitter. In order to get client one should post his/her work in thier account (if client allows). Another important thing is to contact your client directly on mobile phone rather just emailing or chatting on fb.

  2. Sonu

    I’ve not done freelancing it seems difficult to me these tips motivates me.

  3. Suraj @SmartFatBlogger

    What exactly is freelancing, could share some more info on this, it would be great?

  4. Kunal @ TechHogger

    You are right it is very important to create a profile which can depict your talent and work. This can fetch you lots of work indeed.

  5. Ajeva

    The last item on your list just reminded me to update my site before the year ends. I have a few more days before 2011 so wish me luck. Thanks for the awesome tips and may you have a prosperous new year!!

  6. wasim ismail

    Many of the times Freelances forget to update and keep their profile up to scratch with the latest project, but this is very important as keeping your profile update will show your visitors what projects you are working on and show how diverse your skills may be.

    1. Whiztechy

      Agree Wasim. Even I came across such profiles which are not updated since long. As a client I won’t give preference to such freelancer. It is important to keep your freelancing profile updated.

  7. Samad

    Thnx for this information 🙂 i am freelance too at elance 🙂

    1. Whiztechy

      Samad, good to know that you freelance at Elance, it is one of the best freelancing website. It would be great if you can share your experience with us.

  8. Hubpk

    Great article. Profile show the capability and skills of freelancer.If your profile strong you job easily.
    Thx for sharing.

    1. Whiztechy

      Glad you found the article useful Hubpk.

  9. Vivek Parmar

    thanks for sharing this informative information, as a freelancer i know how important it is. about price its hard to get what you except if anyone hires you he will pay you but that will underpay 🙁

    1. Whiztechy

      Yeah Vivek, unless you have good experience in projects and your skills it is tough to get more payment. But with consistency, you start getting good clients who can pay you good.

    2. Rahul

      Profile details is way of selling your self to clients where in they will choose the best they can have.

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