What is Guest Blogging : Guide

What is Guest Blogging

Are you an internet entrepreneur? Do you run a blog? Do you want to learn how to learn how to leverage a single guest article to increase your brand awareness online? Do you want to strengthen your online personal brand? Do you desire to be a good business networker? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then please read on this guest blogging guide.

Being a voracious reader, I have read several articles online that outline practical steps to building a brand for your business using social media; and it just seems the web is going social media crazy. While I am definitely not an anti-social media crusader, I believe that the over emphasis placed on social media has made most entrepreneurs overlook some good online brand building tactics.

Many of you who are new to Blogging, they might be wondering what is guest blogging and why do you need it, I will try to answer as many questions as I could and will also show how it’s going to help you in big brand reco.

Though I am not a social media guru and I can’t personally compete in that crowded niche; I have found an easier tactic to building your brand online and that marketing tactic is guest blogging. Now what is guest blogging and how can it help you build a stronger brand for your business? Well, you are going to find out soon.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is simply the art of sharing valuable content with readers online but in this case, the content won’t be published on your own blog. It has to be published on someone else’s blog and that’s where the phrase “Guest blogging” comes into play. But isn’t guest blogging the same as submitting articles to article directories? My answer is a resounding no.

The Undisputable Difference between Guest Blogging and Writing for Article Directories

To keep matters simple and avoid complication, I will say that guest blogging and submitting articles to article directories are similar in the sense that they can both be described as the process of writing valuable content on other platform. But the big difference comes in their level of play and audience.

Guest blogging is tactically applied on “Niche Targeted” blogs while article directories on the other hand are GMPC sites (General Multi Purpose Content) or “mass content” sites. Note the key difference “niche targeted” and “mass targeted.

Another difference is that on a guest blog, there tends to be a closer tie and communal bond between the blog owner, the guest bloggers and the readers. That’s why guest articles commands higher comments and interaction than articles published on article directories. Now that you have known the difference between guest blogs and article directories, let’s move on.

In this article, I am going to reveal to you strategic steps to increasing your online brand awareness with just a single guest article. While a lot have been written with respect to guest blogging or writing a guest article for other websites and blogs; I will be shunning conventional wisdom to explain to you in details, how to strategically use a single guest article to increase your brand awareness online. If you are still interested in learning; then grab a cup of coffee and read on.

Everyone has the ability to write a guest article but not everyone knows how to maximize that written article for extra profit potential. That’s what I am going to teach you today. Now why should you write a guest article for another blog or website instead of publishing such content on your blog? Well, I am going to answer that question.

Beginner Guest Blogging Guide

Writing an article and getting that article published on other reputable blogs is not just a marketing tactic; it is a guerrilla marketing tactics and this is my reason for tagging “Guest Blogging” a guerrilla marketing tactic. If two shoe manufacturing companies “A and B” decides to compete against each other for market share. Company A and B spends heavily on product development and massive advertisement but company B strategically unleashes an additional sales force into the field to knock on the doors of targeted potential customers.

The extra measure taken by company B can be related to guest blogging. Instead of building a blog and waiting for readers to find your content by coming to your blog; you take your content to their preferred online hangout. This will give your blog a competitive edge over other blogs that don’t engage in guest blogging. Are there other advantages of writing a guest article on other blogs? My answer is a resounding yes.

How Guest Blogging can Increase your Online Brand Awareness

1. Guest blogging can be a strong internet marketing strategy if you really know what you are doing and how to go about it. A friend of mine relies wholly on the guest blogging marketing strategy; in fact, 90 percent of his marketing efforts are channeled toward writing guest articles for other blogs. He believes so much in guest blogging to the extent that most of his articles are published on other blogs, rather than his own blog; and this tactics made him a success.

2. When you engage in guest blogging, you will gain maximum exposure for your blog and this will increase your brand recognition.

3. Writing guest articles help build your online credibility to blog owners and the readers alike. You may launch a product line in the future and the blogs you write guest articles for will be a great leverage for you to broadcast your product launch.

4. Guest blogging is a good “White hatlink building strategy. When you write guest articles, you build backlinks to your blog and this will increase your page rank in the search engines. In search engine algorithm, a backlink from a quality content website or blog is considered a vote of credibility.

4. Some blogs are strongly rooted in SEO; others are strong in social media; so guest writing on such blogs will boost your rankings and also increase your social media presence.

Now since I have highlighted strategic reasons why you should begin writing guest articles today, I am going to teach you how to leverage your written articles.

How to leverage your Guest article for Blog brand recognition

a. Write an article on your blog highlighting the results achieved by your guest blogging effort and link to all the guest articles you have written. This will show that you are an authority in your field and such authority has being recognized on other blogs. You can see an example of how this is done in the article “Guest Blogging: How I Network with other Successful Bloggers.”

b. Brag about your guest article on social media but make sure that your guest article contains valuable information. It’s not easy getting published on a big blog so if your article gets published; shout it out, because it takes effort and proven expertise to get an article published on a big blog.

c. Use your guest articles as a case study. Also, when sending out guest blogging proposals, don’t link to articles on your blog. Instead, link to your best guest articles. This will prove to the recipient of your proposal that your ability or expertise has been recognized on other blogs.

d. If your guest article eventually gets published, it doesn’t end there. Get involved in the interaction that follows your guest article. Tactically reply all questions and criticisms thrown at you by readers of your guest article. This will further stamp your foot as an authority in your niche.

e. Try writing several quality guest articles and after sometime, request to be interviewed on the blog. I bet you, this works like magic.

Someone who has written several quality articles on a blogs stands a better chance of being interviewed than someone who has written nothing. Moreover, being interviewed on a blog where you have being a guest writer will only strengthen the bond between you and the readers. Remember, the strength of the bond is proportional to the strength of the brand.

f. When you have written a considerable number of guest articles for a blog, be bold enough to ask for a special placement of your chosen articles. This will increase your article readership and also your brand image. For instance on my business blog, I allocated a space to feature the articles of my guest writers on my sidebar; this is aimed at encouraging guest bloggers. If the blog you are guest writing on doesn’t have such feature, feel free to request it.

g. Write a compelling, unconventional author’s bio. Make sure your author’s bio blends with the brand you are trying to create online. For instance, if you want to position yourself as a ruthless marketer, then stick with a kickass author’s bio that goes thus: “Ajaero Tony Martins is a ruthless, no-nonsense marketing consultant that believes in nothing but results and profit to your business.

h. Keep writing. Even if it means writing one article monthly for each of your selected blogs, do it. Consistency is a success key in any marketing campaign; whether online or offline, so keep writing. The more you write, the more you strengthen your brand recognition.

To start with you can write a guest post for ShoutMeloud or you can find list of 50+ blog that accepts guest posts.

As a final note, these are my proven strategic tactics to building a strong brand identity for my blog using guest blogging as leverage. Implement these tactics when writing guest articles for other blogs and I will see you at the top. Still wondering, what guest blogging is? Shoot your questions.

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Ajaero Tony Martins is a Serial Entrepreneur and Investor with a passion for teaching potential entrepreneurs How to Start a Business. He is popularly known for his radical article titled How to Become a Billionaire in less than 10 years.


COMMENTs ( 23 )

  1. Anamika says

    You are right! I do some Guest Posting on Blogs and have seen some good results coming out of it. I also have a blog on relationships which accepts Guest Posts and it is wonderful to have fresh content which is not your own.

  2. Danuns Numk says

    Guest posting has become so huge in tech blogging. It has become a great method for building links and traffic. Big post but interesting.

  3. Nihar says

    Great post and a lengthy one. But an interesting one.

    I agree that the guest blogging increases the blog visibility.

    BTW, I have also started Guest Blogging on my blog.

  4. Ajaero Tony Martins says

    @Jack Harold, i agree with you on the issue of writing a guest post in a cross niche. For example if you are in the nutrition niche, you can write a guest post on a business Blog if you can relate the relevance of nutrition to productivity and success in business.

  5. aryan says

    I understand that the above is useful while promoting the blog and is an important tool that cn bring users to your blog but what about a blog which is about romcom story ..i am writing a story and i want people to read the posts and post their opinion…but i find it hard to get people to see my blog… :(

  6. Zahed says

    How much is the percentage of guest blog post acceptance by host blog? Do major blogs accept all guest bloggers?

  7. Swamykant says

    Guest blogging is the best way for promoting any brand online apart from social media..

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  8. Mayrav says

    Great write up Ajaero, I do agree with you. But if a blog accepts lots of guest posts the guest author does benefit, is their any negative affect on the blog accepting guest posts say in terms of PR, alexa ranking, or in any other way?
    What do you think? And what are your views guys? Do post your views.

  9. Ajaero Tony Martins says

    Thanks for dropping a comment. Guest blogging works, though a little sacrifice of giving your valuable content to other blogs is involved. Please if you are blogging in the business or entrepreneurship niche, feel free to send in your guest post to my blog.

  10. Suraj says

    You are very right. I also did a guest posting here, believe it or not, it gave me good amount of traffic.

    • Jack Harold says

      Hi Fouzan, so nice to meet you here. Have you started to help me with my guest posts? Hope to hear from you soon.

  11. sreekumar sukumaran says

    It succeeds provided the guest and host are on the same niche. Do you have a different opinion?

    • Jack Harold says

      Not really. I have seen a tech blogger guest blogging on a social media blog. As long as the niches can relate to each other, it will be just fine! Do you agree?

      Cheers mate!

  12. Radu Tyrsina says

    While guest posting is a great tool, it is not that great to give to someone else your awesome content, but, I guess, you have to make sacrifices :)

    • Wasim Ismail says

      If you look it in a way of giving something to get something better in return its definitely worth it, your write an awesome article on high profile blog which in return drives a lot of traffic to your site which you didn’t have before, and you convert that traffic into loyal readers and sales. Its a win win situation.
      I try to write at least one guest article a week, which works perfectly for me.

    • Jack Harold says

      Sacrifices are worthwhile if it results in a greater benefit. In this case, not only will you gain in terms of publicity, the backlinks that you build will also go a long way in increasing your website’s prominence in the search engines.

      Learn something new pal?

  13. Vivek Parmar says

    At present guest blogging is a best way which offers you a lot of recoginition among your niche and industry.
    Guest blogging helps you to make your product a brand in front of huge audience in no time.

  14. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    Love the points mate and yes, Guest Blogging is something which every blogger should experience.

    I used to read all my guest authors’s bio and I was quite amused by their way of branding their products/company. Awesome!

  15. Manish Singh @ TechRecall.com says

    You are very much correct. I have just opened up a new blog and was thinking of submissions on new blogs to build my blog and brand itself.

    So will take some consideration from your tips

    Thanks :D

    • Jack Harold says

      Manish: You are right dude! Guest blogging is always a good way to start out if you are new to the blogosphere. It’s like a new singer who needs publicity… some way…some how. Guest blogging provides the absolute avenue to do so with ease!

      Cheers mate!