10 Tips For Writing An Outstanding Guest Post

Guest blogging has gained a lot of popularity lately due to the Google penguin updates. The need for quality content has been on high demand as there is increased awareness for bloggers to network and build relationships to grow their brand and drive traffic. None the less, backlinks which you can generate via guest blogging is priceless.

Outstanding Guest Post
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Guest blogging is the act of writing an article for another blog as a guest author for the purpose of building a relationship, quality backlinks, and traffic. The benefits of guest blogging go beyond traffic. Other benefits include:

1. More exposure for your site
2. More fans and followers on social media
3. Higher page rank and domain name authority
4. Better income
5. Increased subscriber
6. Building your brand

The big question now is:

“How do I write a guest post that is unique and stands out from the crowd”?.

The following tips have been written to guide you in writing an outstanding guest post that will be of help to your readers.

Tips for becoming an Outstanding Guest poster

Answer Questions :

A lot of your readers have questions they want to be answered. This is a very great way to provide content that will be read by many. Articles that answer questions also generate a lot of comments from readers.

How to find questions to answer

  • The comment section of top blogs: When you go through the comment section of popular articles in the top blog of your niche, you will discover that the readers often have questions which they would like answered. This is a great way to find an idea for a guest posts that will be engaging. All you have to do is to take down the questions and search Google for the answers.
  • Quora: I like quora discussions more than Yahoo or other Q&A platform, because of the quality. Here you will find interesting questions, along with intellectual answers.

Write a controversial post:

Articles that cover controversial topics or topics that generate debate often attract attention from readers. For example, debating articles like “Facebook or Orkut: Vote Your Favorite Social Networking Site”. This type of post will definitely draw attention because even though both platforms can be used to generate traffic, but the method differs and the result also varies.

A Catchy Headline:

Your headline will also determine if your guest post will be read or not. An interesting headline will stand out on your publisher’s blog and receive good views from readers. Such articles can also easily go viral if shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Share Your Article on Social Networking Sites:

Sharing your articles on Facebook and Twitter is another approach to making your guest post stand out. The number of Facebook likes and Tweets an article receives often determines its level of popularity. This also increases the number of comments the post generates both on the publisher blog and the social media platforms.

Article length:

The length of your guest post is likewise important. A well researched 800+ word guest post tends to stand out more. That does not mean that articles with a lesser amount of words will not get attention. When your article is loaded with good points and engaging, it calls for attention. Such articles easily get good search engine ranking too.

An Attractive Image:

According to the popular cliché “, a picture speaks more than a thousand words”. That is equally true in relation to writing an outstanding guest post. A clear relevant picture will go a long way to give life to your article. The picture interprets what you are saying and gives credibility to your assertion. Images get a lot of attention on social networking sites and could easily go viral. This is another means of traffic for you.

Relevant Case Study:

A relevant case study is another important element that could spice up your guest post. When giving your case study, provide a link to the relevant references.

Search Engine Optimization:

The amount of search engine traffic your article will enjoy depends on the level of your SEO effort. Getting your guest post search engine optimized is the answer. This guarantees free traffic from the search engine.

Proofread Your Guest Post:

Before submitting your article to the publisher, spend some time to proof read what you have written. Check for grammatical errors and correct them. Make sure the links in your article are pointing to the relevant site. Also make sure the pictures are well placed.

Encourage Your Readers To Leave Comments:

A quality guest post will automatically receive comments.  However, there are times when the comments are not forthcoming. This can be discouraging. In order to encourage your readers to make comments on your guest post, you can follow these tips:

  • End your guest post on an interesting note: One way of doing this is to end the article in a way that inspires your audience
  • Encourage your readers to share your guest post on the social networking sites
  • Timely response to comments by your readers: Imagine responding to a question in the comment section of your guest post a week after your reader posts the question. That is way too long. A timely response will leave your readers with a good impression of you. Remember, one of the benefits of guest posting is to build relationship and networking

Following these steps will make your guest post outstanding thereby giving you more traffic and exposure in your niche. Feel free to share your contributions in the comment section.

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Rotimi Olawale is a blogger and freelance writer with experience in helping blogger's and small businesses take their blog to the next level with guest blogging.

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