5 Questions One Should Ask Himself before writing a guest post.

Questions to ask yourselfBefore writing a guest post try to answer simple 5 questions as it will make writing a guest post a lot more easier and in some ways it will help in writing great content as you are confident about what you are writing will go live and have clear objectives in your mind.You will feel relaxed.

Ask all of the 5 questions to your self and take 20 – 40 minutes to answer all the questions and make sure the answer had minimum 2 lines of text. Below I’ve a practical answer with every question to help you in how to answer these questions.

1.What would you write in guest post ?

I’d write an article explaining new bloggers how to effectively write a guest post by answering ” 5 simple questions before writing an article or guest blog post ” which removes difficulty faced while writing a guest post.

2.Why you are writing the guest post ?

  • I want to be popular make more connections with people of my niche
  • Promote my own blog
  • Have targeted audience to my blog
  • Earn money
  • Content I’m going to write will be helpful to others
  • Back links to my website
  • I’ve a lot of free time why not write a great blog post
  • I always wanted my post to be featured in a popular blog.

3.How much knowledge you have about the niche of the blog where guest post will published ?

I’m the regular reader of the blog and take part in discussions of almost every post I found interesting and try to ask questions this means I’m pretty familiar with blogging and I can write my own article on guest Blogging. I’ve already created some blogs and website for my personal and commercial use.
The niche of the blog is blogging and I’ve almost 4 to 6 months of blogging experience.

4.How much confidence do you have that your guest post will be published ?

It’s a great idea to write a guest post explaining the questions which should be asked before writing a guest post this is helpful for new bloggers to effectively write a guest post. My guest post will be definitely approved and published.

5.What you want from your Guest Post ?

  • Hundreds of new visitors to my website.
  • Respect and appreciation from other bloggers.
  • Money in direct or indirect form.
  • Building a trust in my future projects.

Do you want to share tips you think will help other bloggers about guest blogging please share with us or have any question drop a comment below.

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COMMENTs ( 17 )

  1. Shruti says

    I have always hesitated about Guest Blogging. One major blog from my niche contacted me about six months ago, asking me if I can become one of their guest blogger. However, I turned it down because the major blog wanted me to write about a specific topic, and I was not up to it (and plus they sounded very rude in their e-mail).

    However, I received another e-mail last night, from another major blog. They also wanted me to become their guest blogger, and they are actually willing to pay for my posts and I can make decisions and suggestions about what articles I want to submit. The most important thing they did was they made the e-mail to be very friendly and personal. I said yes right away but turned down the money offer (I know it’s weird). It wasn’t much $ to begin with, and I don’t like the feeling to be obligated to something. Which is why I told them I’d rather receive no pay, but to have more freedom with my guest posts. Such as choosing topics, make a guest blogger introduction page about myself, inter-linking posts to my own blog (with 1 link or 2) etc.

    I think I made the right decision, both times. Guest blogging definitely benefits me, but at the same time, I’d like to feel being respected by the major blogs. What do think Rahul? Was I wrong to turn down the major blog from the first e-mail I received? I’d love to hear your comments.

  2. Ajay singh bisht says

    in the past one week i have learnt that guest post are very necessary for a newbie..gonna write ffew soon..

    • says

      Ajay make a list of blog where you going to write guest post.. Than go through couple of articles on those blogs and write article according to the audience..

      • ajay s bisht says

        Thnx for your guidance Harsh..I have planned to start with “shout me loud”…will be soon posting to you..

  3. tushar says

    i liked your post but i do not agree with #4…
    to be honest, if anyone will write keeping this in mind, your main aim of writing a good post will not be served….concentrate on the content and if it is good, it will be published

    • Sonu says

      There is a reason behind that question and i.e you will got to know why you think your guest post will be published.

  4. Kunal @ TechHogger says

    All you need to know about a guest posting. Wonderfully written. Point-wise-point makes it easy to read.

  5. Pumama says

    I already written 3 guest posts for SML and I am trying hard to write more. I know the benefits I receive from Guest Posting and I like this job

  6. Jack Harold says

    Hi Pal

    On the other hand, you will want to avoid thinking too much and not even making a guest post altogether. Remember, hesitation (and no action) is an evil!

    Good luck to all

  7. Devesh - Technshare says

    Some nice tips sonu. I do guest posting to build relationship with other bloggers and to provide great content.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.

  8. Vivek Parmar says

    Writing a guest post means you have to give your best post and your best post will give you lot of unique visitors and money indirectly as mentioned by you

  9. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Sonu, you have written almost all the important points we need to consider before writing a guest post. But one questions you have missed here is where should i write my first guest post. Anyway, thanks for sharing an useful article.

    • Sonu says

      Hi Sathish,

      You have highlighted an important question and it can be added to the list I have tried to cover this in question ” why you are writing a guest post? “.