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15 Best WordPress Cheat Sheet For Designers And Developers

15 Best WordPress Cheat Sheet For Designers And Developers

WordPress is the best blogging platform. You can find a lot of free wordpress themes and plugins to enhance your blogging experience but still for some reasons you may need to tackle with the coding of your wordpress blog. If you are aware of WordPress tags and codes, you can easily do anything with your wordpress blog. This article provides a list of best 15 WordPress cheat sheets that will help you in developing your wordpress theme and plugin as well as these are helpful in SEO of your blog.

If you are a WordPress coder or developer, you might like to download these cheat sheet and use it for your future reference. Specially, if you are into WordPress plugin or theme development, you will find these cheatsheets very useful. Most of sheets listed here are designed for WordPress 3.0+, so you will have no issues using it with latest version of WordPress. Though, I have added links to the source and you can check the version compatibility there.

1. WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet

WordPress cheat sheet for designer

Source : Download PDF

2. Complete Wordprss Cheat Sheet

Complete WordPress Cheat Seet

Source : Download PDF

3. WordPress Template Designer CheatSheet

WordPress Template Designer CheatSheet

 Download PDF

4. The WordPress Help Sheet

The WordPress Help Sheet

Source :Download PDF

5. Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

Source : Download PDF

6. WordPress CSS Cheat Sheet

WordPress CSS Cheat Sheet


7. WordPress Template TAG Reference Guide

WordPress Template TAG Reference Guide


9. WordPress Template Tags

WordPress Template Tags

Source : Download PDF

10. WordPress Plugin API Cheat Sheet

WordPress Plugin API Cheat Sheet

Source : Download

11. WordPress Theme Building Cheat Sheet

WordPress Theme Building Cheat Sheet


12. WordPress Theme Development Check List

WordPress Theme Development Check List

Source : Download PDF

13. WordPress Blog Maintenance Checklist

WordPress Blog Maintenance Checklist

Source : Download PDF

14. Cheat Sheet SEO For WordPress

Cheat Sheet SEO For WordPress

Download PDF

15. WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet

WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet


I hope you enjoyed this resource and don’t forget to check out ShoutMeLoud WordPress guide for more resource on WordPress. If you are a wordpress user, these cheat sheets will come very handy to you for references. If you like this post and find it useful don’t forget to stumble and tweet this post.

This is a guest post by Simrandeep Singh who blogs at TricksDaddy about blogging, social networking, tech tips and tricks, design and software reviews.

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    • Anuj Sharma

      Awesome resource, I have a few cheat sheets which I use when teaching my introduction to WordPress development course and this one will definitely be added to that list.

      Thanks for your great work. Another reason to love WordPress, awesome community of contributors.

    • Imraan

      Thank you so much for this architecture. I am trying to build a custom CMS derived from wordpress. I think your post can give me a nice start.
      Thank you so much for this awesome post.

    • Manendra

      I am very confused about many files in my WP database after going through these PDF files it is really easy to know the importance and where we need to make changes to get desired out put. This is really grate collection thank Q for sharing the nice info.

    • TheScubaGeek

      Thanks for these sweet cheat sheets! I’ve printed off a few of these and they’ve already been of big help to my dev! Bookmarked and shared.

    • Kartik Desai

      Hey guys Can anyone tell me which is the best one
      bcoz I m little confuse.


    • Vijay

      Excellent post with very useful list of cheatsheets. A post to be bookmarked by every WP user.

    • gautam hans

      Thanks for sharing. I love coding. blogger coding was easy and I think i can try wordpress coding

    • Extreme John

      Oh wow this is HUGE.. I am working with my designer on a few things right now, this is going to come in handy. RT.

    • VijaytaPundir

      wow.. thats what i need from a long time.. desperate to understand wordpress…and found the easiest way here… taking printouts to learn the tricks

    • Phillip Gibb

      thank you for putting this all together – I’ll be downloading them all and put them somewhere close by in printed form :)

    • Provamsi @ India365

      I’ve been looking for these types books that can help me design my own wordpress theme. Seriously, this is the first cool article I’ve seen on this blog this year.

    • RRH

      Thanks dude, I’m looking for creating my own theme, thanks you to provide pdf download.


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