5 Different Ways to Monetize A Blog

Ways to Monetize A Blog
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When you start off in the blogging game some people get drawn into just one revenue stream for their blog and this can be a great shame because there are so many different ways to Monetize a blog.

If you get trapped into just one revenue stream online then what happens if something happens to that or if it starts losing popularity, where will you turn then?

Having more than one income stream is a good idea just to give you a bit of financial security from your blog and giving you the ability to move on quickly if one part of your blog sees a downturn of business.

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One of the most common reasons I have noticed for failing in monetizing a blog is fear of trying a new ad network or monetization technique.

How many times, you get a direct email from some advertisement firm regarding private advertisement or CPM based advertisements.

Try to learn the pattern of Email, if it’s a mass email, ignore it but if it’s an advertisement proposal Email directed towards you, it’s time to give a quick reply and see what’s in the store.

Monetize A Blog
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Anyways, today I will be helping you with some ideas which will help you to monetize blog to better capabilities. I also suggest you read the Harsh article on How to make money blogging (The only guide you will ever need).

Monetize a blog with 5 different ways:

Why I said best ways is because these ways are globally accepted and it works for mass. Though, the best of income comes when you do something out of the box and it goes in the right direction, but before we move to that channel, it’s better to have a steady flow of income.

These 5 monetizations method would help you:

Method 1 – AdSense

I mention Google AdSense first because it is one of the best-known advertisers on the internet as well as being a good source of income for any website or blog.

The way that this income stream works is that you put some Adsense adverts up on your site and then every time one of your visitors clicks on one of those adverts then you get a payment from Google into your Adsense account.

Now depending on what niche you are in any one of these clicks can give you any money between a few pennies and about £10. It is fair to say though that £10 is extremely.

Google does not allow you to show your AdSense earnings anywhere on the internet which is an interesting thing to note. Also this ties into my point about not getting too involved in just one revenue stream.

If you have a free blogger blog and are running off just AdSense then your who the business is working through Google and if they decide that they don’t like you then that’s your whole business gone in a flash.

Method 2 – Affiliate Marketing

In case you aren’t familiar with what affiliate marketing is it is the process of you advertising someone else’s product for them and if you get a sale for the owner then you get a good percentage of the sale, usually between 50% and 75%.

There are a few ways that you can use affiliate marketing as a source of income on your blog. Firstly you can simply put pictures or text adverts up in your sidebar so that people can click on them that way.

Or alternatively, you can slip an affiliate link to a product that you would like to recommend to one of your posts. This way of putting affiliate links usually gets you more clicks in a short time but it can annoy some readers if you keep reviewing products and trying to blatantly get money off of them instead of just writing good helpful content.

Read: Learn the art of affiliate marketing with this eBook

Method 3 – List Building

This income stream might not technically be directly involved with blogging but blogging can certainly help with this. If you have a sign-up box for your mailing list on your blog then you can have lots of organic sign-ups from targeted traffic.

The advantage of a mailing list is that you know that the people you are emailing have an interest in the products that you are selling because they have already expressed an interest when they signed up.

This makes for much better conversions on your sales efforts. This also leads to another avenue for making money. As an incentive, many people offer an ebook to encourage people to sign up to a mailing list and in this ebook, you could put some affiliate links so that you get the best chance to carry on selling at the back end of your list.

Method 4 – Blog Sponsors

Once you feel your blog has grown a little bit and you have a nice amount of traffic then you can start to think about offering advertising space on your blog to private advertisers. In this way, you have a more stable form of income and you have more control over where your income comes from.

Once your blog gets a good amount of traffic people will come to you for advertising space so you won’t even need to promote it very much.

Method 5 – Writing Reviews For a Fee a.k.a Paid reviews

This is another method for blogs that have got a good amount of traffic already and it involves charging people to write a review or put up a review that they have written for one of their products.

There are a few ethical issues with this income stream such as you may start to take the money to advertise products that you don’t have a good belief in. This can start to degrade the quality of your blog if you aren’t careful.

But if you don’t take on to many of these jobs and only pick products that you believe are actually of some use then they can be an asset. There are a lot of people out there looking for useful products and if you show it to them then they will remember you for that.

Well, these are some of the tips which you can use to monetize a blog, but also make sure you get enough traffic.

Your income is directly proportional to your traffic, needless to mentioned targeted traffic.

There are of course many other ways you can monetize but I believe these are the best options and there is a range here that you can start to use at different stages of your blog’s growth.

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25 thoughts on “5 Different Ways to Monetize A Blog”

  1. Saheed Oladele


    Nice read here

    Which would you advice for newbies? And how much daily traffic is needed prior kick off?

  2. Punit Mathur

    Hey Burn. Thank you for sharing the ways to Monetize. Can you share details for Paid reviews? I know it has ethical issues to it but a bit more information will be helpful.

  3. Lakshay

    Hey nice advice but I want to know how to be accepted by infolinks?

  4. Pradip Nalwaya

    Awesome content
    Selling ads and sponsored posts are what works best for my main blog.Thanks for the share!

  5. Erik

    Hi Burn,
    awesome content monetization strategies!

    Selling ads and sponsored posts are what works best for my main blog.

    Thanks for the share!

    To Harsh: I love the new design!


    Hi burnsij,
    Yes, it is not good to depend only 1 income source. Adsense is the best program we can earn some good money from our blog. To earn more money from adsense we need to create more quality content. I got my adsense with 15+ unique article. I have several blogs where i use adsense. And i am happy that i am making good money from adsense.

    I think adsense can give me good revenue but there is no guarantee, it can disable anytime.

    However, very well written article for bloggers. Keep it up.
    Happy blogging!

  7. Pankaj Singh

    Hello Sir, what is the minimum duration to apply for Google Adsense ?
    Please I have read many different reviews about google Adsense. I want a clear & honest opinion from personal expirence.

  8. Alice Cornelios

    Hi Burn! I am interested in monetizing blogs and help other people figure out how to do it on their own pace. That is why I am oblige to ask this question. Is it possible for people to earn money in blogs using free blog platform?


      100%. you can try this

  9. Kaushal

    Affiliate marketing is the best way but blog sponsors can generate a good deal of money. There is one more way i found out though, selling articles through your own blog. Write a well researched article and sell it from your blog to potential buyers (which would be your readers & other bloggers 90% of the time). Give it a try.

  10. Vivek Parmar

    till now using adsense+infolinks+affiliate-marketing looking forward ot add some more and make money from my blog 🙂

  11. AJ Clarke

    In my opinion Affiliate Marketing is the way to go. Higher payouts but also easier to include within your posts. People are going to be more likely to click on a link related to your content and within the text then an adsense box. But ultimately, I guess it depends on your niche and the type of blog you run…

  12. Santel

    Only Adsense and direct sale Ads space works for me at this time. I have tried few affiliate on my blog but no success.

    But of course these are the real online business model. We just need to work out which one works best for us.

  13. Jens P. Berget

    I am still a little confused at what I should do in order to monetize my blog. I get a decent amount of traffic, but I don’t want to add lots of advertisements (it included blog sponsors and affiliate marketing). I have tried AdSense (and they deactived my account a few years ago without explaining why).

    What I earn money from now is writing reviews (affiliate marketing). But I’m looking for a new method in 2011, and it might be creating my own products and selling them via my blog.

  14. Rengga Putra

    Turn your blog into adsense sharing program and allow guest blogger, it’s the best idea for monetizing your blog! Just like shoutmeloud.
    Nice post, btw.

  15. Icechen1

    For Method 4 – Blog Sponsors, I recommend BuySellAds.

  16. Wasim Ismail

    Some goof points, you can also write an e-book related to your niche, and sell it for a small fee on your blog.

  17. emma emerhana

    always good article here,can you creating a beautiful blogger blog for me and hand it over.am till touring blogger and my blog are not impressive to me

  18. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney

    I thought something would be really different, but you covered the same.
    Anyhow you explained each well.

  19. Jasmine

    Great ideas on monetizing a blog! What do you think about my website… please take a look and suggest some monetizing ideas for me. Thank you so much dear! 😉

  20. esoftload

    you may add technoratimedia as most of bloggers earning good amount through it…..

    1. Siva

      Hey, can you or Harsh tell what is the min. CTM to choose for a blog like mine ?

      1. esoftload

        don’t have much idea but i think you must have good traffic… and about me page is must and also they must consider your alexa ranking……….

    2. Michael Aulia

      I’ve been hearing about this technoratimedia when I posted my income/traffic stats some time ago. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I haven’t had a chance in having a look. Guess I should now

      1. Tukang Masak

        I also wanna take a look, since many people are suggesting TechnoratiMedia rite now. Thanks for reminding. =)

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