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This question is asked by Rahul:

Hi Harsh, I want guest bloggers for my blog. Can you suggest how can I get guest bloggers?

Answer: Well, Guest blogging has both advantages and disadvantages. In general, however, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, so many bloggers have started to offer guest posts on their blogs.

The biggest advantage for guest authors are the free backlinks, traffic, and subscribers they receive.  In today’s post, I am going to share with you several points which have worked for me (and should work for you as well), to appeal to bloggers to take the opportunity to guest post on your blog.

Where to find guest bloggers for your blog

Build a community:

Nobody wants to write for a blog which does not have an active community. An active community means active commentators, quality blog posts, and people participating in your blog. Many bloggers blog for reaction and fame, which usually comes with traffic and comments. If you have a blog and traffic, but your blog does not have a community, the idea of guest posting on your blog is unlikely to be appealing.

So the first thing which you need to do is create an active community for your blog.  In order to do this, you can start by commenting on other blogs, respect every reader of your own blog, and start building a community.

Read my post on how to form a community out of your blog.

Link love within the article’s body or at the end of the article

One major benefit for guest bloggers is the opportunity to get a high-quality backlink and follow-up traffic thereafter. Most of the blogs with the guest posting option enabled have only an author bio box, which most of the time goes unnoticed like ad blindness. Add a link at the end of the post saying something like this:  “This is a guest post by (Name) who blogs at (Blog name). If you would like to write an article for our blog, read our guest posting guidelines.”

Guest Post Love
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This gives link love to your guest blogger, and it also makes your readers aware that you offer guest posting on your blog. Blogs offering only an author bio box to showcase a guest author are ineffective for this purpose, as people who are reading your blog via RSS will never land on the blog of your guest author.

Landing page for guest posting guidelines:

Have a dedicated page which notes that your blog allows guest posting. This page will serve as a landing page, and will ensure that you add all the information they need including how to start guest posting, how to register, and what benefits they will see from guest posting on your blog. Make the work easier for them by automating the system.

Interact with your guest bloggers:

On a daily basis, I receive at least three guest posts here at ShoutMeLoud.  Of these, two are rejected.  When you reject a guest post, do not simply trash the post. Instead, send an email to the applicant stating the reason why you can’t accept his post, and what he can do to make it better. By doing this, you will be winning the heart and a fan for your blog, and you will be helping the author as well.

Another excellent strategy is to follow your guest bloggers on Twitter and other social networking sites.  Show them the support and attention they deserve.

Love, Love, and Love

Add Gravataar
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When people guest post on your blog, give them as much love as possible. That love could be in the form of traffic, exposure or brand awareness. Apart from adding a link, add a Gravatar at the top which will help the guest author to showcase his brand, thus offering him more exposure. Don’t try to conserve link love when it comes to guest authors!

Accept only quality guest posts

One major problem you could face when you open your blog for guest posting is that your friends will want to write for you.  They will be seeking lots of backlinks but may also be writing low-quality posts.You need to remember that this is your profession and sometimes we cannot mix our personal and professional lives. Always reject low-quality posts, no matter who writes them.

People love to write for a high-quality blog which consistently offers quality content. It may be hard for you in the beginning to reject the posts submitted by friends, but your blog will benefit only from its association with quality guest authors and quality posts.

These are some of the tips which I believe will help you to attract quality guest bloggers to your blog. It may take some time to get frequent guest posts from quality authors, but if you have done your homework right (as noted throughout this post), soon your blog will be showered with high-quality guest posts.

Do you know of any additional tips to help bloggers attract quality guest authors to their blogs?  Feel free to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and ideas.

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48 thoughts on “How to Find Guest Bloggers to Write Guest Posts on Your Blog”

  1. Ryder

    Unfortunate that not a lot of guest blog requests offer back links. This is due to a complete misunderstanding of googles policies. It’s ok to offer back links. You just need to make sure the guest blog post is good quality and not keyword stuffing like any other content. A back link gives something in return. If you accept a guest post just check the quality and where you link to. You need to give something in return for someone’s writing. It won’t penalise you google rank if it’s quality content.

  2. diptimayee behera

    Hi Harsh

    Should I accept a request for a guest post for my website , which has a very poor traffic. How should I react for such a request.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Usually, people want to guest blog for link building which I suggest you should ignore. Accept posts from fellow bloggers in your niche.

  3. chittara

    thanks for sharing harsh..very useful post

  4. Teno

    Building a community is a must to get more and more writers interact towards your blog for writing, once you grow you community more people will show interest in your blog for writing and you will reach the goal, Give them respect and grow your circle of bloggers.

  5. Alena Sham

    Guest posting is a challenging yet effective link building strategy. You really have to be patient when it comes to contacting the blog owner, and complying to the requirements.

    This post is a big help to those who wish to attract people to write an article for their site.

  6. Souvik Das

    One of the most important article. After read the full article i get my answer, thanks Harsh. Relationship building is the most important part for every buisness..i think if we see twitter facebook linkdin is the best place to build a relation with the fellow bloggers then we go to invite them as a guest blogger for our blog 😁

  7. Saad A Malik

    Nice information shared by you your post covers all the aspect of guest posting

  8. Himanshu

    Thanks for sharing this information on how to get guest bloggers in our website, but I just wanted to know if I have recently created my website and do no have enough traffic, so Is it possible to have any guest blogger write something for my websites and also how can I find relevant bloggers for my website.

    1. Isobel Moon

      Hi Himanshu,

      I find that you can get guest bloggers even when you don’t have a lot of followers, but you need to actively seek them. I joined a teen blogger community and asked people to write in that way, and DMed people on Twitter whose blogs had quality content and managed to find people that way. Another tip I have is listing the authors of the blog in a sidebar, and leaving guest post bloggers up for a month or so, giving them more backlinks.

  9. Mohib ullah

    Hi harsh
    I am happy to let you know that shoutmeloud is a great community for learners.
    I am learning great from you thank you for sharing such a useful information

  10. Angelo

    Thanks for the info , its funny when building a blog you have to turn to so many corners to get it right . Guest posting on someones blog is effect when they have a good PR . But when the person posting has a horrible post , I wouldn’t just throw them to the side . I would reach out to them and advise them how to fix the content because at the end of the day . We all are here for the same reason’s . I hope lol ……

  11. George Hudson

    This is great information on how to get guest bloggers for a site. Its really important to interact with the guest blogger so that they know exactly what you want. Thanks for sharing./!

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks a lot for checking out my post. I’m glad you agreed with my points.

  12. Zarina

    Thanks Harsh!
    I have been stalking your posts to learn about better blogging style and you definitely have taught me a lot! God bless!

  13. Harry Roque

    I would like to thank you because I have ranked my websites using guest post. Also, your article is great I found niche related websites to write my post

  14. Adam Muller

    Great post Harsh! 5 years since this was published and I find it relevant and helpful.

    Specifically resonated with your advice to make the process as easy and beneficial as possible for your guest-blog prospects.

  15. Chetan

    Thanks for sharing, Harsh. For my education website i try to get some guest blogger from many times. suggest some interested niche to get guest blog post. Thanks Keep Sharing.

  16. Clint

    great post.
    Do you mean that our blogs should be traffic rich (like yours) before daring to ask for guest post?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      It’s not always traffic, but yes, if one have a decent traffic blog, it’s always a plus point.
      Along with that Readership and Page rank does matter.

  17. Ferb

    Hi Harsh, so there are a lot of important things that we need to do in order to invite guest bloggers like building up the community and I never had a landing page, definitely going to get one. These are great tips of getting more guest bloggers.

    Thanks – Ferb

  18. Dhruv Bhagat

    I get guest bloggers for my blog just writing guest posts for iTechCode, TechTricksWorld, BasicBlogTips and ProBloggingSuccess.

    BasicBlogTips has a brilliant community. If you want guest bloggers for your blog, you must write 4-5 posts on Ileane’s blog each month..

    Also, make sure posts on your blog are well written and are inter-related with each other.

    For health niche, you can start writing for HealthMeUp.


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