5 Quick & Smart Ways To Promote Old Posts From Your Blog

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5 Quick & Smart Ways To Promote Old Posts From Your Blog

Most of  bloggers try to update their blog every day as Google and readers both love new content, but most of the time we miss promoting old blog posts,and with time passes we hardly receive any traffic on our old post. One best way to keep getting traffic for old blog post is by making them search engine friendly,  but it’s not the game for everyone. Here I’m sharing few tricks which will help you to give a new life to old posts and drive traffic to your old post.

Promote Old Blog Posts

Before I would go ahead with the tip, make sure you don’t over do any of the following method as apply this trick only for posts which doesn’t lose its importance over time. More over, you should also target search engine with your blog posts, as it’s organic traffic, that is best for old blog posts.

You have to understand, the difference between time-sensitive and evergreen content. Time-sensitive article comes with en expiry date, where as evergreen posts are useful over the years. So, when ever you are selecting which old WordPress posts you need to promote, target those posts which are always useful.

Promoting old blog posts for more traffic:


With time your Twitter followers grows and they started following you because you Tweet interesting post from your blog and from other blogs as well, but they must have missed posts which you wrote and tweeted earlier, before they started following you. You should create a twitter system using this, you can tweet your old posts too.

This is one effective trick to drive traffic to your old post. I usually schedule my old post on Twitter and especially those post which are already tweeted 100 of times, with time such post get more tweets and you keep getting traffic and comments on such posts. You can use WordPress plugin like Tweet old post.


One of the best way to drive targeted traffic to your old blog post is by sharing it with audience that care. This is one strategy I have been following and it’s working out great for me. Along with sharing latest posts on my Facebook page, I share old blog posts too. My average ratio is 3 old posts and 1 new posts every day. Like I said above, ensure that what ever you are sharing on social media sites should be a value addition. Do remember, you need to pick an optimum posting frequency, else your fans will get bored with seeing old links again and again.


Internal linking is one of the best ways to optimize your old post for search engine (Anchor text), also it helps readers to read old relevant posts. I usually go through my old posts and write a follow up posts and link it to old posts. This way I also get an article idea and it drive traffic to old posts. Make sure you use internal linking in all your posts, so that when user goes to your old post, he will land into other old post from that post too.

It’s more like following one link  to another and another. This trick will also help you to reduce bounce rate of your blog. You can use plugin like SEO smart link for auto-linking or you can use plugin like insight to interlink from edit post panel in WordPress.


If you are a regular reader of ShoutMeLoud, you will realize every Monday we do a round up of blog posts and this helps a lot to regular readers to go through any posts they might have missed in the past 1 week. Moreover like internal linking, roundup of posts helps a lot in giving more weightage to old posts in search engine because of internal linking.  You can play with Roundup of posts and come up with occasional posts like 30  blogging tips for bloggers, roundup of iPhone application, 20 apps for bloggers and so on.

Recycling old posts

This trick should be followed with utter care. The idea here is to recycle your old killer posts to homepage by changing its date. But this trick is not for everyone, if your permalink have date & time, you should never do it. Moreover this practice should be implemented once in a while and not on a regular basis, as it might put your regular readers off.

In blogging, one should always try to make most out of every single post they write. Any post which is not receiving traffic with time is a useless post. Try to come up with Timeless posts and make sure your readers will always find a way to such posts.

Do let us know what do you do to drive traffic to your old blog posts?

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  1. Vic says

    Making a roundup or even your best list of old post is so interesting. It also enhance your writing ability by monitoring the way your improve your ideas and content creation.

  2. Suresh Khanal says

    Well, I’ve installed tweet old post and its sends a tweet every four hour. Hope this will not be overdo. Apart from this I’m paying attention to internal linking. Thanks for this nice reminder.

  3. David says

    I’ve used Tweet Old Posts with a good amount of success for my two websites. I didn’t really realize how much good it was doing until the plug-in stop working on both sites on the same day, October 5th. I use two different Twitter accounts with the sites and both accounts are still working so I’m not sure what happened. I’ve tried the usual fixes but nothing works.
    Anyone have any thoughts about why this happened? If your interested I can send you the two URLs. Harsh had a good point in his post about not being spammy when you leave comments. :)

    • Jarret says

      David, it seems that version 3.1 of Tweet Old Posts doesn’t work. I tried to contact the plugin author about a week ago, but he didn’t reply. Version 3.0 still works, but it’s not available for download at the WordPress plugin repository.

      I found a copy of version 3.0. Sent me an @ message via twitter for the hivehealthmedia account if you want it. It’s only about 26kb zipped, so I can email it to you.

    • Suresh Khanal says

      There was some problem with the plugin for some time and after the update now it works fine. It was a bad coincidence that it was not working when I first found it. Had to struggle for 3 days without any success and finally everything was fine when an update was released.

  4. Jarret says

    Harsh, I was using the Tweet Old Post plugin for WordPress. It worked great… then with the 3.1 version update, it doesn’t work any more. The plugin author isn’t particularly responsive at providing updates, so I’m hoping that he comes up with a fix soon. Version 3.0 worked, but it’s not available at the WordPress plugin repository (only 1.5).

    If you have any ideas on where I can find version 3.0 of the Tweet Old Post plugin, I’d love to hear it!

    • says

      I just checked their old plugin repo and realize they don’t have version 3.0 which is strange.. I have the author on my Twitter ID and lets see if I can get hold of him!!

      • Jarret says

        Harsh, fortunately I have admin / server access on my friend’s blog. He’s notoriously bad at updating plugins and he still had version 3.0 which I pulled from his server. I did try to contact the plugin creator, but he hasn’t responded yet. Right now though I have version 3.0 installed and it’s working fine.

  5. Mani Viswanathan says

    I prefer Scheduling status updates on Social Networks. Also Tweet Old posts does the job for me in rare cases (when m not available to even schedule)

  6. Roy Scribner says

    I am working with an old post, right now Harsh. I thought it was pretty good at the time, but it never received any traffic from Google. The first thing I did was to rewrite some of it, with better content to hopefully get ranked better for the keywords. Then I linked to it with one of my highest-ranking pages. I should know in another week, or two, whether my efforts will pay off. Good tips!

  7. Namit Gupta says

    Internal Linking gives more weightage to the old posts in the eyes of search engine and also rank your blog higher for the particular keywords. Internal linking indeed is the best way to promote old posts of your blog.

  8. jai prakash says

    Hi Harsh,
    This post is really amazing for all bloggers community.I was searching this type of blog .Now I got.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Fazreen says

    thanks for the tricks. I want to add another tip which is putting top posts at blog sidebar. I use the trick at my blog. although I don’t write new blog post lately, my visitors read my old blog posts

  10. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hey Harsh, Thanks for these tips. I am not using dates and time in my permalink, so I can do the last tip for my old killer blog post. Thanks again for sharing this useful post.

  11. Harsh says

    You covered this topic quite exhaustively. BTW I just wrote about the Tweet Old Post plugin in my blog. :)

  12. Sharninder says

    I’m not quite convinced about using twitter for promoting older posts but interlinking and roundup posts are a very good idea, if for nothing else than for the SEO benefits, IMO.

  13. Imran says

    Harsh Great Tips mate, I dont have many post at present day, may I will be using this technique.

    Thanks for the Share.

  14. Shanker Bakshi says

    using Twitter for that purpose is Awesome, thats why its on No #1 on your list, It should be……A tweet about old post always works as it has no DATE string attached to it.

  15. Basant says

    Useful info. Perhaps the best way is to promote them via internal linking. Linking to a ‘killer post’ may add life to an old post…

  16. esoftload says

    Old Post Promoter plugin is also used for the same purpose which repulish the old post automatically….. beside round up is a good idea….

    • says

      I heard of this plugin lots of time but never tried it.. Thanks for reminding about it..Will give it a shot and will see how good it is.. :)

  17. TechT20 says

    Awsome tips to get some traffics initially
    Thanks Harsh
    You always rocks Shoutmeloud

  18. Melvin says

    Well we both do same techniques to drive traffic to old blog posts, but still you get more traffic than me! ;-)

    Anyways on a serious note, these are just simple things yet surprisingly a lot of bloggers don’t do it. I had installed Tweet Old Posts couple of weeks back and I already saw an increase traffic from Twitter.

    Aside from implementing those, one must also have some strategic ways to execute it. For instance, with Tweet old Posts, I usually exclude offtopic and sponsor type of categories to make sure Im giving my followers the maximum quality of blog posts.

    • says

      Useful comment Melvin. One thing which I have seen many people started using Tweet old post but they forget to exclude those category which doesn’t add any value after some time… I usually select particular categories which are useful and which have timeless post. Though I stopped using Tweet old post plugin because I had some issue while using it last time..!!

  19. James M says

    Another way to promote your old posts is through article marketing. Write new articles that include links to your original posts and increase its rank in searches. You can also post comments on blogs with the link to your old posts. I only do this after I search for relevant content. For example, maybe I did a review of a book that I want others to see. I’ll do a search online for that book, and make comments on other blogs that have reviewed that book and include a link back to my post. It may create new readers for your blog, too.

    • says

      James but the problem with secong suggestion is many people don’t accept such comments.. I have seen many bloggers marking such comments as spam and after that we have to fight with Akismet to get out of spam queue…
      Though I suggest 2nd trick only when you comment on any blog regularly and blog admin will accept your post with open heart…

  20. sujith says

    Thanks for the tips,

    Rewrite the old posts and submit it to article directories like Ezine articles. This will give good results. I have experienced the same.