How to Start With Guest Blogging – Beginners Guide

Guest post is an instant traffic trigger gun for any blog. It’s becoming trend to write a Guest post on a blog to bring a lot of immediate traffic. Even I also did the same tactics for my blog. I write guest posts on several blogs and I got great traffic and subscribers on my blog. Guest post is also a source of quick back link also and you get exposure also.  But there are few things which you should take care while writing guest post on any blog.

Welcome Guest Writers

How To pick Blog for Guest Posting?

Well, this is very crucial question: Is picking any random blog from the blogosphere is really worth? Answer is no. Criteria should not be high traffic or high page rank blog. We should have some idea of articles on blog before choosing any blog. Suppose I am a regular reader of some X blog then I know what kind of articles the blog is publishing so that I can  apply for the same kind of articles. If I apply for guest article in blog Y but I don’t have any idea of writing behaviour(style of writing) or earlier post then I can’t synchronize my self to write any blog post. I can’t give any back links to a post which are present already on a blog.

  • Select the similar niche
  • Good Traffic blog
  • Page Rank blog (additional advantage)

Learn: Which is right blog for guest posting and here is a collection of blogs which allows guest posting.

Write the guest post

Choose   a blog, write a guest post. Make it clear that the topic on which you are writing wasn’t published before on the blog. Make your content new and unique. Don’t afraid of being rejected by the author. In chance your article get rejected, you could apply for the guest posting on other blog or you can publish it into your blog. If get rejected ask for feedback, some blog owner are kind enough to give feedback and are of improvement.

Things to keep in your mind

There are few things you should keep in your mind, I am emphasizing on writing guest post on your favourite blog because you should know all the activities going on the blog. You may give back links to previous articles. This would be good in terms of SEO of the blog. In this way you could make a blog more credible in owner’s eyes. Don’t use any promotional links which are heading towards your own blog. This is a poor guest post strategy to promote your blog.

How to contact blog owner

If you know the blog owner very well then you can ask for permission for guest posting on his blog. If the owner of blog didn’t know you then you should write an email along with your guest post attached in a Microsoft Word format. You should ask blog owner to publish your blog post. Don’t forget to write your email ID and your social networking information in the signature.

You email should look like:

contact blog owner

Note down the signature below: It has your name, email, your blog address, your Twitter , Facebook andFriendfeed ID. The owner may check your blog or they could check your social activities and there they can know your involvement in the social media activities.

Editors note : A clever strategy would be , contact the owner and ask him if he is accepting the guest post and along with it, give a link to your best articles. Also mention the article title. This will make the process easy.

Capture Traffic After Guest post

The party time! Enjoy the immediate blog exposure, your blog traffic will increase and you may get lots of blog subscriber depending on the content and quality of your blog. Try to capture the audience by exposing them to your best post. You can write a killer post like 20 useful blogging tips for Bloggers. Do an Instant and useful roundup of your blog post. This will help you to convert one time visitors into regular readers.

Guest Post Promotions

You should promote your articles on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook. Don’t wait for blog owner to tell them to do so. It will ultimately useful for you. Also in a guest post you may link the article to some other’s useful post to give some authority to other blog also. In this way you can promote others blog also from the guest post. This is really a good strategy to make your own authority and favour others. But remember that don’t market anyone useless, it would be the cause for rejection of your blog post by a blogger.

Replying to Comments

You need to take a responsibility of replying to comments. Just like promotions in social media you need to active in this field also, try to give reply of each comments and try to explain all the queries and doubts of readers. It will build your authority on readers mind. This will be added advantage in terms of traffic. This will help you to win the trust of readers.

How many guest post you should do for a particular blog

There is no limit of no. of guest post. You may do one or two or you may do several, it totally depends on the exposure you are getting for your blog. Some blogs help you to get great traffic and on some blog, guest post does n’t help you much. Pick some useful blog open for guest Writer and start writing guest post. I personally do guest posting for Shoutmeloud and it helps me a lot in terms of traffic , gaining authority and making money by its revenue sharing program.

I leave the question on the reader’s mind. What are your insights about guest posting and how many post should we write on a particular blog? What other benefits do you think of Writing a Guest post?

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Himanshu is a full time professional blogger from India. He is passionate about computer technologies. He daily updates his blog Guiding Tech. Apart from writing on internet he likes listening to music, reading various tech magazines and several other blogs on internet.


COMMENTs ( 20 )

  1. says

    Hi Harsh and Himanshu,
    I have recently bookmarked your blog and I learn a lot from your posts. I am in the process of learning about Guest Blogging, so you blow into my mind many new ideas.
    Have a nice day

  2. Vipul Behl says

    Hi Himanshu,
    I have a simple query, is it better to write several guest posts for a single blog or to write guest posts for various blogs.
    By the way really nice post.

  3. Gurneet Singh says

    Himanshu Sir! Very helpful post

    I am new to blogging. I think new bloggers should not head directly towards high PR websites for guest posts. I am of the view first we should go for blogs with good ranks or PR1 blogs. Once reputation of our blog become better, then we should proceed for blogs with higher PR. Then our guest post is more likely to be accepted by high PR website, as it is by an author of a good reputed website.

    Is this right? What do you think?

  4. Timothy says

    I tried to submit my guest blog article on a blog that has pagerank 6. But, it was rejected. Well, actually I have read in its article that it has 400 guest blog articles submitted every day. I just didn’t notice it. The editor replied me with the same info. They got 300 submissions that day, and only could pick one.

    I think this is also can be a consideration. If we just about to start to do guess blogging, we need to see about the competition. Targeting blogs with lower pageranks, but fewer competition probably can be a good start.

    I finally submitted the article to other blog. And just got accepted in few hours. Now, I want to try to write for other blogs too. Wish me luck.

    • Kingsley Agu says

      Hi Timothy,
      It isn’t a new thing – blogs with very high page rank will normally receive very high guest posts request from around the web.
      The best way to submit a guest post to a popular blog, is to know the blogger (the blog owner) a little bit personal.
      This will always work for you if you try it. Strive to connect with other bloggers and you’ll see improvement whenever you pitch them a guest post.
      That’s the strategy anyone should seriously use.

  5. Jagan Mangat says

    Yea only some people are kind.
    But some just mail a single line of feedback and trash your guest post,without even caring the amount of time and mind spent on the writing guest post.

  6. Coach says

    These are very valuable ideas. Thank you for posting Himanshu’s article. You are demonstrating exactly what is suggested. We should all be writing useful content!

  7. Teen Blogger says

    Great tips.

    Writing quality content and then choosing a blog with high traffic can bring in lots of traffc and subscribers. It needs to impress readers and make them visit your blog.

  8. Surender Sharma says

    Hi Harsh,
    I am really impressed with the post written by Himanshu.He has cleared here about Guest writing on any blog with the really superb tactics and ways.
    I am also planing to post my articles on any other blog to get noticed by many other blog readers.

  9. Gabe | says

    The best part of guest posting is that it shouldn’t take a lot of work. Ideally, the article has already been posted on your own blog and all you have to do is massage it a bit.

  10. Rahul says

    I asked many blogs related to guest posting and got positive response too. I will do guest postings in future.

  11. Burhanuddin Tezabwala says

    Agred..Guest Posting is a great and a useful way to get new readers and suscribers for our blog.It helps us to make new connections with other bloggers which is very useful and can help us to make a large network.

    • says

      Thanks for your input and I have to agree with your insight. I have got feedback from my guest author about new readers. Though a Guest author need to have proper strategy to capture the incoming traffic.