How to Maintain Blog Post Frequency

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How to Maintain Blog Post Frequency

Every blogger is aware that it is very important to keep your blog updated because it is useful to keep the readers visiting to your blog for reading new content and also helpful for SEO. As soon as you update your blog, search engines crawl to your blog and thus your new post can help you to get traffic from search engines.

Maintain Blog Post Frequency

Sometimes bloggers find it difficult to update their blog post frequently, it might be because they are doing blogging part time or busy with some other work. Whatever may be the reason, if bloggers fails to update their blogs frequently then blog might lose regular visitors and organic traffic also. Bloggers just need to follow few tips to keep their blog updated with frequent posts.

Blog Post Frequency

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5 tips to maintain your blog post frequency:

Decide when to update

Blogging without plans never gives you expected results. You must plan all your blogging activities including writing articles. Decide how many articles you want to write for your blog, it doesn’t matter that you decide to post 3 articles in a week or 3 articles in a day. You just need to stick with what you have decided, this way your readers will know when you update your blog and will expect the articles accordingly.

Write on Weekends

If you are a part time blogger or a professional blogger who is busy with other work like providing other blogging services then there might be chance that you even won’t get time to write 3 articles in a week. For this, you need to spend your time on weekend and write all 3 posts and schedule them for later. This way you don’t have to worry about publishing post on weekdays.

Choose topics for next day

If you want to update your blog daily then it would be better to select the topic of the article before one day. It is better for the bloggers who waste their time in searching for topic and at last when they get the topic, the entire mood vanishes to write the article. I always prefer to select the topic in advance, this helps me to start fresh while writing articles. Everything seems to be organized and scheduled.

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Write whenever you get ideas

I am sure all the bloggers keep on thinking about blog post ideas. If you get any idea about article then either note down it or if you are free than start writing the article same time. Whenever idea strikes to our mind, it is the perfect time to write it down because we get good flow of thoughts and thus can write article fast and better.

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Schedule in advance

It’s always recommended that you must schedule your articles in advance. No matter you are a full time blogger or part time blogger, we all are social people and their might be chances that you get busy and can’t publish your post which you have already drafted. Thus, make a habit to schedule at least 3 posts so that even if you are busy with other work, you won’t lose your readers who visit your blog regularly.

I hope you will find the tips effective for maintaining blog post frequency. If I am missing any tip please share in comments, I would love to learn more tips from you.

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  1. Harsh Rathi says

    I really Loved the point that says “Write Whenever you Get Ideas”, Love this one and personally apply it on me,
    Sometimes my mother get angry on me. My PC table always remain scribbled, I usually Sit blank for a while after i close my computer. And IF an idea hits my mind without wasting a second, if i don’t get a paper nearby and nor do i wait to switch on my computer. I pick up my pencil and start writing whatever place i get (my table usually). Sometimes even at nights i wake up to drink water and if i get any idea, I immediately pick up my sticky pad write on it, Paste a paper on my board and sometimes even Save ideas in my cellphone’s SMS drafts.
    Really Loved this one.

  2. C Mohan says

    Hi . Nice Article .. I am not a professional blogger . I am part time blogger .. Please suggest me to update the Post frequency ….Planned for Scheduled post via windows live writer . Pls advice

  3. Tanmay says

    Some time boredom prevents you from updating your blog frequently. So try to keep yourself fresh and take some break to avoid the boredom. Anyway nice tips. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Once you start thinking out of box and find creative ways to find topics , you wont ever get bore for sure.
      Glad you like the post Tanmay.

  4. chandan says

    You have mentioned some good point Ruchi, it is what happening to me, after I have joined in SEO firm I am not able to update my blog frequently.

  5. Tinh says

    I can combine all of them into one word: “good planning” that helps you deal with anything in timely manner with success :-)

  6. Suneel says

    This is one job I always fail to do in a perfect manner. One time I post to my heart’s content and the other time I forget posting for months altogether.

    I write about making blogging a habit, but seldom do I follow it.

  7. Samir says

    Nice tips. Maintaining proper time gap between posts too is important. Publishing 5 posts within a minute might leave your visitors overwhelmed and confused, as to which topic to go for, when they have limited time to spend.

  8. Technolic says

    Thanks ruchi,you article gave me the idea of writing frequently as i was not able to update my blog regularly.

  9. Dev | Technshare says

    Hey Ruchi,

    These are awesome tips. I strongly agree with “Write whenever you get ideas”.. many bloggers just start writing whenever they get ideas… !!
    Btw. I love to write on weekends :D. !!

    Thanks for sharing this great Post ruchi ;).

  10. Arafat Hossain Piyada says

    As I do blog regularly, I’m not worry about posting frequency but sometime I need to be away from my system and that the time I found Schedule post more than what I need. Thanks for this tips Ruchi.

  11. Gil Pizano says

    Very good point Ruchi! I personally can relate with the point of “Write whenever you get ideas”. I find that I often write many of my posts together. At the very least, I’ll place the opening topics of a post or two down on a Word document before I forget about the topic.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this post!

    Best Regards,


    • says

      Right Gil, Even I do the same. For me the toughest job is to find useful topic thus I also note down the topic as soon as I get idea and a few intro lines so that I don’t forget what exactly I have to cover in articles.
      Glad you like the post.

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