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    How to Create Mailing List Using Aweber [Tutorial]

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    How to Create Mailing List Using Aweber [Tutorial]

    I have never tried the world of Email marketing but from the experience and benefit which I got from Email marketing, I’m thrilled to share it with ShoutMeLoud readers. I started creating first Email list using Aweber, which I managed to grab it for $1 for the first month. Though, you can consider other aweber alternatives but my best pick would be aweber for support and interface.

    More over, most of the pro-blogger I know are using Aweber for maintaining Email list and sending Email newsletter and give me enough reason to start with Awber. Now for people who are getting started with Email list, very first step you need to know to create mailing list. Now, depending upon your strategy you can promote it in any ways you like but I would suggest put a prominent subscription box at the end of the post, use pop up or use Email box in sidebar. Offer some incentive to grow list and many other tips, which we will discus in coming days.

    First thing which you would like to do is create a sign up form using that your user can subscribe to your blog. The process is straight forward and this tutorial will help you to create & set up first Email sign up form using Aweber.

    You can still sign up for Aweber for first month for 1$. <Sign up now>

    Create your First Mailing list with Aweber

    Once you have an active Aweber account, login to your Aweber dashboard and click on create and manage lists and click on Create new list.

    createaweberlist thumb

    Now the first step to create mailing list is very simple and all you have to do is enter list name, from name, From Email address, Contact address.

    One thing which you can take care of here is branding of your Email. You can specify your company logo, your website URL and your signature. Check screenshot:

    aweberlist1 thumb

    aweberbranding thumb

    Next option would be connect your Twitter or Facebook profile with your list. This feature will auto tweet your link whenever an Email is broadcast. I will not be using this feature as my official twitter profile auto tweet about new blog post.

    Once done, click on save settings and move to step 2.

    Double Opt in Confirmation:


    doubleoptin thumb

    To cut down the spam, Aweber have double opt-in feature. This means user will get an Email with the link to confirm their subscription to Email. This feature is really handy for user and as well as Email marketer.

    You can customize the message and give more personal touch to confirmation email. Remember this is most important setting, as most of Email subscribers never confirm their subscription. So you have to make this Email appealing so that user will confirm their subscription right away.

    Successful Page:

    successful thumb

    If you are giving away some free eBook or any other freebies this field is for you. This field let you configure where your users will go when they are confirm their sign up. So you can redirect them to custom Thank you page and offering your freebies.  This is one of the best features of Aweber and most of Internet marketer relies on this feature to grow their Email list. Or you can take help of Welcome Email feature which is next feature to send direct link to your readers.

    Once done, click on save list settings.

    Send Welcome Email

    So now you have created a list and your Email subscriber has confirmed its subscription. To add more personalization you can send a welcome Email to your subscriber. Giving them an Overview of what you will be sending him and what he can expect out of you.

    Thesisfollowup thumb

    Once done, click on Preview and click on save settings.

    How to create your Web form for Aweber list?

    So by now you have done the basic building of your Email list and now it’s time to go live with your Sign up form which will help users to quickly sign up using your form.  Aweber comes with some pre-styled Sign up form which you can use on your blog/Website or you can customize it completely.

    Click on Web form at the top and select your list for which you need to create sign up form:

    signupform thumb

    You can select from lots of options to create and design your Sign up type. Light box is the most effective as it darkens the area in the background and perfect example of call to action. But again, this irritates your readers, so you might like to avoid it.

    aweberwebform thumb

    Once you have done editing your Web form which should not take more than 5 minutes. Click on save web form and go to step 2:

    On the next page give your list a name, specify thank you page and configure other simple option and click on Go to step 3:

    publishform thumb

    Now on the next page you can grab the code or Email the code to your designer who can modify the code to meet your blog design and you form will be live.

    Here is a sample form which I created for my Thesis Customization service. Subscribe only if you are a Thesis Theme user or planning to use it in future.

    That’s it and now you need to use your marketing brain to increase your Email list. Email list is something which I have missed building from day one and with time I realize this is one of the first thing every blogger should do. Anyways it’s never too late to do the right thing.

    I hope this tutorial will help newbie to create mailing list for your own profit and if you have any related questions, feel free to ask.

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    Hi harsh,
    Please write about mailchimp and optionmonster


    Harsh Agrawal

    I will surely write about optinmonster soon. For mail chimp, you can refer to this guide:



    Hi Harsh,

    You need to provide a postal address at the bottom of emails that are sent out by Aweber. Can you use an address in India ?



    I have been paying AWeber for 4 months now and still haven’t gotten my first list going yet. Is there any step by step instructions from creating your first list to proper care and feeding so to speak of the list. I see so much out there, but just don’t know which way to turn. And being able to ask questions for assistance at times, would be very helpful too . . . thanks



    Cool tut @Harsh. I have tried to sign up but it seems closed to my country now :-)


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for comment Tinh. I had no idea that Aweber doesn’t offer their services at certain countries..!!



    Is there any way to transfer ur subscribers to Aweber without giving any trouble to subscribers?

    Thank you.


    Shanker Bakshi

    @ Kartik Sorry but you can’t, A BIG NO,

    You need to get the re-confirmation from all uploaded subscribers again, No matter they have double opted already on any other email service client.

    You may loose lots of subscribers in transformation from old email client to aweber as chances are that a large portion of your subscribers will not re-confirm their subscription with aweber.

    So better you opt for it as quickly as possible.



    Nice basic information about Aweber, now we can begin email marketing with Aweber.



    hi harsh, again nice article.
    I have to subscribe to aweber, but for payment I dont own any credit card what should I do????
    please help me on this.


    Harsh Agrawal

    You have an option to payvia postal Email.
    This is official statement from Aweber team:
    “We’re happy to accept payment via US postal mail from anywhere in the world.

    Checks and Money Orders must be denominated in U.S. dollars and draftable on a U.S. bank.

    Please send Checks and Money Orders to:

    AWeber Systems, Inc.
    3103 Philmont Ave. Ste. 200
    Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

    I know it’s little sad that they don’t accept paypal.



    Thank’s A lot for a valuable post. If possible please make an article related to the effective Email Template Design.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Manendra Sure I will be posting more articles on Aweber integration in coming days.


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