Is Guest Blogging Useful or Just Waste of Time?

Not waste of time

Do you think guest blogging is a waste of time? Why I will write for other? If your answer of first question is yes, then you are missing some great things from your blogging life. And if the second question is your question then this article is for your and going to answer your question.

Ok you would be surprise that blogger want to publish their best post to other blog!! Oh my god is it true? Yes it’s true. If you can’t believe me ask any famous blogger or open a thread in any blogger forum, you will understand. Now I am sure you are so much interested to know why they become crazy to post their best content to other blog, Right? Well, guest blogging may not the only but one of the main reason to become popular and celebrity in blogosphere for any blogger.

Is guest posting waste of the time?

Guest Blogging for targeted Traffic

Have you ever write any guest post? If you write then have you checked the bounce rate of the traffic you got from guest blogging? I wrote guest post checked it, where my average bounce rate is 56%, the bounce rate of traffic from guest blogging is only 21%!! That’s refer all the traffic was very targeted traffic.  I also checked traffic from social networking site. But the traffic from guest blogging is working best for me and it will be for you too. And the traffic from guest blogging is sustainable. You will get traffic from your guest post after weeks, months even years. All of your guest post is alive in archive forever. So here is source of your targeted traffic which is alive forever

Relation with other bloggers:

To become popular in blogosphere, you must have a good relation with fellow bloggers and guest blogging is a great way to make a good relation with other blogger. It’s a win-win situation. Blogger gets a great content for his or her blog and guest poster gets Backlinks, targeted traffic and trust from other blog reader. If you post a quality post on other very popular blog, you will be a part of their blog popularity.

Achieving trust from reader is not so easy eespecially in the early stage of blogging. But what will happen if you can publish a post in very popular blog. Every popular blog has a good amount of loyal reader. And they trust their blogger. So if they find another blogger who post on their favourite blog, they will trust that quest blogger too as their blogger trusted that guest blogger and allow him or her to post article on his or her blog.

So do you still think guest blogging is waste of time? What do you think about guest blogging? If you have anything to share please feel free to comment. Thanks.

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COMMENTs ( 15 )

  1. Oleg says

    In addition to what was said, the bloggers who accept guest posts also ‘win’ because they get free content, they still want great content. And in my opinion, guest blogging has so many benefits because you get to show a new audience the kind of awesome content you’re capable of writing, not to slip in a link and hope to get thousands of subscribers.

  2. Binoy xavier says

    Thanks for the heads up , Alamin. Agree with your points on guest blogging. Keep them coming ;)

  3. Jay B. says

    I am seriously considering guest blogging, but it’s not so easy to find ideal partner in my field (real estate). I had some offers from wannabe future finance gurus, but I don’t think they are the best ones for one’s reputation…

  4. Robin says

    Harsh i m really impressed with the Shoutmeloud because the post written and published here are just like a series which makes all of them to visit your site again and again. Guest posting is really an very good thing because itz really affective in all the sense. I too write as an guest in other blogs related my niche its getting me good backlink and an reputation among my reader. So i strongly believe that Guest posting is not a waste of time. :)

  5. Basant | Techno-Pulse says

    A Guest Post at an authority blog in one’s niche helps a lot in terms of traffic & PR. During initial days of blogging, the newbies must give it a try…

  6. Alamin says

    Mukundan thanks, yea guest blogging really build good relationship.
    And farukh i can’t understand why you are looking guest blogging like that!

  7. Mukundan Srinivasan says

    I too feel that Guest Blogging builds a good relationship and that’s the main thing. I am going to start Guest blogging as it really has many benefits like you say. Well written.

  8. Farukh@ Techming says

    Its just begging other for fame.. Shame on Beggers.. Help Yourself and not others.. Be Different.. I am Sure Success will at a Greater pace than Guest Blogging.

  9. Alamin says

    Thanks eunus and tech. . .yes marlu you are right. If you have great content, the traffic what you got from your guest post will be converted to your loyal reader!

  10. Murlu says

    One thing to consider though is how you’re going to get people to stick to your blog once they do come over after a guest post.

    This is why, when they land, they are hit with tons of really great content, call to actions to subscribe and perhaps a freebie :)

  11. Tech Maish says

    Of course guest blogging has a lot of benefits. For both parties, and that is why i started a blog for guest posters, so that they can promote there blogs, websites and business and get log term benefits.

  12. Sathishkumar says

    I never tried guest blogging since I am very new to this blogging life. But now i decided to do a guest very soon which will be very good for my blog too.

  13. Dev | Technshare says

    Hey Alamin,

    Nice Post. Guest posting can never be a waste of time, instead it’s one of the easiest and most effective way to get targeted traffic, backlinks, brand awareness etc. I have done 3 Guest posts so far and i’m really happy with the results i’m getting.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.