Infolinks Minimum Payout Now $50

One of ten major problem most of newbie blogger face with an ad network is minimum Payout. Since, newbie blogger doesn’t have much traffic, it takes time for them to reach the min. payout amount to get paid. Thaks to Infolinks, who lowered down infolinks minimum Payout and now it’s moved down to $50.

Some time back I have given you Infolinks review and payment details. Infolinks is in-textinfolinks minimum Payout advertising solutions and its minimum payout was 100$. Today Infolinks changed their policies and now they are lower down the minimum payout from 100$ to 50$.

This is good for small publishers as they can easily check out money from infolinks. Meanwhile infolinks pay by Paypal

Seems like it’s a win-win situation for infolinks and publishers, as small publishers like us can easily check out money at the end of month.

According to official blog announcement :

Update your selected form of payment today to Payoneer (Offering the new Infolinks prepaid MasterCard and automatic ACH) or PayPal and enjoy a lower payment threshold of $50.

If you have not signed up for infolinks, you can sign up here.

Meanwhile do let us know your opinion about infolinks?

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COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. Niraj Bhusal says

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing this. Really its really hard to make $50 in infolinks. Minimum payout should be $10-$20.

  2. TechOfWeb says

    Its good to see taht Infolinks has lowered the minimum payment threshold. now I think I can expect some money from Infolinks in the next few months :-)


  3. TechChunks says

    It’s good to see that InfoLinks are lowering their minimum payout limit. I had given them a try for about a month; but unfortunately found their ads highly un-targetted and hence had to remove them soon!

  4. Avinash says

    Harsh, Didn’t know about this that’s good news to many infolinks publishers and very attractive for new bloggers to try infolinks.

  5. Shay says

    Hi Harsh,

    This is Shay from Infolinks. Thanks for the your post.
    We decided to lower the payment threshold due to high demand of our publishers for early payments. We hope that this move will enable website owners to contribute quality content to the web without worrying too much about their earnings.

    Good day,


  6. Ramkumar says

    I think this sounds more like a marketing strategy for Infolinks to get more publishers, But as you have mentioned its surely a Win-Win Situation.,