7 Quick Tip to Speed up your Website Load time

Because we each now alert that Google weigh website speed as a fresh ranking algorithmic rule and we all need to  care about how to step-up page speed. There are about two hundred factors that Google weigh for ranking of any internet site in Google search and web site speed is among them. We altogether acknowledge around on page optimization, off page optimization, social bookmarking, forum entry, social media optimization and so on. These each parameters are weigh for actual ranking in SEs but know begin thinking of step-up website speed.

I extremely recommend to download YSlow that will show up your site gross score. This score will render you accurate thought how much work out you need for your internet site to load speedier. Compare your competitor’s sites and check out how much they score, whenever you score is take down than your competitor so you require to care about your internet site performance.

Less HTTP request

Cut down the amount of HTTP request while this will serve fast rendering of your web page. You are able to minimize HTTP request through merging files, merge css and merge scripts.

GZip compression

This is really significant as it will help to cut down the sizing of the web page and make internet site load speedier. If your internet site developed utilizing PHP then you’ll be able to place simple code at the top of the page for GZip Compression.

Step-up Browser Cache

This is additional significant aspect that helps to cut down the web page rendering time. Expanding browser caching will serve loading your web page quicker, this act alike this whenever somebody visit your internet site browse cache entirely data of your site and for any future visit you do not need recall data once again as it is already stored in cache. You are able to write command in you .htaccess file for browser cache.

Do not use inline cascading style sheets

Besides utilizing inline cascading style sheets make a CSS file and call up file on all page of your site that will likewise help in repressing download speed.

Cut down page size

Take out entirely unloved tag from HTML tags and space of your HTML code.

Imperfect rendering web page

Imperfect rendering is really useful as web browser shows up whatsoever information they’ve and increasingly delay for other information to load. To go through imperfect rendering on your internet site assign your style sheet at the top of the page therefore web browser display bit-by-bit informative and load your internet site as soon as possible.

Let in JavaScript at the bottom

Utilize javascript at the bottom of the page this will serve to load up your page fast. When web browser download javascript it will finish downloading your internet site data, and so any analog downloading will end while browser request Javascript downloading.

Therefore, preserve completely preceding factors in mind that will definitely help to load your internet site speedier and finally help to rank more effective in Google for your significant words.

Do share your tip to speed up a website and decrease page load time?

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COMMENTs ( 24 )

  1. Abdul Haseeb says

    Great article. You have missed 1 thing that Minify CSS. It can also reduce page loading time. Which cache plugin is best. WP super cache or W3 total cache?

  2. Deepak Dwivedi says

    Gzip compression really helps and not using of inline css will more helps to increase site speed. Nice article.

  3. Harshit Singhal says

    I think from now on the load time is also taken into consideration into Google’s algo. Not sure though.

  4. judaica says

    Speed had a big impact for me on revenue. I noticed that revenue and enquiry rates dropped at peak times! Investigating further I did some tweaks including your deflate and headers trick and got the site speed up by 70% and revenue and enquires are at an all time high.

  5. Tech Maish says

    I contacted Hostgator just to know what tips they recommend for speeding up website and a employee also recommend me to cut down the HTTP requests.
    Ravi thanks for sharing the tips.

  6. Digital Gupshup says

    one of my blog was slow and later discovered that it is due to those javascript widgets like clock, live score and all, so i removed all those now my blog is fine…

  7. SiRu says


    It would be great if you show us how to implement eespecially the GZip compression, Step-up Browser Cache.

    I am very new to this :)



  8. Roy Scribner says

    Good points, Ravi. I cannot use gzip on my shared host, because they do not support it. I tried a workaround, once, with W3TC but it slowed my site down quite a bit – I imagine because the compression taxed the CPUs on the server too much.

    • Sammy | Free Home Business says

      I agree with Reshab here. Though I am already using the W3 Caching plugin.. I would appreciate an article on how to actually implement what you have said here. The non-tech guys like me will not be able to understand, much less do anything that you’ve mentioned here.. Thanks

  9. Brij says

    Other Tips:
    Use Image Map and CSS Sprite technique to reduce number of image request as google and yahoo use in home page.
    Use Different domain for images because browser can request multiple domain in parallel.
    Minify css and javascript using tools.
    Compress Images using tools.

  10. Viral says

    Great work and nice share mate, I really liked it, going to implement it on my blog as it has problem of high loading time. thanks for it

  11. Basant says

    Image size should be optimized, use jpeg or png. Always use png for screen-shots. Also cut-down on number of Ads. Avoid in-text Ads.