Professional Blogging or Part time Blogging : How To Choose?

A few years back, blogging was just one of the hobby, but in 2019 we have seen a growth in the terms of bloggers and people who started taking blogging as a career option.

With the evolution of entrepreneurship and solopreneurship, people these days are keen to start something of their own, and blogging is something which anyone can start from, and from anywhere.

Though one of the biggest dilemmas for people like you who are blogging part-time is:

Should you quit your job to become a professional blogger?

Is blogging the right career choice for you? Let’s try to find the answer to all these in this column.

Professional Blogging
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This is a part of readers question series and this question is asked by Sandeep. If you have blogging or WordPress related question, you can ask your question using contact form.

Question: Full-time Blogging Career option

Hello Harsh,
I want to take full-time blogging as my career option.  I am an engineering student, and I want to take up blogging full time after completing my engineering. My fear comes about my job experience and education. What about my future in Blogging. I mean blogging alone can’t help. Should I set up something else? I am confused. Need your advice.

Professional Blogging Career
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Here is my answer to Sandeep:

This is one of the most common question asked by most of the bloggers who have started blogging and are getting successful and earning passive income. Blogging as a career looks very lucrative, but it’s a risky option.

We have seen examples of many young people making a great living out of the blog, but we can’t ignore the risk associated with it, such as what if your blog stops getting traffic? What if your blog is hacked? These are some of the doubts you must be having in your mind and:

Here I’m sharing few tips which will help you to decide “Should you quit your job for blogging or should you continue the job and blogging together”. And before you implement my advice, I would add this disclaimer that this is based on my experience and it differs from person to person.

Your Attitude towards blogging:

Before you take my advice or anyone else’s advice, you need to ask yourself what do you think about blogging. Are you seriously considering blogging as a business? Indeed people who get success in blogging is due to passion, but at the same time, they treat this as a serious business. If you have that attitude, then you have already answered most of the little chicken (fear) of yours.

No business is 100% safe from any kind of hazard or disaster, and online business like blogging is no different. The important thing here is what measures you are taking to safeguard your present and future. I will talk about this more, but for now…

Being a professional blogger I have seen the pros and cons of professional blogging. I started my journey as a part-time blogger and took the risk of taking blogging as a career option. If you want to know how I started, you can read my complete blogging journey over here. Just to give you an idea of income I make from blogging, here are two of my income reports:

If you are someone who is passionate and dedicated about starting something of your own, you can definitely become your own boss. There are factors like money, the social factor which you need to consider before you take this decision; which I will discuss later in this article.

The very first thing which you need to know is having some skill sets before you start getting into the line of professional blogging. Some of the most have skill set is writing skills, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and zest to learn more.

I have blogged professionally, from the last 10 years and it’s a nice experience but certainly not the smoothest journey of my life. I faced lots of issues like hosting issues, site downtime, maintaining post frequency and so on. The point of writing these problems is to make you aware of the possible hurdles which you are going to face. However, there is nothing in life which sails smooth? Is int it?

3 Pointers before opting for Professional Blogging Career:

Here are a few points which might help you to decide

Parents and family:

In India, professional blogging or work from home is still not considered as a very reputable job as there is no standard term or designation coined for full-time bloggers. You should discuss with your parents and try to show them the real picture that how blogging and working online will be beneficial for your career and how you are going to be your own boss. Moreover, most of the parents are worried about job security and money. Show them your stats and educate them about the future of working from home.

Income from the blog:

If you are making a good income from your blog which is the same or more than what your job offers, you should give an upper hand to online business. You should have an income coming from stable source like Adsense and other advertising network. Never consider affiliate income as a stable income because affiliate marketing is a gamble. Some time it increase your graph big time but at times it sinks your income graph.

Your goal and business plan:

Any business (Professional blogging is a business), need a business plan. You should have your goals clear and most important before you decide for professional blogging as full time career, I would suggest you to sit alone or with your team (if you have any), and decide what will be your short-term and long-term goals. Having a business plan at the initial days, will help you through out your life.

Blogging alone can’t help?

I will slightly disagree with this point. I started blogging in September 2008 and by the end of May 2010, I was making a decent income.  Later on, I added services which worked for me. Today after 10 years of blogging, I earn almost $40,000/month from my blog and online activities. You can check this post where I have revealed all the techniques I’m using to make money from my blog.

But it’s not the same for everyone. You have been blogging from long and now you know all the pros and cons of blogging, probably you can decide this of your own. You know How to make money blogging and you know how you can increase your online income. So I will leave this answer to you and other readers.

I would suggest you to join a job ( some big corporate) to understand how a company works. More over it will enhance your personality and you will learn many things like client interaction, official emails, presentations which you might not be able to learn while working alone. But at the same time, you should continue with your blog as a part-time. Always remember, your goal is to be your own boss and you don’t want to be like a million others who work day and night to make somebody else rich.

A 6 month job experience should be good and you will end up learning many new things. Check out this interesting video discussions where 3 professional bloggers talking about blogging as a career option:

I also suggest you should take your blogging very seriously. Set up a small office at home, try to build a team. More over register a company (it’s cheap) and work as a small company of your own. 

Above mentioned points are my opinion, I will appreciate if any reader would like to add more points here and help Sandeep decide.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

50 thoughts on “Professional Blogging or Part time Blogging : How To Choose?”

  1. Well blogging can be a part time job professional blogging – I don’t think so because professional blogging requires full attention and time.

  2. Harsh, You have given a fantastic reply.

    I loved the you presented answer of this question.

    Thanks πŸ™‚ It is really Helpful.. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Sharat for your comment and I will love to hear your views. What points will you consider if you are stuck in the same situation as Sandeep?

      1. Harsh, To be frank I passed out my 12th from CBSE in 2009-10 Session… But I have dropped out my present year just for Setting up my online business. I am webmaster since last 4 years. But I was not at my satisfactory level. I am having 15 websites. Two newly launched blogs. 4 Autoblogs.

        I am devoting my present year to my those websites. I will plan at the end of this year that what I really I have to choose…

        Hope you got me ??

        Thanks πŸ™‚

      2. Harsh, For Sandeep I will say that he must complete his engineering. Side by side he can work on his blogs as a part time blogger.

        By the end of his engineering he will have a popular and establish blog and also engineering degree which will make him safe for future.

        In between, if he is making good income from his blog. He can latter on Choose blogging as a Profession instead of doing job with the help of his engineering degree. πŸ™‚

  3. Nicely written. Though I can’t agree much on “blogging is a secure income stream”. I feel blogging has very high dependence on Adsense and Google.

    And I would also not recommend starting your career as a blogger directly, having some corporate experience will surely improve your communication skills, thinking, and can be helpful if you want to setup a company yourself. After all you can’t work in isolation all your life and corperate experience helps you crack that silos.

    1. Ya Your Points are very useful for bloggers .

      So reader Please Do Read KC article too then u will have a clear idea

    2. You are right KC. In the long run, we require some corporate knowledge and experience to expand the business eespecially we are planning to setup a company on own.

  4. Great article Harsh. Either blogging option HAS GOT to involve good strategic marketing and SEO. That is, IF you want to make money with it. otherwise, it’s just a hobby. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Robert for adding more value..
      Strategic marketing or Business plan will help in long run and it will add goals into your blogging career!

  5. Harsh! Thank you very much for your reply,
    After reading all your & readers points, First of all I want to get some job experience in the meantime managing my blog and after getting some job exp, I would like to start blogging full time.

    1. I’m glad Sandeep I could help here. Best of luck with your first job. It’s going to be an awesome experience. Try to be ahead of the crowd and try to learn more. You should better keep an eye to learn how this who system works and how your company management works. How they manage teams. All above tips will help when you will start your own blogging business.

  6. Simrandeep Singh

    I also think that a blogger must first do job for a year for some experience in corporate world and to gain professionalism. Then he must think abut taking blogging as a profession.

    1. I agree with your statement. Job experience helps in many ways starting enhancing personality and interaction with people. Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

    1. Registering a Company is a process of registration of your company Name or a group. Under which you need to have a Pan Card, Bank Account on Company Name, Letter Head, a office (either home based).

      If it is hold by you only, I mean to say with no other partner involve then you can go for proprietorship. You also need to get registered with service tax. This is cost you around INR 1000-5000

      But for Ltd co, it will cost you around INR 10,000-15000.

      Thanks πŸ™‚

  7. Harsh, really a nice post for teens like me who have started to love blogging and want to take it as a career in future. πŸ™‚

  8. It is good be part-time blogger as far as we don’t make a decent for standard period of time.

    We should know to make passive earning from our blog by building the building the business and not be much dependent on blog only

    Once the income is constant or improving with decent return on investment, it is good to be FULL TIME blogger.

    Any comments Harsh

    1. It all depends on business plan we have. I believe one should not be dependent on just one blog. He should try to have more blogs or other online income source is he is planning to blog professionally. Because if his main blog dies for any reason, this would be disastrous.

  9. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney

    Good advice Harsh.
    Also, trying and maintaining good income from several ad networks will be advisable. Because when one network disable or not send the money you earn, then it will effect your monthly income.

    For example, for no reason if adsense disable the account, then we will be in trouble when it comes to full time blogging.

    What you think?

    1. Dinesh that’s a sensible thought and everyone should do this. Adding more into it, one should develop atleast 2 big sites or 1 big sites with few multiple micro-niche sites to make sure, if one blog goes down, he should not be losing money.

  10. I am 16 now and I am pursuing my class 11 studies. I am aiming to go for engineering after 12th. But now itself I earn more than $3000 from my blog and it is increasing consistently. So, should I take blogging as my career after my degree course?

    1. Bimal $3000 is a good amount looking at Indian average earning. Though I would suggest go for a job for a while ( I mentioned the reason above). Probably your situation is more or less like what Sandeep question is.

  11. I don’t think I will ever consider going full time blogging anytime near future. It is too much risk considering how much my blog depend on Google to send me traffic.

    If Google decides to hate my blog, large chunk of my earnings will be gone as well. Getting fired by Google is not like getting fired by a company. I can’t just hop to another company and have the same income.

    So unless your blog is very credible that makes money off regular visitors rather than organic traffic, it’s too much risk too take IMHO.

    I’m barely 20 and I can’t imagine blogging for the rest of my life and hope the game doesn’t change in the coming decades.

    1. Vincent I understand the fear but a simple solution is “don’t pull all your eggs in one basket”.
      Have multiple websites and one should not be dependent on one blog. More over a backup plan is essential…

  12. I think first one should decide “what actually you want”…risk is in every field. Why adsense block our account…if we provide business to google honestly. Suppose by any chance if google block our adsense, then one can again start new website and new account. so why we should lost our hope and there are another adsense account….All depends on our will and determination. IF Amir khan think that his next movie hit or not hit….then he can not do any movie..

    If we think that “Not on Fan, if it fall down”….

    So All depend on will determination ….What u think…? this is my thinking..

  13. I am doing part time blogging rite now. I am a professional civil Engineer. In my view blog need full attention and time. But the thing is you can not start thinking about professional blogging until unless you don’t have little success ( in term of traffic & money ) then you can think of that. From zero i think its a big gamble.

    1. I agree with you on that. To take blogging as a full time profession one should be clear about the basics of blogging + SEO. And more over at the time of such decision he should be making handsome money from multiple online sources.
      Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

  14. Rahul @ MazaKaro

    This is a great topic actually !!!! i do find it important to choose between the full time blogging or just part time , i do believe especially in convincing the people around you and let them know what all that means and how it is going to be efficient ! i agree with how making long term and short term goals before because these are going to be good reasons for your motivation and hard work ! loved the whole ideas so thank you for sharing them

    1. Rahul I understand the dilemma.. Till now I have to tell many people around me that I’m a web developer or in simple words I design website. It’s hard to explain others that what is blogging an at the top of it professional blogging. But still who cares, in the end you and your family should know what you are doing. Is int it? πŸ™‚

  15. a good question asked y sandeep. i’ve completed my engineering and from last couple of months doing blogging and freelancing writing job and earning some money (not a big amount of money like you). sometimes thinks of leaving this bcoz i’m too passionate about this and unable to work as consistent as i like to be. already said no to some job offers i got.
    any advice to keep motivated in blogging??
    monetizing my blog only through affiliate marketing and didn’t aaply for adsense yet.

  16. Good suggestion. If he is interested in blogging. He should start in college itself. With year he will know he will successful or not. In blogging as career, if you have multiple income sources like adsense, infolinks, amazon, clickbank etc. If every one making combined $1000 per month. Then take the risk. For me infolinks only if make $500 then i will leave my job. Else job is good to understand how people/company make profits. It is essential. Blogging is not easy job or part time. It is as tough as any other business. But once you learn it. You can surely replicate it.

  17. Even I am thinking of taking Blogging as Full time job after completing my Engg. I make handsome amount of money for living but the problem is of “Job Security” and other what you said in article “it is still not considered as very reputable job as there is no standard term or designation coined for full time bloggers”

    Two Dangers are – Getting banned from Google Search (which I guess is not common or doesn’t happen for old sites except for specific known reasons like Piracy or so) and other is Adsense Ban (about which I know How to take care of).

    But yes, I need to develop backup plans (more blogs) in mean time to be fool proof as said.

    Do you think I should go with as full time blogger? I too have a small time to decide about this and would like to know your comments Harsh.

  18. Siddharth Batra

    Thanks for the motivational article Harsh. In blogging career or as the matter of fact, any career, you should never crave for money. Your passion and commitment to your work are the two keys. Money always follows passion and commitment to work multiples it.

  19. I have started one blog in year of 2012 as part time. I am basically an engineer working in full government organization as divisional engineer. My job gives me $1000 per month and my blog gives me $3000 per month. Now I want to decide which option should I take as career. Can you please help me to take right decision.

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