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How to Choose Affiliate Program for Your Blog

How to Choose Affiliate Program for Your Blog

Choose Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make money online through your blog. If you are not aware how to start with affiliate programs you can check out previous article of Shoutmeloud about starting with affiliate program. The main problem faced by bloggers to start with affiliate program is that they don’t know which affiliate program is good for them and which affiliate program to choose from huge number of affiliate programs available online.

What Affiliate Programs are best for your blog?

There is no thumb-rule for choosing an affiliate program, as what works for me, might not work for you. Though, there are few parameters you should consider which will help you to choose the perfect affiliate product to promote on your blog.

Relevant to your niche

It is very important that you must select the product of affiliate program relevant to your blog niche. Like if you are having a blogging and WordPress blog, you can choose for Thesis Affiliate Program. You should analyze what kind of traffic you get and choose the affiliate program according to your visitors so that your visitors will be interested to purchase the product.

Offer new products

Why visitors will purchase from your affiliate program if they are getting same products on other blogs also. Thus when you select product, make sure that you provide new products to your visitors so that they will be keen to purchase new and unique products from your blog. If affiliate program allows you to change the products then it is better to keepon changing products so that visitors will get something new to buy.

One mistake most of affiliate marketers are doing is, they copy the product what others are promoting. This is a bad idea, as your blog will lack the freshness and uniqueness. Try to pick relevant affiliate product, which fits your niche, is awesome and very few people are promoting it.


There is a myth that with high rates of payment you will earn more even if you get fewer clicks. Before choosing the right affiliate program for your blog check out the minimum payouts, referral commissions, terms and conditions etc. Know how they are going to pay you either with PayPal or cheque.

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It is very important to research about the affiliate programs before signing up. You should not register to any affiliate programs just because your friend suggested you for same. Check out few forums and know the customers reactions, read discussion boards. Know about their customer support and the mailing list. These things are generally ignored while choosing affiliate programs but these are very important.


Going for unethical way to earn money is the worst part of blogging. Don’t ever try to sell off things just because you have to earn money through affiliates by hook or crook. If you don’t trust any product, don’t try to sell that product to your visitors.

Choosing affiliate programs are very important thus you must choose them wisely. Do share with us, which factors you keep in mind while choosing affiliate program for your blog.

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  • Muhammad Noman Khalid

    Hi Harsh!
    We’ve a software, games and apps downloading site that offers content for Android, Windows, MAC and Apple iOS. We don’t offer “hacking & cracking” and only share features, info and review of target product. We currently use Adsense as default monetizing source since 2 years.
    Please suggest some affiliate programs for this niche… Thanks

  • Ataul Haque

    Thanks Whiztechy, it was really helpful to me. I am thinking of which affiliate to chose and I land up on this blog. Thanks again. Will try thesis affiliate for my Blog Namaste India | All About India.

  • Shivani Sharma

    Is there any way to get affiliate program for my blog which has no page rank but massive traffic 15-20k per day ? as I see you made $5000+ in last month from affiliate program so I would love to implement it on me, pls tell, much needed info..

  • Mayank

    Lots of important things to be kept in mind. I had no idea that affiliate marketing could help us more than Google Adsense. Thanks for the post though.

  • Harry Sehgal

    Joining Affiliate programs depends upon the Niche. Blogging Niche has far more success than any other Niche.

  • Suresh Khanal@Bivori

    Hi Ruchi,

    Thanks for this nice post about affiliate. I like you especially for saying going for unethical way to earn money is the worst part of blogging. Many new comers read everywhere about how to make money blogging and this is what they will try. Your post rightly shows the correct path. I wish they check these tips before attempting to sell something.

  • Kimberly Castleberry

    Affiliate programs can be a great way to make money however we must remember that we want to capture a list first or else we are just turning our warm leads over to someone else for their own list. Once we have a visitor in our own list we can market to them as long as we can keep them… being certain to give loads of value to make up for the occasional marketing piece. There are a lot of great affiliate programs that I have found and been happy with. For me they’re mostly tech oriented because that is my niche (hostgator, thesis, woothemes, graphic packs, wordpress plugins, design services, etc) There is tons of programs but it definitely is buyer beware – starting with trusted companies is the way to go.

    • Ruchi

      Thanks Kimberly for great tip . Trust is the key factor when it comes to Affiliate programs.

      • Nickk Bisht

        Hi Ruchi! For a month I was blogging on free wordpressDOTcom now 4 days back I have purchased a domain and hosting. My question is When should I go for these affiliate marketing. ? What will be the right time. Can I join them now or have to wait for few months.
        For google adsense I will wait atleast a month
        Waiting for some suggestion.
        Thanks, stay blessed

  • Shiva | Web Magazine

    Great tips Ruchi, I agree with you we should do a lot of Research when signing up for an affiliate program. There can be many scam affiliate programs too which may never pay you

    • Ruchi

      Thanks Shiva…. There are many scam affiliates programs which is bad for us as well as for our clients.

  • Tinh @ eBlogTip dot Com

    Choosing the right affiliate program will help us boost commission. I think full reviews will convert very well as I mentioned in my late April earning. Thanks

    • Ruchi

      Right Tinh… genuine reviews always work.

  • Tushar

    i have tried many times to get a new good affiliate product for my blog but it is not working….not a single sale till date

    • Ruchi

      Tushar , Better to research, have relevant affiliates and keep your visitors in mind. I am sure it will help you a lot.

  • Dev @ Blogging Tips

    Hey Ruchi,

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing this great post. I think researching is very important before choosing an affiliate program.


  • Jeff Pinkham

    Important points made in this article
    well worth reading if you are considering affiliate programs

  • Anish K.S

    Payments is the Key of a good Network, If they Paying on Time, that i am checking. Thanks Ruchi for the tips.

  • Dana

    For now, I only sell product that I had been try and of course, I must satisfy.

    • Ruchi

      That’s good habit Dana….Many bloggers just want to make money no matter they trust the affiliate or not.

  • Farukh | Techming

    Nice but short post Ruchi. It would be nice if would have hinted on other affiliate programs available to choose from. I had lost 70 pounds on payment issues with advertiser, So I think its very important to choose payment options available in your country.

    • Ruchi

      Hey Farukh…will surely come up with list few affiliate program to select from. Thanks for the tip.

  • Samir

    Nice post. Too many mentions of “affiliate program” though I guess (20!). Affiliate Bloggers usually forget that for earning six-figure incomes they need to build trust more than just add scores of banners and links to their blogs! That trust is usually built through well-known products, long-term association and large number of posts on the blog. Sad to say, but most of them use article re-writing tools to create blogs with no sense of language! Some blogs with affiliate strategies which I really like are : Shoutmeloud (obviously!), Problogger, Daily Blog Tips and John Chow’s Blog. They really know how to gain the visitors’ trust.

  • Ankit Prakash

    Well categorized info., looking forward to implement some.


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