Why You Can’t Make Money Blogging like the Probloggers

cant make money bloggingAre you a blogger? If yes, then I want to tell you that you will never make money blogging and even if you do; you will fall among the average. You will never make enough to go full time blogging and live the lifestyle you dream of. In fact, you will never get to the level of the probloggers. Do you want to know why? Then read on.

One of the most popular articles flowing on the web now is the monthly earning reports of A-list bloggers such as Pat Flynn and others. While such reports provide inspiration to its readers, it seems to spread false hope among newbies. Now I do not doubt such reports and in fact, I also draw inspiration from such reports. But the problem is that many bloggers are reading such reports with the wrong perception.

A lot of bloggers have written about the technicalities of blogging and making money online but one of the most important; yet ignored subject is “the attitude or mindset required for success in blogging.” Statistics proves that over 80% of bloggers will not achieve beyond average even though they have all the money-making tips, software, ebooks and techniques at their finger tips. The problem of these 80% bloggers is not the business model they chose, the software/tools they use or the techniques they apply; the problem is the mindset with which they go about their blogging business.

6 Undeniable reasons why you can’t Make money from Blogging:

So in this article, I am going to spill the harsh truth on why I strongly believe you can’t make money blogging like the probloggers such Darren Rowse, John Chow, Michael Dunlop, Steve Pavlina, Pat Flynn and the rest.

1. You are too focused on the goal

Yes, the first reason why you won’t make money blogging is because you are trying too hard to do it. Go to popular internet marketing forums and blogs and you will see individuals talking about their goals to make $100, $1000 or $10,000 monthly. Now money and profits is one of the objectives of every business but it should not be your primary aim. The problem with focusing too much on the goal to make money is that you tend to lose your enthusiasm if you fail to achieve your goal within the stipulated time frame.

To every sensible pursuit in life, there’s a process and it’s this process that brings about results. Now what most bloggers fail to understand is that the process to achieving a goal is more important than the goal itself. The process to building a successful blog is more important than the money that follow suit; because once you have successfully completed a process and mastered it, such process can be replicated as many times as possible. This is why I always emphasize bloggers focus more on the process than the goal. Do the opposite of this and you may hit the goal but you will only be a one-time hit; a fly by night blogger. You will never stand the test of time like the pro-bloggers.

2. You want to make money overnight

make money overnightWhy do you play the lottery, gamble and speculate on stocks? The answer is that you are probably trying to make a one-time kill; you want to succeed overnight. If you are in the category of bloggers trying to make money overnight, then I am sorry to say that your dream may never be realized and that’s the truth.

I often hear people say that the Rich Dad Company is an overnight success and I think it is a fact; but it took us ten years to get there.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Take a critical look at the probloggers earning an average of $5,000 and above monthly; you will observe that none of them achieved the feat overnight. It took them years of hard work to get to their present income level; why should yours be any different.

3.You are not disciplined

Lack of discipline is another reason why you will never make money blogging. Most bloggers take the pain to set goals, write plans and establish priorities but they fail to succeed because they lack the discipline to either execute their plan or stay focused on their plan. I have seen individuals jumping from one money making scheme to another; I have also seen bloggers jumping from one monetization strategy to another, or from one niche to another in pursuit of the holy grail.

To succeed in blogging and become a problogger, you need to establish your priorities and focus on it. You need to choose a course and focus on it. Focus! Focus!! Focus!!! I can’t emphasize this enough because it is a vital key to success but everyday; I see bloggers breaking this one rule. Every day; I see bloggers trying to start 10 blogs at once rather than focusing on one until successful. Don’t make this mistake.

4. You are simply lazy

Excuses cost a dime and that’s why the poor can afford lots of it.” – Rich Dad

Many bloggers dream and fantasize about becoming the next problogger but only few will lift a finger to do something. Most bloggers are simply lazy; they would rather surf the web reading income reports than writing articles. Rather than take the pain to write guest posts; they would prefer to hang around in forums looking for the next push button SEO technique.

From personal observation, I have observed that being very busy is the new type of laziness. I have come across internet entrepreneurs who swear and lament over how hard they work and how much time they spend online but if you take a closer look at how they use their time online; you will notice that their time online was spent doing unproductive things. To become a problogger, you need to get down to the task of writing articles, networking, publishing guest posts, interacting with readers, etc.

                “We live by hope; but the reed never becomes an Iroko tree by merely wishing.” – Anonymous

5.You are spending money wrongly

One of the problems bloggers face is that of budget allocation. Most bloggers spend money on frivolous things; rather than the important things. Go to forums and you will see bloggers and internet entrepreneurs bragging about how expensive and beautiful their blog theme is. You will see people talking about the next fastest software, plugin and push button system. The truth is that such things won’t work if you are not prepared to work; your tools will only be as effective as you are. Stop spending money on frivolous things; spend money like a business owner, spend money with your eyes on the bottom line. If a tool is not going to increase your profit or efficiency in the short or long run; forget about it and invest in the little things that matter.

6.Being a problogger is beyond your reality

As a man thinks in his heart, so he is. If you can’t see yourself a problogger, you will never become a one no matter how hard you work. You are what you think you are. It is as simple as that.

In conclusion, I will advice you retake a critical look at the tips above and consider any that may hinder the realization of your goal and analyze why you can’t get into list of pro-bloggers and scrutinize yourself, make the necessary adjustments and I will see you at the top.

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Ajaero Tony Martins is a Serial Entrepreneur and Investor with a passion for teaching potential entrepreneurs How to Start a Business. He is popularly known for his radical article titled How to Become a Billionaire in less than 10 years.


COMMENTs ( 17 )

  1. says

    Hi Harsh

    I think there is two more thing you should add (although it will hurt a few but it will be better for them in long term):

    – lack of writing skills (applies to non-native speakers): you don’t need to be great but atleast decent writing skills is a bare minimum. If your English is poor, no one will see you as an authority.

    My advice: Take some time to learn proper English. It will help you a lot. Give it a few months because it is worth it.

    – having no idea what works: I see so many new tech blogs writing 500 word posts on the line of “how to do this to your PC”. IT DOES NOT WORK. That info is available on the net on so many authority sites. Your 500 word article is never going to make it. Do something new. Write something comprehensive. If your really want to do that, go the extra mile. Make a video. You get the point.

    There are so many other things.

    Please don’t take my advice in a wrong sense. I am saying these with good intentions to help you out.


  2. Vince Comfort says

    Great, great post. This post Speaks directly to me. I tend to get lazy to write my own articles even though I am a freelance writer. I connected with a new blogger and we are starting a 30 day challenge where one must post 2 articles a day or pay 25 bucks to the other. I think that will kill the laziness.

  3. Andrew Sather says

    I’ve recently made 4 figures on my blog.

    It’s possible, but it took me a lot of hard work. I forced myself to write a blog post once every Wednesday, and have done so for 13 months.

    Now I’ve done over 130 posts, set up an autoresponder with over 20 emails (this is very profitable btw), and have been living and breathing my blog.

    It’s worth the effort guys, but you gotta put in the work.

  4. Justin says

    Number 6 really applies to me. Then again, I gave up trying to make money from my blog because there’s too much competition and too much pressure. I’d much rather blog for the love of it.

  5. Sayyed Parvez says

    Hello Ajaero Tony,
    The points like ‘Too focused’ and ‘Not disciplined’ are a the core of the problem. Its true that it is not easy to reach that level of problogger without keeping in mind the above mentioned things. Thanks for the informative post.

  6. Danielle says

    When I first started making money online I was one of those people that wanted to make money immediately. Sometimes we set the bar too high for ourselves. But over time I realized that success takes time and I won’t get to where I want overnight. I learned to set more realistic goals for myself and it encouraged me to work harder to meet those goals.

  7. Topin10 says

    Really Great points Ajaero , a blog is like a baby you first have to nurture it , feed it with good articles , build good backlinks ( frnds) and then when it will become big then only u can expect money from it…..really….this post is a must read for all the bloggers who just blog for money.

  8. Shubham says

    Nice points Ajaero a person really need patience to make money online as we do not make money online…we have to earn it….. :) and its a must read for the newbie bloggers as they leave blogging in the middle of their journey because of small failures and because they wanted to earn in a day.

  9. rakesh kumar says

    Discipline is required if you want to be successful in any field. People come to blogging to earn money overnight. They think this is the easiest method to earn passive income. They do realize very late that this is now the most competitive market in the world. If you want to earn something , then you have to show your guts.

  10. David says

    Thanks again Harsh, this gave me something to think about. Particularly, the point of how I use my time hit me hard. Am I really as busy as I think I am or am I wasting my time
    ‘being busy’ instead of getting work done? This question is an important one. I will think about it and make adjustments if warranted.

    • Rohit says

      Thank…u Harsh and Ajaero Tony Martins for the…blog as i m very new to blogging your blog is very much important for…me and for the…bloggers like me..

  11. says


    Excellent points every one, although I am particularly fond of point #5: “[Investing money in the wrong things]”

    The majority of online business owners, bloggers, fall prey to the notion that “If I just invest in the right widget, gadget, plugin, WSO, ad nauseum that this will somehow solve their money-making problems.

    This thinking is flawed to say the least…

    “Widgets and gadgets” don’t solve your problems, only correct thinking and a plan of action do. And if your thinking is wrong, then no amount of action or investment can compensate for this.

    The best investment you can make in your business is to make an investment in yourself, first. Instead of wasting money on the “latest & greatest” – make an investment in a mentor who is doing what you want to do, successfully. Then listen to every thing they tell you to do, then do it.

    And as you so aptly pointed out in point #6…

    “As a man or woman thinks in their heart so are they.”

    Invest in your thinking and many of the other issues will follow suit.

    Again, great post.

    Be good to yourself,


  12. Raj says

    Things like lack of dedication, laziness and thoughts of becoming rich over night kills the passion of the person and it strictly adheres to the depreciation of the person..

  13. JAVEED says

    great topic i might be the victim of that from last 6 months i am trying to get a good quality traffic but could not achieve i do not understand where i am lacking can you help and advice me some tips how to get traffic and what are the mistakes which i am making so that i could rectify in future.

  14. stargaterich says

    I recalled John Chow mentioned in one of his post that he made money not directly through his blog but rather through back end products which he offered to his subscribers. He also emphasized the importance of building a list through a blog.
    So I guess it is not realistic to expect to make five or six figure income just with one weblog. Rather the whole objective of posting good contents is to establish credibility and authority of chose niche and then get people to subscribed or opt-in to follow up newsletters or email marketing campaigns.

  15. Asif Khan says

    The only reason i never refer myself as a pro-blogger is that my only blog is only 6 months old. And that’s not a good criteria to be called a pro-blogger. But i will be, may be in a year.

    And when read the first two paragraphs of this post i was like, How dare you say that i can’t be a pro-blogger? But then i read it down and now i know why most fails to be a pro.

    Thanks for your post Tony.

  16. Ifham khan says

    Awesome points mentioned here, the biggest reason I found in my blogging journey is that We are not in a track for a long, every time we change our money making plan as we read another money making tips. For now started my own service and yes I am making good bucks from it, because I love what I do and don’t bothered to be millionire at overnight. Great post must read for many bloggers.