7 Smart Ways To Reduce Your WordPress Blog Loading Time

Few days back Harsh informed you about Google started ranking website based on Speed and since that we all realize and understood why it’s not a necessity to offer a faster loading blog. Decreasing load time helps search engine and also your readers. Not only it will give an amazing user experience, it will also help in reducing the bounce rate of your blog.

reduce Blog loading time

Today, I’m sharing 7 tips that will help you to reduce the loading time of your blog, and you will be serving a fast loading page to your readers.

7 Important tips for Reducing Loading time of your WordPress Blog

Avoid using Lots of WordPress plugins

One of the biggest power of WordPress is plugins, and some of you are so obsessed with it, that you are using more than 20-30 plugins on your blog. Well, not all plugin is bad and Harsh have covered a great write-up on how many WordPress plugins you should use. Try to minimise the number of plugins on your blog, and if you need a functionality which can be done by quick coding, that will be very handy.  Ensure that you are using atleast one cache plugin on your blog, and I’m suggesting W3 Total cache.

Optimize your images

It’s good to make your posts illustrative by integrating relevant images, but too much of anything ain’t good.Therefore, you musn’t puit more than 3-4 images per page. Moreover,resize and crop your images in order to reduce size and save them for web as .PNG avoiding JPG images will help. Here are 2 resources which will help you to compress you image:

Avoid displaying flash on your blog

Flash content significantly increases the loadtime of your blog. Avoiding flash and related plugins can add to efficiency of your site. Flash are also known as bad for SEO. If you have any website (If not WordPress) I would suggest you to completely get rid of Flash on your site.

Select modern WordPress themes:

If you are still using old WordPress theme which was designed in 2012-11, it’s time for you to make an upgrade. A lot has changed in past years, and now most of the themes are designed for faster loading. More over, you should ensure that you are using a truly responsive theme to give a faster loading of your blog on mobile and tablets.  If you are looking for recommendation for a fast loading WordPress them, I would suggest pick Genesis themes which is the best WordPress theme marketplace out there.

Pick quality Web-hosting Optimized for WordPress:

Many of you make mistake by picking up a local webhosting provider to host your WordPress site. Do remember, to pick a hosting company which is well optimised for running WordPress blogs.  Bluehost is certainly the top in the shared hosting category which will fit your pocket. You can use this link to get 30% off on Bluehost hosting. If you are running a business Website on WordPress, I would recommend picking WPEngine managed WordPress hosting.

Use CDN Network for faster delivery:

In most of the cases you will be hosting your Website on a particular Geo-location. For example, If you have purchased hosting from Hostgator, Bluehost your website location would be U.S. Now the thing is, when a user from other side of world will open your site, it will take a lot of time for him compare to another user browsing your site from U.S. A CDN helps to solve this problem, and your Website will load quickly in every part of the world. Here at ShoutMeLoud, other contributors have covered about CDN in details, and you can follow below mentioned links to become a CDN Expert:

Avoid too many advertisements

Don’t display too many ads on your blog. Many PPC ads are full of unnecessary html content and can affect your site’s loading time by a great margin. If advertisements are a must, I advice to go with Google Adsense as it is well optimized and gives the best CPC.

Here are hand-picked articles to learn more about faster websites:

These are few simple steps which I can suggest to optimize your blog load time. Do let me know more tricks which can help us to optimize blog for speed?

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  1. says

    Great tips to decrease page load time. Page load time is very important for rankings good on search engines as well as for increasing traffic and making sales because nobody likes slow websites. My blog page load time is very high but anyhow i decreases it with the help of your blog post. Thanks a lot for sharing. :-)

  2. says

    Awesome tips to reduce the loading time :)

    I feel good that am following most of the listed tips and will do the missed ways to make my blog load faster.

    Thanks for the tips, hope it is an useful stuff for the WP users :)

  3. Michael Aulia says

    I never know that the “Add slashes to urls” tip will actually have a speed improvement somewhat.. I’ve been using a …./post-name.html so far and don’t really want to change my permalinks

  4. rakesh says

    And Do not forget to test your site against Google Page Speed. It can help you a lot to optimize your site.

  5. anuj@webtricksblog says

    that rocks! I was looking for a guide like this to help me increase the speed on my wordpress blog

  6. Heshan Somaratne says

    Some people might think loading time of a blog is not important.. but if your blog posts are too heavy with a lot of pics, graphics etc then all your posts will not be shown in the home page.. i had that problem and i ended up taking out a lot of pics and stuff just to reduce the loading time and to show all the posts on the home page

  7. Nihar says

    Thanks for the tips. Recently my blog was brought down my host service guys. Found out that it was due to some plugins taking up lots of cpu time.

  8. Mani Viswanathan says

    Nice tips for newbies, I would recommend you to Proofread ur article before posting, some spell errors are there, try to avoid them next time :)

  9. eHackz says

    Hey very nice tips

    Can u tell me how to install images in sub domain and call them on our site ?
    And How it will save loading time?

  10. jai prakash says

    Most of user always jump with in min because loading time of website is very high.Thanks for making aware .Now I will apply.

  11. rdx_karan says

    Sorry for interupting dude..but its Karan and not Karen..
    And ya thanks for commenting..

  12. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says

    Oh Sorry about that Karan.

    I was looking at Dev’s comment and saw he wrote Karen, so I got confused and wrote Karen too.

    Sorry again man.