11 Effective Tips to Boost your Article Writing Skills

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11 Effective Tips to Boost your Article Writing Skills

Article writing is an art and it’s not everybody cup of tea. Though when it comes to Blogging, anyone can write an article ignoring quality as a metric here. But to stand out from the general crowd, a normal article can never take you to the next stage. As a Freelance writer, you will not be able to make huge money and as a Blogger, you will not be able to create an impression.

Here at ShoutMeLoud, we keep learning about latest Blogging techniques and occasional writing tips too. Today, I will be sharing some tips to enhance your article writing skills. If you really want to be an outstanding writer, you should not only follow below tips but make them an habit. One of the basic tip to enhance your article writing is by writing practice and by reading other writers. When I talk about reading other articles, you should notice the writing style and start picking up new words to enhance your vocabulary. Anyways, lets directly jump to the tips which will help you to boost your article writing skills.

Improve Article Writing Skills

11 Tips to help Improve Article Writing Skills

1. Start up

“The fewer words you use, the better”. Yes, you read it right. Don’t worry about the length of your article besides this you should keep in mind that you’re writing this article for developing your skills of writing which can help you many people in future to develop the same for themselves.

2. Write Early in the morning

This is something like interesting. As I have analysed many serious and professional writers and Bloggers do prefers to write their contents in the morning time. Morning time allows them to write fresh stuffs. More over morning atmosphere seems quite quiet and energetic, which can helps them to improve their Article writing skills right away. Give it a try and feels the fresh experience of being a healthy writer. I’m sure it won’t hurt you.

3. Be a Good Reader

This is the most mandatory thing for the one who wants to build their career in Writing or in Blogging. You have to be a good reader. With this your mind will allow you to create your own thoughts and let allow yourself available to write on your particular topics. There are many more blogs available to follow, having some really good and informative contents.

“YOU are what you read and Write!”

4. Be Simple

For generating good traffic on your contents your way of writing should be simple enough. For that express your views in a simple and appropriate way. This will helps visitors or readers in a good manner.

5. Complete your articles in various stages

One who wants to be a famous with his contents, have to follow some serious stages while he is writing his article. Every blogger knows writing an article takes much time and every blogger and writer have to let pass on their articles through many stages. Firstly you have to analyse your topic that you’re going to write on it. Secondly you have to make a list of some ideas of related topic. Thirdly you need to complete sentences and paragraphs of your article, related to your topic. Fourthly you need to edit your article and let clear all the queries. Lastly proofreading is must.

These were the stages to follow while you’re writing on a single topic. Be sure these all stages needs some specific time. For that you need to make your own schedule for following above stages. And then it will become a healthy content for sure.

6. Write in a Distraction Free location

Many bloggers have many more accounts in many social networking sites and have many more other things which can easily distract their mind while they’re about to write an article. And I’m sure that you are having the same. For that you should keep your location where you can find out some peaceful atmosphere around you. Try to avoid your Social networking activities and mobile phones while you’re writing something. Distraction free location keeps you motivated to write healthy contents. If you really wish to pimp up your Article writing skills and speed, I would recommend to write using any Distraction free software. You can use tools like Windows live writer and close all other windows. Or you can use WordPress Distraction Free writing option.

7. Go smoothly

To create better and attractive content try not to edit while you are creating your article – just go with the flow of your thoughts. There are some mind tricks working here. Creating and editing content works in different sides of the brain.

8. Research well before Writing

I have mentioned above, some stages to go through when writing on your selected topic. Before you start, do very through research on the particular topic on which you are going to write. It will increase your knowledge of that topic and you will be able to write freely and informtively. Having deeper knowledge keeps you unique in this field.

9. Give yourself a specific amount of time

Though after having all the knowledge and all the researched stuffs you need to be specific yourself. I know you’re quite a busy person for that you have to separate some time and give some specific time to your writing skills. You must have to be specific in time for grasping deeper knowledge, writing articles, marketing them etc. It will allows you to become a famous one. This is not just a one day business, for that you need to start this activity A.S.A.P., everyday!

10. Note down your research

This is essential for writing on a particular topic. As I have mentioned above, writing is not an easy task and can’t be finished in a single stage. While you are researching a writing topic, you must keep notebook and a pen for noting down some eye-catching sentences related to your topic. It will keep your readers interested in reading your articles. This is a must-have skill for all professional writers and bloggers.

11. Write Regularly

As they say “Practice makes a man perfect”,  If you want to be a good writer you must make a habit of writing regularly. For that you need to follow the above steps and I’m sure these tips will be helpful for you all in future. So, have some patience and make yourself available for writing on a regular basis.

These were the tips which can make you a professional writer or a well known Blogger. You need to keep yourself motivated in your field, and that’s the key to your perfect career.
What do you think about these tips? Are there any other tips to follow? If yes, let us know in the comment box below.

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    1. says

      “Article writing is an art and it’s not everybody cup of tea” Does it mean that you cannot write something good for your audience if you don’t take it as an art. I think Authoritative writers offer factual information and aim to solve or teach the readers. However, I also agree, at times, even experts can writer poor articles without knowing. Keep up the great work. Will be following.

      Thanks Patel

    2. says

      I think i like to be a good reader one, but make it research quite big effort. Writing first thing in the morning needs practice for me, so i try to read your morning ritual link. Thank you for nice article. Regards

    3. says

      You have outline very potential and to-the-point tips for Article Writing. However, i must add that for article writing, you always need motivation and spirit. Excellence don’t come in just one day, you need to be patient and need to work on your errors to rectify your problems. I must say that the most common problem, most people are facing is run-off sentences and grammar. Therefore, one must comprehend the true concepts of article writing and should implement them with right pace to get the optimum results.

    4. says

      The most important thing is writing regularly which you mentioned at the end. One must realize that excellent expression requires a hard work. If you work on regular basis only then you can improve the quality of your writings.

    5. says

      Being a good reader helps us to increase our writing skills and even the reading skills too. Being simple and writing catchy content drives loyal readers to the site.

    6. akhilendra says

      bloggers need to articulate their views and solution for general problems through their posts. At times, it could get hard to keep up the pace with other activities and writing high quality articles so it’s better to always have a schedule and fixed priority for the tasks in hand. Thanks for sharing these useful tips,

    7. Jayaar says

      Thanks for the useful article.
      As you have mentioned, keeping note of the ideas and thoughts do help us when we sit with the task of writing.
      And the one about writing in the morning when one’s energy is of the highest level- really helps.

      • Pranay Patel says

        Thanks for your kind words Jayaar.
        See, you might have been hearing all the above tips but you should implement them in your practical way. It works really good.

    8. Nikhil Bansode says

      This is one of the most important thing that i am struggling in, i wanted to blog from last 2 yrs but as my writing is not good and that is holding me back. I have started learning grammar and also working on my writing skills and off course shoutmeloud is one that is keeping me motivated. Hope soon i will start blogging.

      • Pranay Patel says

        Look Nikhil,
        Blogging is not a one day business, if you really want to become a Blogger you need to make a move ASAP. No one is perfect because there is always a scope for improvement . All you need to take is your first move. Don’t worry about your skills and all, just go and jump into Blogsphere and be a hard learner.
        All the very best.

    9. david says

      I have heard that the author Stephen King writes 1500 or 5000 words before eating breakfast. Writing is a skill that requires practice. Nice article.

      • Pranay Patel says

        Thanks David.
        And yes Morning is the best time for writing whatever you want. This time will never let your thoughts go down.

    10. sunny says

      Writing early in the morning really works but for this we have to wake up early and that’s tough, Overall good list Patel , Thanks for sharing

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