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Blog Commenting
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Here at ShoutMeLoud, we have been learning about Blogging & SEO from long period & one of the most asked question and talked topic here is backlink building.

No matter what, apart from OnPage SEO, backlink plays a vital role in the ranking of your site. Harsh has shared article marketing campaign strategy to build backlinks, which is no doubt highly effective but it needs time. So, we will look into another easy way to generate back links.

June 2020 update: Commenting is no more a suggested way to build backlinks. You can read ways to get quality backlinks for more info.

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to a new or old website. In fact, an effective blog commenting strategy will make sure your backlink graph remains constant or go up with time.

Though, when we talk about making most out of your blog commenting strategy, we here talking about few things:

  • Creating connection
  • Creating backlinks
  • Driving Traffic

We have already covered that in the past, and if you have missed, you can quickly go through the importance of blog commenting. Today, we will look into blog commenting strategy from creating backlinks. And yes, there is a big difference between commenting on every blog and blog commenting by keeping SEO in mind. The idea here is to generate more backlinks to improve page rank, improve domain authority and MozRank.

Getting started with Blog commenting Strategy:

In this strategy, we will learn how to quickly find do-follow and right blogs to comment on. I will mostly advocate WordPress blogs because WordPress default commenting system makes it easier to comment on. I’ll also suggest you to get easy comment addon and also a Gravatar for your comment Email address.

Finding best blogs to comment on:

First, let me ask you, which one is the right blog to comment on? Let me wrap that in short. The blog should have these characteristics.

  • Should be active, authority blog.
  • Should be reputed one.
  • Should be a hub for serious web masters in your niche.
  • Should have a good Page Rank.
  • Do-follow? Excellent! No-follow, it’s still holds value. Do comment on it.
  • Keyword Luv Enabled
  • Comment Luv Enabled
  • Top commentator Dofollow widget
  • Recent comments widget

Keep this check-list in mind whenever you are on a mission – Blog Commenting. You can always use Google to search blogs to comment on. Here’s how to do that. Simply use some of these phrases to find the best out of the web.

  • “high PR blogs to comment on.”
  • “high PR do-follow for blog commenting.”
  • high PR blogs using CommentLuv/KeywordLuv plugin”.

Useful Web services for Blog commenting :

Ahh! If you are looking for those services which sell blog commenting services, then you are at wrong place. One reason, why I don’t recommend these services (unless you need rapid link building in a short span), because those comments life is not long and mostly they use services like scrapebox and some list to comment on. Instead, we should focus more on serious blogs, which is not going to die over time and we can expect good traffic too over time. Anyways, let’s focus on the main strategy and finding best comment enabled blogs to grab backlinks.

Here one free service which I highly recommend is DropMyLink. This is very useful web-service for people like you & me, who needs to build targeted backlinks in minimal time.

  • DropMyLink – DropMyLink is the best blog commenting service, using which users can easily find the right blog to comment on, be it a .edu blog, .gov blog, CommentLuv plugin enabled blog and more. Just type in your Keyword and select the blog type you want to search, rest DropMyLink will work like Google to represent the best results for you to enjoy Blog Commenting.
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Along with the above web services, install this useful tool to analyse the blog power.

  • SEO Quake – Available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, this is the tool required to keep a close watch on the blog’s progress, it’s backlinks, how well the blog is doing in searches and more.

How To Search Do-Follow Blogs To Comment On?

seo quake tool
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Either use DropMyLink to search do-follow blogs to comment on or install SEO Quake and configure it to highlight the no-follow links. Once installed, it will highlight the no-follow links for you. If it’s not highlighted, then this is a blog which deserves your time and a good comment. But do not forget to go through the above-said blogs to comment on checklist too.

Now these are some tools which simplify the process of finding the right blog. A bit of advice, don’t be greedy, do not get cling to do-follow blogs only, an excess of everything is harmful. Do consider to comment on some no-follow blogs too. Work proportionately, say, 2 do-follow blogs for every five no-follow blogs.

Now the blog search is complete. Time to analyse the blog. Time to search the right post to READ and comment. Here’s how to do that.

How To Find The Right Post To Comment On

If you are on a do-follow blog, please correct me if I’m wrong, that you are here for some high PR do-follow backlinks. Isn’t it? Please proceed, here’s how.

  • Look for  Popular Post Widget or Most Commented Post Widget. Choose one of the blog posts from the widgets, make sure the Page Rank of the chosen blog post is high. Choose the blog post to comment on, accordingly. Generally there you’ll find the right high PR blog post to comment on. It’s not the Page Rank of that blog homepage that’s working out for you. It’s the independent Page Rank of that particular blog post which will help you to fetch the back-link to your blog.
  • Though you can comment on these posts too get back-links, if and only if, your sole purpose is to get back-links. But, it’s also recommendable to comment on fresh blog posts too, for a healthy discussion and a huge rush of web traffic, but to do that, you should know How to be the First to Post a Comment on a Blog-Post. Well back to the point.
  • If none of the widgets are present, look for the Blog Archive. Now, greasy elbows are all that you need to search down the right blog post to comment on. Let’s say the overall blog Page Rank is 7. Then there must be some blog post having a Page Rank one less than the overall Page Rank of that blog. Means, search for a blog post having at least Page rank 6 and proceed to read and commenting.
  • What, the Blog Archive is missing too! Keep on navigating blog post, till you find the right blog post to comment on. Keep in mind the above said points to search the right blog post, the high PR do-follow one. Same tricks can also be applied to search no-follow blogs to comment on, too.

Now, you are almost about to un-ravel the buried treasure. But please, before proceeding, I would like you to maintain a decorum while commenting on the blog post. It’s not about you, you are here to represent your blog in front of some serious web-masters, where a few bad words are enough to burn your repute down. Always remember, Publilius Syrus said, Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so he is. So, please have a quick look over Blog commenting etiquette and pen down your best impression to the blog web master and to the other readers/webmasters/bloggers there in the blogging community. And yeah, still chances are there, that all your efforts will go in vain if bloggers came to know that you’ve commented like these, learn how you should comment on other blogs.

Now you are all set to fetch quality web traffic, high PR Back-links and a killer reputation in a blogging community. So this was a quick and short practical guide to Blog Commenting. Got something worth debating, lets discuss via comments.

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Amit Sharma is a passionate Blogger, Freelance Writer and a Tech Enthusiast writes at Pcmastero about various Technologies and loads of geek stuff.

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  1. Annie

    Thank you, Amit! This is a great post! I have so much to learn about blog commenting. Your suggestion for JustMyLink tool is super helpful for a newbie like me. Thank you again for your clear instructions! 🙂

  2. Sanchay Khatri

    Really Appreciable Article , Honestly Said 🙂 The Thing Actually I liked The most is the step by step explanation of everything needed to be known for a blogger or webmaster to comment , I am going show this to my other blogger freinds too. Thankusomuch Bhai.

  3. Rushikesh Thawale

    Hello again,
    I have tried commenting on various reputed as well as non-reputed sites.
    What I found that most of the reputed sites do not approve the comment and I don’t know why?
    Would you please help?
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Althaf Rahman

    That was really helpful! I have started blog commenting a few days ago for my blog and it is going really well. But my concern is, will Google treat the blog commenting as spam and we get penalized?

  5. Taylor Bracken

    Great article! I have always read mixed opinions when it comes to blog comments and SEO value.Your post really makes sense as to the multiple benefits and why it should be part of your overall strategy.Thanks for your insights!

  6. Prady

    Thank you for sharing such useful and informative article. Awesome article on blog commenting, keep the good work. Thank you again for sharing information about “DropMyLink ” and “SEO Quake”,

  7. Denver

    Thanks for the information about “DropMyLink ” and “SEO Quake”, but there is another nice tool for searching relevant blog comment. try “linksearching”. hope this is also better blog searching tool.

  8. Yash Dodeja

    Hey, Harsh, you are always inspiring young bloggers like us. I read your posts daily. In fact, I spend at least 20 mins daily on your blog to see what is new on the blog.

    I searched on Google “free blog commenting list for dofollow links” and luckily I saw your shoutmeloud at 3rd place.

    I just opened the post and read the whole post.

    I learned 2 facts from this Post:

    1) Post on High PR blog posts which are active and higher comments.
    2) Don’t post anywhere just to get Backlinks.

    Once again thanks for this amazing post. Harsh.


  9. Ron

    Hi, Amit thanks a lot for your great tips. Now everything is clear to me. But I want to know that I think blog comment works slow for getting trust, is it true? Waiting for your reply.

  10. Bhadrajith

    Thanks for the information about “DropMyLink ” and “SEO Quake”, apparently they can give the answers that I was looking for.

  11. Raj singh

    Hi amit,
    Great article as usual,
    Thanks for sharing.
    Drop my link is the best option to use to find relevant Seo blog commenting sites in seo.

    But I have one doubt
    when I comment on any Reputed blog.
    Then no any big site approve my comment.
    Is there any fact ?

  12. Paritosh Pandey

    Thank you for sharing such useful and informative article. I’m just starting my career in Blogging, and Shoutmeloud helped me every time. Actually this my first comment when I learnt blog commenting form here.
    Thank you!

  13. Adele

    Thanks for sharing lovely article with us. I also agree blog commenting is the very most for the getting ranking on the google. But i have one question that what are others useful in off page SEO By which we can get higher ranking in seo. Thanks for sharing with us. Drop my link is the best option to use to find relevant Seo blog commenting sites in seo.

  14. Kevin Box

    Well explained, this is something I’m looking into and noticed a few competitors have acquired some good links just by commenting. I think it’s important to gain links only from sources relevant to your websites as to stay safe on the white hat side of things.

  15. Sebastiaan

    Thanks for the useful info, I’ll definitely give “drop my link” a try!

    How about links within blog comments – Is there a way to check if links are allowed within comments before posting a coment?


  16. Prashant Kumar

    Your tactics are great and they are relly working for me. I own a tech blog and now i am getting better traffic and earning upto 5 dollars per day. Thanks a lot.

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    This post is really insightful, it has helped me understand so many things. It’s very important for me to tell you these bolg commenting techniques. I worked on this technique and I got very good results. So, Thank You Sir…

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      This technique is very helpful for me. I have implemented all the above and increases my PR.

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    Thanks, Amit for sharing knowledge for the drop my links because I am new to SEO

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    Thanks for posting such an informative article. Rerely on internet, one comes across informative ones such as this! I am a newbie who is trying my hand in SEO. I was reading various blogging tutorial sites, but coudn’t find what I want anywhere! kudos to the team behind this blog!

  20. Bhavika Singh

    but how to find blogs related to your niche is there is any tool if so then suggest?

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