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On March 27, 2015
Last modified:March 31, 2015


Infolinks is one of the reputed and best In-text Ad network for Bloggers. They pay in time and revenue through them is much better than closer competitive.

Infolinks Review

Infolinks is one name which you will always hear when it comes to monetizing your blog. I have used Infolinks for years, and here I’m sharing my review of Infolinks from my experience. I started blogging in 2008 and the first ad-network which I used was Google AdSense. After AdSense, I started looking for other blog monetisation program and that’s when I stumbled upon Infolinks. The first question which I had in my mind was:

Can I use Infolinks with Google AdSense?

After reading various reviews, I decided to apply for infolinks ad network and use it on my blog.

Infolinks review: Works Perfectly with Adsense

One thing which you will like about Infolinks is, it’s easy to set up and once you have set it up, you don’t have to do much. It will automatically start showing ads on your blog, and you will start making money right away. Now before you jump with the joy, you should know that it takes time to earn decent income from Infolinks. You need to have decent search engine traffic and ensure you get traffic from countries like U.S. and U.K. to earn high CPM on Infolinks. Here is a screenshot as a payment proof:

Infolinks payment proof

Infolinks minimum payout is $50 and payment method also included PayPal. Though I found their control panel little outdated but so far they are one of the best In-text advertising network. At the time of writing, Infolinks is one of the biggest contributor at ShoutMeLoud earning after Adsense.  Infolinks is easy to integrate and from the Infolinks option panel, you can configure ad color, no. of ads and many more options.

Well honestly, there are hundreds of programs which sounds like the same and promise to be one of the best advertising network, but when it comes to payment, you will face lots of issues. Well infolinks is not a scam website and pays within payout time. They offer various payment options like Paypal, Western Union, Bank wire transfer and details are mentioned below. Though, I personally use PayPal for receiving the payment.

Infolinks Home Page

The only thing which I don’t like at infolinks is their infolinks affiliate program , because they don’t have any monitoring system for affiliate referrals. The surprising thing is I even get paid for that. One thing good about infolinks is you can run it with your current adsense ads without any issue. Here is a demo video of Infolinks, which will give you an idea of how this advertising network works and what kind of ads will  be displayed on your blog:

Here are payment options by Info-links:

  • Bank Wire Transfers – $25 plus 2% to receive your payment via your local currency
  • PayPal – US Residents $1, everyone else 2% up to $10
  • eCheck – $6 plus 2% for currency conversion
  • Western Union – $15 minimum
  • ACH and Payoneer – No fees

Infolinks also have an Android app and iOS app, you can use it to monitor the performance of your account from your mobile phone.

Making money from blog is more from the personal experience and in my opinion Infolinks is one of the best text link ads program. We will cover more legit advertisement program for your blog soon.

Sign up for Infolinks

Do let us know if you are using Infolinks on your blog or not. What other suggestion do you have for people looking for In-text advertisements. How was your experience and Infolinks review?

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Infolinks is one of the reputed and best In-text Ad network for Bloggers. They pay in time and revenue through them is much better than closer competitive.
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    Article is very useful for people who banned from adsense and looking for new advertisers. But i want to know is this your real income which is shwon in the post.

  2. says

    I just started using Infolinks but intext ads,adds too much of links in post,it looks odd.What I found that it will not work for low traffic blogs.Not working for me :(

    • says

      You can control the number of links Infolinks will add from your dashboard. It works good when you have good traffic & your blog is using commerce keywords.

  3. says

    I made no money with adbrite when I was running a forum. The ads just didn’t match that well. It could of been my fault but I don’t run that forum no more. lol

    Info links is good, I have used them in the past but currently do not use them. If I start another site I may try them again. Nice review!

  4. says

    First of thanks Harsh for all the information and I personally think that infolinks is also as good as Adsense. Obviously there is no comparison to google product but its is just fare to assume that with infolinks you can earn just same as adsense. It is just that in infolinks it will take some more time than adsense since infolinks is something that does not offer high cpc rates. So I think everyone out there should try infolinks out and if it works then they should definitely go for it, absolute option it is for monetizing your blog,

  5. Akil Malek says

    Great article Harsh. Before reading this i was confused whether to use it or not. But one question arises here in my mind. How many links per page should we use?

  6. says

    I’m using Infolinks right now on my website, it because my website not approved by adsense, may be that my website still young (1 month), and I think I have to wait for 6 months to be approved by adsense, but for now Infolinks is good enough for me.

    • says

      You don’t need six months for google adsense approval. My website got approved when my domain was just 27 days old and had only 14 blog posts. There are few things you have to keep in mind before applying for adsense other than what adsense policies says.

      1) Must have quality content and minimum of 10-15 blog posts. You really don’t need 30+ articles for approval. If you have 10-15 articles, google will approve it but it also needs to follow other things which i have written below.
      2)Don’t forget to use other google products such as Webmaster and Analytics – Other than this, also submit your sitemap and links on Bing and Yandex.
      3) Continuity in Article Posting – Your habits of regularly updating your website plays a very important role in getting approved. I posted my articles regularly on alternate days and that really helped me.
      4) Alexa Ranking – Verify the ownership of your domain on Alexa and wait till Alexa shows your Global ranking. It will generally take 7-10 days after domain verification.
      5) Use social media to get at least 50-100 visitors a day on your website.
      6) Disable other ad programs(if any), while applying for adsense.
      7) Have necessary pages like About Us, Terms, Privacy Policy or whichever is necessary.
      8) Backlinks – You can get a lot of visitors if you have quality backlinks. In initial days of blogging, its tough to get them but still you can use Reddit for it. According to your Niche, find a subreddit and submit your link there.
      9) Don’t use a messed-up theme for your website. If possible use minimal approach and a clean design.
      10) Do remember, adsense approval is done by humans and not the robots. So before applying, do recall it in your mind that “Do my website really follow all the guidelines”.

      I hope this helps. Cheers :D

  7. Rana Irfan says

    yes infolink is a good programm to earn money from your blog thanks for sharing thee nice tips with us.

  8. abhishek says


    i have a blog on blogspot approved with infolinks.I want to ask when I move to a custom domain or change my blog’s name then do I need to get this blog reapproved again by infolinks or I can use infolinks ads without telling them.

  9. Rohan says

    Sir ,
    I want to know about the echeck.In how many days I will receive my payments and when they are issued I have already crossed the threshold.If I enter my payment details now then in how many days will I receive that paymetns in my bank account.

    I also want to know is it fraud??

    Thank you

  10. Himanshu Dureja says

    Using it from past one year and it is adding some extra bucks along with adsense and chitika.
    Infolinks Ad program is worth using. Thanks for informative post.

  11. snehal says

    I am not able to open account in infolinks, it’s showing error unsupported website. can u tell me why? thank for this post

  12. says

    I’ve been using Infolinks for 3 months now, although in my case the CPM is very very low as compared to adsense but it’s probably because my niche has low priced keywords and the traffic is generally form South Asia. But from my personal experience I think infolinks is a very good & reliable ad network, they pay on time and there is no malware or anything (as is the case with most other such networks). You can’t depend on it as a full source of income but it can add nicely to your income stream.

  13. abhilash says

    i using infolink form many time and got appox 85-90 click daily but my earning is very low . can you tell me the reason why my earning is low ?

  14. mohan says

    Hi , i am searching for good templet but i didnt find that.
    Actually i want templet wich good for my blog. Plese help me to find templets for my blog.
    I am using blogger.

  15. Hariharakumar says

    nice work Harsh, posts like this tells people of new sources for making money online, thanks

  16. mohan says

    Hi i have not used infolink. But try Adbrite its was realy good.
    I made almost 98$ in this month.

  17. Michael says

    Have tried infolinks and I’m sure you will also love using it.
    I have tested so many others ad program buy best one I found is Adsense, Adsdaq and infolinks.
    There are many others but I have not seen significance difference with them.

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