Blog Commenting – A Practical Guide for Bloggers

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Blog Commenting – A Practical Guide for Bloggers

Blog Commenting

Here at ShoutMeLoud, we have been learning about Blogging & SEO from long period & one of the most asked question and talked topic here is backlink building. No matter what, apart from OnPage SEO, backlink plays a vital role in ranking of your site. Harsh has shared article marketing campaign strategy to build backlinks, which is no doubt highly effective but it needs time. So, we will look into another easy way to generate back links.

Blog commenting is one of the easiest way to get backlinks to a new or old website. In fact, an effective blog commenting strategy will make sure your backlink graph remains constant or go up with time.

Though, when we talk about making most out of your blog commenting strategy, we here talking about few things:

  • Creating connection
  • Creating backlinks
  • Driving Traffic

We have already covered that in the past and if you have missed, you can quickly go through importance of blog commenting. Today, we will look into blog commenting strategy from creating backlinks. And yes, there is a big difference between commenting on every blog and blog commenting by keeping SEO in mind. The idea here is to generate more backlinks to improve page rank, improve domain authority and MozRank.

Getting started with Blog commenting Strategy:

In this strategy we will learn how to quickly find do-follow and right blogs to comment on. I will mostly advocate WordPress blogs, because WordPress default commenting system makes it easier to comment on. I’ll also suggest you to get easy comment addon and also  a gravatar for your comment Email address.

Finding best blogs to comment on:

First, let me ask you, which one is the right blog to comment on? Let me wrap that in short. Blog should have these characteristics.

  • Should be active, authority blog.
  • Should be reputed one.
  • Should be a hub for serious web masters in your niche.
  • Should have a good Page Rank.
  • Do-follow? Excellent! No-follow, it’s still holds value. Do comment on it.
  • Keyword Luv Enabled
  • Comment Luv Enabled
  • Top commentator Dofollow widget
  • Recent comments widget

Keep this check-list in mind whenever you are on a mission – Blog Commenting. You can always use Google to search blogs to comment on. Here’s how to do that. Simply use some of these phrases to find the best out of the web.

  • high PR blogs to comment on
  • high PR do-follow for blog commenting
  • high PR blogs using CommentLuv/KeywordLuv plugin”.

Useful Web services for Blog commenting :

Ahh! If you are looking for those services which sells blog commenting services, then you are at wrong place. One reason, why I don’t recommend these services (unless you need rapid link building in short span), because those comment life time is not long and mostly they use services like scrapebox and some list to comment on. Instead, we should focus more on serious blogs, which is not going to die over time and we can expect good traffic too over time. Anyways, lets focus on main strategy and finding best comment enabled blogs to grab backlinks.

Here one free service which I highly recommend is DropMyLink. This is very useful web-service for people like you & me, who needs to build targeted backlinks in minimal time.

  • DropMyLink – DropMyLink is a best blog commenting service, using which users can easily find the right blog to comment on, be it a .edu blog, .gov blog, CommentLuv plugin enabled blog and more. Just type in your Keyword and select the blog type you want to search, rest DropMyLink will work like Google to represent the best results for you to enjoy Blog Commenting.


  • This is another service which let you find related posts with do-follow and page rank for your desired Keyword. Though they offer paid commenting service too, but I would not suggest that as some forums user have given bad report about it. Though, again finding targeted blogs to comment on, this service is useful. <Link>

Along with the above web services, install this useful tool to analyse the blog power.

  • SEO Quake – Available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, this is the tool required to keep a close watch on the blog’s progress, it’s backlinks, how well the blog is doing in searches and more.

How To Search Do-Follow Blogs To Comment On?

seo quake toolEither use DropMyLink to search do-follow blogs to comment on or install SEO Quake and configure it to highlight the no-follow links. Once installed, it will highlight the no-follow links for you. If it’s not highlighted, then this is a blog which deserves your time and a good comment. But do not forget to go through the above said blogs to comment on checklist too.

Now these are some tools which simplifies the process of finding the right blog. Bit of advice, don’t be greedy, do not get cling to do-follow blogs only, excess of everything is harmful. Do consider to comment on some no-follow blogs too. Work proportionately, say, 2 do-follow blogs for every five no-follow blogs.

Now the blog search is complete. Time to analyse the blog. Time to search the right post to READ and comment. Here’s how to do that.

How To Find The Right Post To Comment On

If you are on a do-follow blog, please correct me if I’m wrong, that you are here for some high PR do-follow back-links. Isn’t it? Please proceed, here’s how.

  • Look for  Popular Post Widget or Most Commented Post Widget. Choose one of the blog post from the widgets, make sure the Page Rank of the chosen blog post is high. Choose the blog post to comment on, accordingly. Generally there you’ll find the right high PR blog post to comment on. It’s not the Page Rank of that blog homepage that’s working out for you. It’s the independent Page Rank of that particular blog post which will help you to fetch the back-link to your blog.
  • Though you can comment on these posts too get back-links, if and only if, your sole purpose is to get back-links. But, it’s also recommendable to comment on fresh blog posts too, for a healthy discussion and a huge rush of web traffic, but to do that, you should know How to be the First to Post a Comment on a Blog-Post. Well back to the point.
  • If none of the widgets are present, look for the Blog Archive. Now, greasy elbows is all what you need to search down the right blog post to comment on. Lets say the overall blog Page Rank is 7. Then there must be some blog post having a Page Rank one less than the overall Page Rank of that blog. Means, search for a blog post having at-least Page rank 6 and proceed reading and commenting.
  • What, the Blog Archive is missing too! Keep on navigating blog post, till you find the right blog post to comment on. Keep in mind the above said points to search the right blog post, the high PR do-follow one. Same tricks can also be applied to search no-follow blogs to comment on, too.

Now, you are almost about to un-ravel the buried treasure. But please, before proceeding, I would like you to maintain a decorum while commenting on the blog post. It’s not about you, you are here to represent your blog in front of some serious web-masters, where a few bad word are enough to burn your repute down. Always remember, Publilius Syrus said, Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so he is. So, please have a quick look over Blog commenting etiquette and pen down your best impression to the blog web master and to the other readers/webmasters/bloggers there in the blogging community. And yeah, still chances are there, that all your efforts will go in vain if bloggers came to know that you’ve commented like these, learn how you should comment on other blogs.

Now you are all set to fetch quality web traffic, high PR Back-links and a killer reputation in a blogging community. So this was a quick and short practical guide to Blog Commenting. Got something worth debating, lets discuss via comments.

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  1. Niloy Shanto says

    I do really appreciate this post; I do not believe that comments for links. However, it could be the great opportunity to get traffic by the effective way of comments. Any comments should be constrictive. thanks for this great articles.

  2. vinayak says

    very useful article.
    thanks for sharing this.
    i was scared of getting back links as i thought this is the toughest of all. so i never gave importance to them much. but after reading this post i got motivation to work on my backlinks

  3. says


    A really helpful article. A good method to build authority for your website and rank higher in SERP is to follow these strategies, along with on-page SEO and website optimzation. But, above all one should focus on creating content of high quality and helpful to target audience.I am trying to follow this and build a good site at

    Thanks a lot for the great articles!

  4. Rakesh Desai says

    I totally agree that writing valuable comments on people’s blog to build backlinks actually works, but comments on nofollow blogs is less prioritized while dofollow blog comments is the best way to improve your blog commenting activity. Thanks for sharing such a great information, I will surely consider it in my activity!

  5. Lucky says

    Hi Amit,I would like to ask you does forum posting still worth for seo purposes & can really rank sites? Some peoples recommend forum posting & some don’t.Blog commenting does work,but its tough & time consuming.So,I am trying to find some quick ways to rank my site. Will be waiting for your answer…

    Thanks & Nice Post!

  6. says

    Hi Amit,
    I started to learn about commenting in blogs but i could not find how to make quality comments.This article really helps me.Knowing the difference between keyword and real name commenting is a plus.Thank you Amit.

  7. says

    Hi Amit,
    I was looking for the ways to create back links other than bookmarking, article posting n all.
    Thanks a lot for the detailed post. Actually i was aware of the term ‘blog commenting’ but was confused with how to do it in practical way. It will really help me. And i am sure i will get decent traffic + quality links by using the method.

    Thanks a lot again for sharing such an informative post.

  8. Sameer Goyal says

    Very good guide for blog commenting. After reading it top to bottom, I can say that its more than building back links. If you seriously read the blog and write a valuable comment, you must get connected with the like minded people very soon. Undoubtedly, it will make a win-win position for all, i.e. the blog author, you, and the other visitors.

    Last but not least, Google can not penalize this kind of backlinking… :)

  9. ardi says

    wow your quality article once. you complete explanation and I have often read. as a new blogger, I have much to learn and understand about the comment luv, dropmylink. and more as you write. thanks for the article.

  10. Rifqi Shahab says

    Is it save for us to use DropMyLink? I’ve already used SEO Quake. it’s very useful for investigating and monitoring another site.

  11. says


    This is a well written, informative post. I got to know better ways to find blogs to comment on. I have installed Seo Quake and it’s working good.

    I think CommentLuv enabled blogs are best blogs to comment on because it can generate plenty of referral traffic. :-)

  12. Anu says

    Informative Blog Amit. Blog commenting is beneficial to achieve link building, this only applicable when the blog have high page rank, so tips to the webmasters don’t consider the blogs which are less than your website ranking.

  13. raman says

    Hai amit your article is nice and very informative.I dont understand how commenting is helpful for trafic increasing and backlink building but recently my blog got benifit from commenting and now i realise.Thank you very much.

  14. Ehsan Ullah says

    Hey Amit,

    This is really a complete guide, but I would like to thank you for sharing DropMyLink service here which I never knew about.

  15. Nirmal Kumar Pandit says

    Hi friend, thanks to share this link. I have question that where i wll find it what you have mentioned above that Drop my link in your site or google?

  16. jeny curran says

    I had learn lot of new things on how to comment on a blog.This blog is really very useful especially for beginners like me.And I observed some more tips from the above comments also,Thanks a lot to all.

  17. Prabir says

    Excellent tips for commenting on blogs. Very helpful for new blogger , drop my link is a good tool to find out the relevant blogs. One question it advisable to use personal name or our website name for commenting ?

  18. says

    Thanks for the tips.
    I usually goes for the ones with commentluv enabled or most commented widget.

    Both of them can give you good dofollow links.

    Btw, Is there any use with the nofollow links, apart from traffic ?

  19. prabhat says

    hello amit,
    building backlinks is an essential part for the seo as on-page seo is not enough to be on top.
    and the tips and tools you describes here are really amazing. i am going to apply these tips and tricks as everyone needs good number of backlinks
    thanks for this awesome post

  20. says

    Yes. At this time we have to think like normal people, not like bots, to stop the spam on blogs and forums. To provide unique content and to reduce anchor phrases to max 5 – 10%. We have to post our URL -addresses, our product name and the phrases like: “learn more about …….. here” as link text.

  21. sam says

    nice !!

    keep it up you are doing really great.

    but, it’s possible that the comments are considered as spam in this new google update ???

  22. Lino German says

    I definitely agree of what Amitsharma said. Blog commenting is absolutely one of the easiest way to get backlinks to a new or old website as long as you commented with great and relevant feedback about the article or posts. Blog commenting is an inbound links that helps to gain more links pointing to your site. It is also one of the SEO methods to be used. Thank you Amitsharma for sharing.

  23. Amit Sharma says

    Thanks. :)

    If this is your first attempt, then congrats, you did pretty well. :)

    Regarding the doubt, have “CommentLuv Premium Blogs” in their search string, which is just a premium version of the same and offer more features than the basic, free one. Choose that one instead.
    Yeah, Dropmylink is a predefined search strings appending our keywords, though adding, searching stuff manually is far better than this one, but we’ve to take care of our Newbie Bloggers too, so that’s why such web services are included in the list above.

  24. Nekha says

    Amit, nice post. I’m following the suggestions as mentioned in your blog and this is my first comment as per your advice.

    By the way, I’d have a doubt here. I tried dropmylink, they don’t have “commentLuv enabled” in their search string. I believe adding it manually would help us far better. And dropmylink is just a predefined search strings appending our keywords. Correct me if i’m wrong.


  25. ansul says

    I am still new in the world including blogging, so I am still confused, what is the best blog, dofollow or nofollow? because many people say that the blog dofollow is less favored by google search .. let me know the correct, please!

  26. Harold King says

    Nice post! I really appreciate to read the post here and also its great that the people here are giving their opinion which is really useful for me to decide whether it is good or not. :)

  27. Amit Shaw says

    Nice post Amit. Currently am using DropMyLink and SEOQuak its really awesome. As because now a days everyone want a backlink by commenting so this tool will be helpful for them. A long and awesome article. Thanks a lot Amit for sharing this with us.

  28. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    I used to disable HTML on my blog comments, dunno whether it is effective, but reduces SPAM comments. I prefer to comment on blogs related to my niche, regardless of plugins installed. :)

  29. Sameer says

    Actively commenting and being on a conversation with some cool topics always helps in building good backlinks..

  30. Muhammad Qasim says

    Nice post dude. I have one question. On most of the blogs I have noticed people instead of commenting with their name, they use blog name.

    Don’t you think it make you spammer?

    • says

      @Muhammad Many blogs like ShoutMeLoud prefer commentator to use their real name..Where as many blogs for ex: Keyword luv enabled blog permits to comment with your target Keyword. So it all depends upon policy and when you are commenting for just backlinks, having Keyword as anchor text is useful… But again for branding and for better connection a real name is always useful.

  31. akshay says

    very well explained, comments really do help us in gaining backlinks but we should always be careful about what we write in our comments..
    recently i have seen many bloggers whose comments were marked as spam just because they contained few words and were only left for backlink purposes.

    So always try to read a post first and then leave a genuine comment. it would help the writer as well as you

  32. vicky sadhu says

    i have been always using Drop my link to find niche related blogs/sites. Very nice explanation Amit! Keep it up!

  33. Kenneth Thomas says

    I am also agreed with you that blog commenting is the easiest and most effective way to make backlinks…. I like the way you suggest me…
    Thanks for the post and make aware about the important one..

  34. Prem Kumar says

    Nice article…I was searching for some good tips on increasing backlinks and PR… It is worth visiting the site and reading articles always…

  35. Irfan says

    What if we are giving our thoughts on a blog having no-follow attribute for comments. Will they count in backlinks?

    • Amit Sharma says

      No, they won’t be counted in back-links by Google or any other search engine, but some powerful comments, when written on a authority blog can send you enormous human traffic.
      Take an example of Wikipedia here, all the external links are no-follow there, but still people craves for one, it’s just because the authority. In fact, even though search engines do not carry PR through the no followed link to your site, but they record it and they take notice that your site has been cited in a site. So the website/blog where you are commenting matters, be it a do-follow or no-follow.

    • Kuldeep says

      Yes, Irfan they do count in the form of a backlink. But they drawback is nofollow links do not provide any link juice, I mean search engine bots do not follow them. They still hold value.

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