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    How to Make Money from Your Blog Without Advertisements

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    makemoneyonline thumb How to Make Money from Your Blog Without AdvertisementsSelling advertisements on the blog is common way to make money online from the blog and it’s not guaranteed way to generate handsome revenue from it. There are many reasons like if you don’t have large amount of traffic, it’s not possible to generate huge revenue using advertisements.

    But instead of advertisements, there are some other ways to monetize your blog. I am discussing here about non-advertising revenue generating streams on your blog.

    How to Make money without Advertisements

    Let me give you some extra ideas, which you can implement on your blog apart from putting Adsense or any other ad network. I also recommend you to read: Online money making ideas, for more opportunities to earn from your blog.

    Write a Book:

    If you are an expert in any field,you can write your book on the topic in which you are expert. Even you can sell your copyrights to another publishing agencies. Writing a book on a topic which will sell forever will guaranteed its sell for long time and hence you will keep making money out of it. You can see one such example by Pro blogger Darren Rowse: Blogging guide for business eBook.

    If you already have content on your blog, you can pick one topic and create a massive eBook guide on that. For example, check out ShoutMeLoud WordPress guide, and instead of links you can create an eBook and sell it on various places online. If you are not into selling eBook, you can always use it to increase your Email signups in return of free giveaway.

    Sponsor reviews:

    You can make money by reviewing any product or any service. There are number of blogs publishing sponsors reviews.You can start reviewing any gadget like iPhone or any other and start making money.

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    Sell Your Product or Service

    If you are expert in your field,you can offer services or products to your blog readers. There are many bloggers offering services or products to the readers. Here is an example of Darren Rowse. He has started his paid discussion forums to the bloggers and promoting it on his most popular blog Problogger.net. You can also start any service or product offer to your blog readers.

    Prove Yourself as a Professional Blogger

    If you have expertise in any topic,you can start blogging.  Start writing compelling articles on your favorite topic in which you are  master. Once you develop your identity in your field,you can start writing the paid posts for other blog networks. You can charge handsome amount from the network publishers.

    Start Premium Blog

    If you are expert in any field and having large amount of readers on your blog, start offering premium content to readers. There are many famous bloggers like Om Malik or Neil Patel, they started premium blogging.They are prominent bloggers and gained good reputation in the blogosphere in their field. People don’t hesitate to pay them membership fees to read their blog posts.

    You can integrate membership option on your blog, and on a fixed monthly subscription charge, you can earn from it. Though, you have to come up with premium content which you can easily outsource or create yourself.

    Start Consulting

    Self-experience is the best thing and depending upon your niche, you can start your own consulting program. For example, if you are into Finance niche, you can offer personal finance audit, coaching and similar stuff.

    If you are master in any topic,you can start  consultation services on your blog. Many bloggers are already doing good with various services they are good with. I am impressed with what Harsh is doing here, because he is selling his one of the best services BlogSpot to WordPress on his various blogs.If you checked his monthly income reports, you can see the earnings of his service Blogger to wordpress.

    Sell Your EBook

    If you have solid experience in your field,your blog is receiving good traffic, you can offer your own eBook about your blogging niche. It’s really one of the best ways mostly bloggers are adopting. For example Chris and Jeff wrote a book on WordPress and it is coming out to be one of the best book for wordpress.

    Final Note

    There are number of other ways to monetize your blog instead of advertisements. Making money from blog other than advertisements sources, depends upon your own efforts. This topic is only for general purpose and for your awareness.

    Will love to know your idea, what do you think what can be other ways to make money our of your blog without using advertisements?

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    Basant Singh

    I was not aware of ‘blog networks’ & ‘premium blogs’. You’ve covered everything. A must read for bloggers aspiring to be a pro.



    Premium blog concepts work well when you blog something which is very rare on the web or something which is not easily available.

    Works well for a recognized and old blog but not for a start up in many cases. Popularize your current blog, make it in-demand on the web and then start of the premium membership concept.


    arun kamath

    While doing sponsored reviews we must be honest with our readers. Most bloggers don’t disclose that they have done a paid review. This is cheating.


    Surender Sharma

    You are absolutely correct about reviews posts but there is no need to disclose anything about blog post or review post.If yo reviewed any product or services genuinely then nobody will bother about the post whether it’s paid review post or not.



    beautiful article, this is a awsome thank u


    Surender Sharma

    Hi there,
    Thanks to read the topic carefully.Be tuned here because another topic is ready to publish here at SML.



    Great Article to be inspired for start new blog. Nice Article


    Surender Sharma

    Thanks for your inspirational words.



    Great article Surender. You covered all the possible ways of making money from blog :)


    Surender Sharma

    Hi Loveish,
    Thanks for being a active reader of SML and the appreciation about the topic covered by me.



    Cool article surender sharma…
    catchy title


    Surender Sharma

    Hi Chetan,
    Thank you buddy.


    Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    You have covered each and every aspect but I think u should also mention about affiliates in this article which will make this article complete..


    Sushant @ Techooze

    You made out some nice points in your article. I was not that nuch aware of the concept of premium blogging.



    i am on my way to write good content regularly to get the maximum gains in the future



    I am thinking to be niche consultant. Because most of niche enter get decent success every time. But because of time constraint and job. I have no time.
    I am not able execute hundreds of niche, I did researched. I wanted to sell the ideas.


    Tech Sputter

    this is site great for new bloggers like us. keep it up guys!!



    Nice article, This is really awesome to know few more ways for the bloggers to earn other than Ads…



    You’re totally right. However, I think if you have a blog, these above tasks will be easier, won’t it?



    Excellent content. As an artist, I’m looking for ways to convert my daily posts into side income…just not sure how to do that yet. This article gave me a handful of good ideas!


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