How to Avoid Negative SEO Impact of Guest Posts

I have explained quite in details about the downside of accepting guest posts during early stages of your blog. However, there are many who look out for guest to write for them and they may be doing so due to some genuine reasons. Some of these reasons could be:

  • Lack of time for the blog owner especially when he/she has a different day job as well
  • Lack of variety of ideas for the blog post
  • Lack of knowledge about different topics in their niche.

There could be any other reason as well. Irrespective of any reasons (even if it is genuine one) blog owner is bound to face all the negative impact discussed in my earlier post. But then question comes up – is there any alternative to this strategy of accepting guest posts. Let me explain you about the alternative where in you can still have the content from others yet not have to face the possible disadvantages of accepting guest posting even in the early stages of your blog. If you have given all the thoughts and sure about having an additional helping hand who can contribute to the content on your blog then there are following Guest Posting alternatives;

Alternatives to Guest posts for your Blog growth?

Guest posts Alternative

Hiring Paid Authors

You can hire full-time and part-time authors who have a good knowledge about the subject of your blog’s niche. They will not be working as a guest author for your blog which means all the content written by them will still be owned by you and only you will have the full copyrights of such articles. But for this you will have to pay them upfront and not having an agreement of revenue sharing because otherwise there will be no strong reason or benefit for them to write for you.

You will be publishing all the content and articles written by paid authors under your name only and their name and /or site/blog’s reference will not appear anywhere. This way you will not stand to face all the negative impacts of losing the traffic to guest’s blog. You can form the agreement with them such that you will be paying only for the approved and published articles. You will not be paying if you don’t accept the content written by them due to whatsoever reasons.

Hybrid of Paid Author and Revenue Sharing Program

This will be similar to the above except with the difference that in this you will be paying some amount as an upfront payment for the approved and published article and you will be sharing the ad revenue as well. Typically you can decide to pay half of the amount which you would be paying in the first case above. Similarly, you will be sharing 50% of ad revenue instead of 100%.

There is no hard and fast rule to decide about the amount to be paid and revenue share page. You will have to work it out on your own depending upon your situation, traffic inflow, revenue figures etc. It can also vary depending upon the skill and experience of authors.

Providing an Ad slot for your author

In this way, you can have an agreement that you will be providing a free ad slot on your blog (in the sidebar or footer etc). This ad slot will publish the ad for the author’s blog as you normally display ad for your sponsors etc. Again, in this mode as well, there will be no mention about the author’s name against the published article.

You can decide about the free ad slot period based on the number of published article. For example, you can define – one week of free ad slot for one published article. This is just an example and you can see what work best for you.

Using the above models, you can avoid all the negative impacts of accepting guest posts, at the same time, gaining in terms of regular content for your blog. However, don’t feel tempted to use these extensively as after all there is no point is starting a blog and then publishing the content written by others only. Furthermore, it may itself can have a drawback like you may not be in a position to reply and clarify to your visitor’s comments.

It is because content is written by someone else and you may not have knowledge or even a bit of background of what is being talked about in that post or article. Hence, another important point to take care is that you should yourself review and understand the posts and articles written by your authors so that at least you know what do they talk about and what could be possible questions and queries may get invoked in your readers mind.

Hope, above information will help all the bloggers out there who are otherwise quite serious and honest with the blogging but are not in a position to write regularly and still don’t want to left behind in any way. Do share your feedback.


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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. admin says

    Something really different and unique from what others keep on expressing.. Yes this is true but sometimes it is not possible to hire paid authors so one can accept guest posts and atleast have a firm routine to write down as well for self satisfaction…

    • Maninder @ says

      Absolutely. None of the above tips should be taken as an alternative to completely stop writing youself. This is only for an add-on help in case you are not able to write on regular basis. Thanx for your comment.

  2. Garish Wasil says

    The ad slot concept is great. I never thought of selling ad slots in exchange of content, earlier. Nice share.

    • Maninder @ says

      Yes Girish, many people happen to like ad slot concept. It is better in term of no upfront monetray investment required. Thanx for your comment.

  3. Technology says

    I’m a fan of first one. But when it comes to authority having hybrid model works well. If you choose to grow very fast and don’t care for short term investment then third one is the best!

    Hope this make sense.


  4. Raghav says

    I think all the models are better but third one is the best. It can save your little bit money as well as time spending on writing articles.