Write A High-Quality Blog Post With These 6 Tips


Here are the steps of writing a blog post:

  1. You sit in front of your computer.
  2. You grab a topic from your editorial calendar.
  3. You start writing your blog post.

Is that all? NO!

It’s the quality (and only the quality) of your blog post which matters.

You’re not writing articles to just fill up your blog with content. You’re not blogging for the sake of making money. You’re supposed to be writing for one reason:

  • To help your readers.

You need also to create something new while writing up your blog post.

Something that will make it rock and stand out among those other resources that are available elsewhere online.

For example, when I decided to write about ‘how to make money blogging’, I made sure to include successful iconic examples of other bloggers like Harsh Agrawal and how they managed to get this blogging thing working for them.

Not just that, but I also added myself into the comparison. I mentioned how much money I was making from blogging and what I was intending to do to level it up.

Writing up a blog post requires some sort of personalization.

It should let the reader believe that they can do the same thing (or even better) while at the same time inspiring them with amazing thoughts and ideas coming from the author’s personal experiences.

In this article, I will walk you through on how to write a quality blog post. I will be mentioning a few simple, easy-to-apply steps which will enhance your post quality and will help you level up your blog content.

#1 Make An Agenda

Make an Agenda
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We just can’t pick a topic and write hundreds of pages on it without any agenda. We need to recognize how the content will be driving readers. Keep in mind the end goals which will make your content worthy of a reader’s gratitude.

It’s really important to set up and maintain an editorial calendar.

After you pick a topic, put in a few sub-points that you’re going to discuss in the article.

This way you will maintain a well-created outline with a clear target goal to reach your readers.

#2 Create A Brilliant Title

You need to stand out from the crowd by inventing brilliant titles.

Boring titles that only say what your blog post is about is not going to give you many readers.

Creating a great title is another essential process you need to spend time on. You need to make sure that your blog post is weaponed with an amazing, brilliant, and click-worthy title.

Regardless of how excellent your blog post is, most individuals can’t focus for more than 20 minutes.

  • Make sure your point is clear from the beginning.

The title here is the first connection between you and your reader. 

Make it as excellent as possible to draw your readers in like a magnet.

#3 Keep It Clean & Organized

In addition to a proper title, you also need well-formatted headings and an organized structure.

Unorganized information is completely fruitless.

While all of the information is important, writing it in an unorganized format will confuse your reader. A confused reader will leave your page immediately.

I usually prefer to write the first draft of my new blog post on Microsoft Word.

After completing it as a draft, I copy it over to the WordPress (my preferred blogging platform) Editor. I actually love using Microsoft Word at the draft writing stage.

Regardless of whether or not I have internet access, I can turn my thoughts into a new blog post with Microsoft Word.

You – as a blogger – should have Microsoft Word, or any other offline writing software, installed and configured on your laptop if you’re really serious about your blogging career. This way you can guarantee that you can start blogging wherever you are.

After finishing your first draft, it’s time to start cleaning and organizing to ensure that your post is good enough to be published.

Make sure to put in:

  • Headings
  • Bullet lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Multilevel lists
  • etc.

Remember, your #1 goal is to help your readers, so make sure you’re delivering your content in the best way possible.

#4 Write Down The Truth

Write down the truth
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It’s a necessity to write down the truth.

You need to deliver the true message of whatever you’re blogging about.

As a reader, I can easily find information about what you’ve been blogging about via various other online resources.

What makes me read your blog is that I want to hear from you.

Make sure to respect your readers by delivering trustworthy content.

For example, if I’m writing a review post, I make sure to always try it out before delivering a review to my readers.

Let’s say I’m writing a blog post about how great banana juice is. I first prepare some banana juice and taste it to ensure I can be truthful in my review before dumping it on my blog for my readers.

Guaranteeing the truth within your blog posts is what will build your credibility and authority in your niche. Otherwise, people won’t trust what you’re saying and they will leave your website.

#5 Personalize Your Content

Let me ask you a question:

  • Why did you decide to start up a blog?

I’m sure there are many answers, but one of them is probably:

  • “To build up a personal brand”.

You need to personalize your content in order to build up your own personal brand. It’s straightforward, isn’t it?

You’re having great ideas and turning them into amazing blog posts. That’s really fabulous. But are you simply mentioning great points to your readers?

Or are you spending the time and going the extra mile to show them your personal experience with each of these points?

I stumbled upon a blog post a few days ago where the writer was mentioning “84 proven methods on how to make money via your blog”. I liked the idea of the blog post and I was very keen on reading it.

But after opening the post, I was disappointed to see that the author only mentioned those 84 methods and didn’t write anything else about them. He didn’t walk the extra mile for his readers and talk about his experience with these “proven” methods.

This is what readers and blog followers are looking for; personalized thoughts and ideas which they can apply themselves.

  • Make sure to personalize your blog posts.

Talk about yourself, your thoughts, and your personal experiences.

#6 On-Page SEO

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In the above-mentioned points, I made it clear on how should you speak to your readers:

  1. Prepare an agenda
  2. Create great titles
  3. Organize points
  4. Write trustworthy content
  5. Be personal

But how do you speak to search engines?

You still need to tell the web-index bots about your new blog post so it can be indexed and archived the right way. Search engines can be your first source of traffic if you maintain your posts well and keep them highly optimized.

On-page SEO includes various items:

If you’re on a self-hosted WordPress blog, I highly recommend installing and configuring the Yoast SEO plug-in.

Yoast will tell you which things need to be corrected for better on-page SEO results.

Wrap Up:

There are different ways by which you can produce high-quality content on your blog.

The most important factor is to make sure you choose the right blogging niche.

  • You also need to be persistent and consistent.

Follow these 6 tips and watch as your blog grows in traffic, revenue, and authority.

I would appreciate you sharing your personal experiences about writing high-quality content for your blog. I always make sure to reply to every single comment on my blog posts. So, let’s fire the discussion up!

See you in the comments section below..

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I'm Karim Toulba, a blogger at Grow.cheap, based in Egypt. I'm into blogging and online business careers since +9 years ago. I've managed to make a healthy income doing various online businesses ranging from e-commerce, blogging, freelancing, and instructing. I'm a physician, and a blogger by profession.

43 thoughts on “Write A High-Quality Blog Post With These 6 Tips”

  1. Swati

    Nice post Karim,

    6 points you covered are so important for writing a quality post and I think a good infographic can also help in this.

  2. Basil Smith

    Karim, thanks for sharing your best tips!

    Headlines matter, it’s true. That’s why I always check my headlines with Coschedule Headline Analyzer (I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about this tool before).

    As for writing software, many bloggers like Google Docs (and so am I).

    Besides, you’ve raised a significant SEO question. I prefer to check my content with https://unplag.com/free-plagiarism-checker to avoid any controversial issues with duplicated content.

  3. Mohit Vashist

    Thanks for the post. All the 6 points you mentioned were correct. but i think On page seo is one of the important point to remember while writing the high quality blog post.It’s a great article and great tips for newbie bloggers like me.
    Thanks buddy for the post.

  4. chandresh patel

    Whenever I read your blog so I got the informative information which makes my blog an Amazing!

    Write post which provides informative, quality, motivating information which makes your blog an ultimate.

    Thanks for sharing Premier Tips!

  5. Usman Nasir

    Dear Karim !

    I must say that their must be some new thing to read in the market, I do not understand why people keep writing about the same thing again and again.

    I am not criticizing you at all , but the point I am trying to make is these things have already been discussed more then thousands time already, what we might need these days is good insights and practical findings of a blogger.

    Hope you have a good day.


  6. Palashtd

    Hi KARIM,
    I think, you have written this blog from your experience. That’s why your thinking is absolutely right for writing a super great content. I support your technique. Thanks for sharing this blog psot.
    Thanks again.

  7. Jiiva

    Awesome guide for beginners like us. I always admire at those post from Shoutmeloud that how u guys make such a post with such great information to users. Ill try my best to do so

  8. Ahmer Faraz

    Hi Karim

    Thanks a lot for the nice post. It is indeed very helpful. I knew some points before but also got new ones.

    I had started my blog few months ago and I am posting on weekly basis. I have written some posts but I am not getting traffic. You can find my blog in webite section. Please check it and give your opinion about my posts and how to increase traffic.

  9. Manzoor Ahmed

    Dear Karim
    Nice article , as you mentioned writing a review post should be based on personal experiences.Pls, help me out , how to write a blog on “Best 5 Product under $$ ” as I have not used anyone it personally. Can i compare products and based some parameter suggest best of it. in another case i want to write a blog on ” how to buy (say a netbook.) even i have not used it , but if i have the research-based knowledge ,will it work ?

    1. Karim Toulba

      That’s a very important question. Thanks for opening the discussion about it.

      Well, It may work as well by having research-based knowledge. Many of the bloggers out there tend at a certain level in their writing career to write research-based content without giving the product an actual try.

      Let me grab you an example: A newbie blogger affiliating for Aweber. he is at the beginning stage, and not having such money yet to give aweber a decent try to write about. He tends to write research based article with embedding affiliate links for aweber.

      The question here, Does this article about aweber he just published carries any real value? I mean does the author have anything special or unique in his piece of content that will make the visitors look no where but his blog about aweber? The answer is unfortunately no, as this article will simply be another copy of dozens of other articles and resources available on the internet.

      I – as Karim – won’t recommend writing about anything except out of a real personal experience if and only if you’re really serious about your blogging career and really wants to deliver something unique to the world.

      I hope you got my message,
      To your success.

  10. Ahmed Elgameel

    Hey Karim
    I believe that the quality of the content you write is more important than the number of posts or the number of words. Also don’t forget to make your keyword research and you need to have your own blogging/writing style.

    Thanks Karim for this awesome article, and thanks Harsh for publishing!
    ─ Ahmed

    1. Karim Toulba


      What an awesome comment.
      I’m really glad you liked the post.
      Thanks for taking the time to read it, You’re doing an awesome job too at wp-me!

      Goog Luck,

  11. Vishal Jaiswal

    Thanks for this great….Quality, Grammar, Easy Reading and Long text are the four pillar of a high quality post.

    1. Karim Toulba

      I can’t agree more.
      Thanks for the awesome comment.


  12. Louis

    These are definitely 6 important tips that make a high-quality post, the hardest part is crafting a unique headline, and great to have these 6 tips to work on.

    1. Karim Toulba

      Thanks for the comment.
      I’m so happy it turned to be useful for you.
      Feel free to let me know for any assistance you may need.


  13. Tarun Singh

    Hi Karim, I am new to the blogging world and recently I have purchased a domain and a hossting.It has become a great concern for me on how to preprare content for having a great blog posts. I have been following shoutmeloud for quite some time and your article is very helpful for guys like me…..grt work…!!
    By the way can you please suggest me ways or references for creating great contents…thanks..!!

    1. Karim Toulba

      Congratulations! I’m so happy that you took the decision to start you own blog. Taking such a step is like planting your own seed which will give you plants years after. Remember, It’s all about hard work, persistence, and dedication to what you’re doing.

      As about your request for references to create great content. Let me tell you that the great content is YOU. As mentioned in the article people wants to find about you, your experiences, and your personal thoughts. Write about your yesterday’s experience with preparing food, or your thoughts about how the future will be in couple of years.

      Again, no matter what great content or what’s the trending popular subjects nowadays. Write as if you’re documenting your life thoughts and experiences, and believe me you will hit the sky’s limit with your blog success.

      Let me know if you need any help,
      I would love to help you further shall you require any assistance.


      1. Tarun Singh

        Thanks Karim for your encouragement and motivating me to simply kick start….


    it’s really useful information, I think this is all in one for beginner who wants to start their own blog..
    thank you.. 🙂

    1. Karim Toulba

      You’re always welcome,
      I’m so excited that you liked it and found it useful.

      Thanks man!

  15. Sam

    Nice article!On-page and off-page seo will give a boost to the keyword ranking. In addition to it,quality and sharing/promotion of the articles matter and not the quantity.

    1. Karim Toulba

      I agree with you that promotion is playing an important role. I always advise newbie bloggers on my courses to consider spending few bucks to promote their newly published piece of content.

      Glad you liked it,

  16. Harshit

    It was an awesome read. I learned several things from your mentioned points. Thanks for sharing such quality content. 🙂

    1. Karim Toulba

      I’m glad you liked the article.
      I would appreciate if you consider sharing it with those who may find it useful too.


  17. Bhanu Uday

    Do bloggers usually refer already written content while writing an article or just learn everything prior and starts writing?

    1. Karim Toulba

      Thanks for your interaction,

      I would recommend linking back to other articles serving the idea of your blog post. Not only will this make your blog post authentic and full or relevant information, but also it will help you communicate with other blog writers and influencers.

      Psst: This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to first learn about you’re intending to write about. As if you’re not having something to say, no one will consider your post useful and may tend to leave your website right away!


  18. Swayam Prakash

    Nice post Karim! Excited to know more about High-quality blog post. As newbie bloggers just do what you have written in your first paragraph, means they start putting random stuffs; better to make articles full of informations which will help theirs readers, right away.

    1. Karim Toulba

      I’m so glad the post turned to be useful for you.

      Since the main goal is to help your readers, It’s all about bringing valuable information mixed with your personal thoughts and experience. Remember, Anyone can find information about anything via the web today. What makes them read your blog post is that they want to read about you and your thoughts about it. Thus, Quality = Personalization.


  19. Vishal Jain

    The idea about using an offline editor (e.g. Microsoft Word) in the 3rd point, is very much impressive. I sometimes use Google Docs for writing a blog post as draft. The reason behind this is that I want to share the document with other to go through the draft. Here, if I am not wrong, most of the bloggers will start writing blog post directly into WordPress editor, which I personally don’t prefer. Well, kudos to this great write up. Very helpful tips indeed.

    1. Karim Toulba


      Thanks for the awesome comment. I personally do always prefer to use an offline editor then copy to google editor, wordpress editor, or any other platform. Being online – for me atleast – is distracting away from writing up a well organized and focused blog post, so I tend always to be disconnected while writing up a new piece of content.

      Good luck with your writings, and all the best for you and your online career.


  20. Raju

    Hi Karim,

    Great article and great tips for newbie bloggers like me. A good unique content with an attractive title and optimized for On page SEO will always drive traffic to our blog. That tip from you ”Not the number of posts, quality and unique content matters” really helps us in long term results. You are doing really great job. Keep it up.

    1. Karim Toulba


      What an awesome comment!

      I’m glad you liked the post and Yes it’s the quality, quality, and quality. I’m sure you will rock it up with your great unique content. All the best for you and your online hustling.


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