5 Things to Consider Before Buying any Website

Before buying a WebsiteFew months back I write a post on 5 Websites to buy and Sell Websites and how to buy a WordPress blog. Here I’m extending those post and adding few more things which you should consider before buying any website.

Buying any Website is very critical and it’s like an investment. When you make an investment, you see all the pros and cons of it, like before buying any website Page rank is pros and website is banned in Digg is cons. There could be more like this, but let’s look at positive side and here I will discus 5 points which you should consider before buying any website:

Parameters to look before purchasing a Website online:

Page Rank:

I know many people have different opinion on Page rank and we discussed about this in earlier post on Google Page prank or Page rank. But again this is a face that Page rank matter’s a lot, especially getting a paid review. More over it gives you an idea, how well that site is optimized. Make sure Website should have some page rank.

Keyword Ranking:

A Website could rank for wrong keyword and drive thousands of traffic, but such keywords will never help you to make money online. If your website is ranking for right and targeted keyword, you can convert visitors into sales. Make sure you share the Google webmaster or Google analytics data to analyze the landing pages and most popular pages.  Else later on you might regret your choice of purchasing a website.

Website Design:

I offer custom WordPress theme and I know user’s choice. People from U.S or Australia ( Most of my clients) concentrate of Website design and this is where they spend the most. This helps in branding and more over this is what becomes the foundation of your blog. If blog/website which you are buying is not well designed, get ready for another investment of few hundred $ in design.

Twitter, Google plus and Facebook:

If I combine Facebook and twitter traffic for Shoutmeloud, they contribute almost 10% to our traffic. One reason is people love it’s content and they like to share it’s content. If a website is not popular in Twitter and Facebook, chances are high it’s missing community touch. You should make sure, articles should be reachable to every one. Even without this if you plan to buy that blog, you should consider reading my earlier post on 8 tools to make your blog rockstar.


When you create a website/blog, you have some target in your mind. Like for me when my friend Sathish Created tahlent.com his target was to grab people from India who are looking for job, same is in your case. If you are planning to make a E-commerce gadget blog, your target are tech savvy young people. More over people who are capable  of buying those gadgets ( 22+) . So you should study the Demographic of that blog by using Google analytics, Alexa rank and more such analytics tools.

Update: Google Panda and penguin penalty:

One of the most important thing which you should check if before buying a website is for Panda or penguin penalty. Google Panda and penguin update, penalize many sites for using black hat SEO, or other un0natural SEO. Though recovering from Google Panda update is not tough, but it requires time, and you might not want to invest your money on buying any such website. You can use tool like SEMRUSH or Penguintool to find if a website, is penalized or not prior to buying it.

I know this are some simple points but I feel most of the time users miss these points while buying any existing website. Probably you should bookmark this post for future reference.

Do let us know what factors do you consider before buying any website/blog?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Samir says

    I would suggest a few more points. Search on Google for the name of the website and use {-“url of the domain”} (without the { } ) to see what others have to say about the website. The number of mentions of the website are in my opinion more important than links in comments! Also, look at the incoming and outbound links. You don’t want your website to end up in a bad neighborhood, in Google’s terms. Also, instead of just the present Page Rank and Alexa Data look at the trending of the parameters. Hope these points are helpful to anyone purchasing a website.

  2. Rajkumar.R says

    I wonder that you get only 10% of traffic from twitter and FB. This post is really helpful. This is the first place i am getting to know about Demographics. Thank you harsh.

  3. Dev | Technshare says

    Hey Harsh,
    Nice post dude. Well, PageRank seriously doesn’t matters to me much now… :D .!! Btw.. I think Keyword Ranking is the most important before buying any website.
    Thanks for sharing this great post.

    • Samir says

      I totally agree with you. Unless of course you are buying a website just to sell “High PR backlinks” :P

  4. Murlu says

    Excellent suggestions Harsh.

    Flippa has really changed the game in buying websites, it’s now becoming something we can all try out without a huge investment.

    These tips are really important because you want to make sure you buy a blog which has potential but also gives you enough room to improve. By buying a website that is on its tipping point of success, you can pick it up for a small amount, flip it and turn it into a massive blog after a few adjustments.

    Thanks for sharing!