11 Pictures That Define Types of Bloggers Who Exist in the Blogosphere


No two bloggers are the same – I’d be wrong if I said otherwise.

We bloggers all share some similarities which connect us, define us, and inspire us to connect with each other while we’re busy pursuing our passions.

Sometimes we look at the influencers who motivate us and we try to be like them. Other times, we click on some random comments and find new friends with whom we’d ever expect to talk to. It’s all a beautiful part of what we do and the life that we live.

The work we do each day is the work we can’t stop thinking about. What we create tells others who we are and gives them a peek into our hearts.

But hey, our lives are a lot different than what others think, aren’t they?

Types of bloggers who exist in the blogosphere

Let these 11 images speak the story of the two different types of bloggers who exist in what we proudly call the blogosphere.

1. The Artist and The Entrepreneur

The Artist and the Entrepreneur
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2. The Organized People and The Messy Creatives

The organized people and the messy creatives
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3. The Storytellers and The Preachers

The storytellers and the preachers
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4. Those who work for passion and those who work for money (How about both?)

Those work for passion and those who work for money
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5. Those who see the dawn; either before going to bed or after

Those who see the dawn, either before going to bed or after
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6. There’s always one suitable way to promote – E-mail or Social Media

social media or e-mail
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7. Then there are those who take it easy and those who cannot not work hard

those who take it easy and those who cannot not work hard
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8. Um, Batman and The Avengers?

Batman and The Avengers
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9. Minimalists and The Tech Freaks

Minimalists and the Tech freaks
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10. Where you work from says something about you

home or office
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11. The Hobbyists and The Professionals – no matter who you are, you’re cool

The hobbyists and the professionals
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Did this resonate?

Did you love these visuals?

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What kind of other bloggers do you think exist in the blogosphere? If you were to categorize all the bloggers, how would you do it? The comment section is all yours to have fun. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

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I’m a writer, blogger, and the kind of person whose name rhymes with his surname. I'm the editor-in-chief at Codeblot and write about life at vishalostwal.com. Let's connect?

35 thoughts on “11 Pictures That Define Types of Bloggers Who Exist in the Blogosphere”

  1. Nirmal Kumar

    Interesting classification Vishal. Wish to see more posts from you at Shoutmeloud.

  2. Rajagopalan

    You are savvy, Vishal. Keep it up.

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      It’s great to see you comment here, Raj.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Emenike Emmanuel

    Hi Visual,

    I love this.

    Here’s the category you will find me: professional, tech type, networker, entrepreneur, work for passion (though I make money too), night owl, storyteller etc. That’s me.

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      That’s cool.

      Just saw you blog, looks nice.

      Thanks for stopping by, Emenike.

  4. Anderson James

    Haha…Nice pictures Vishal. Loved the post.

  5. Sathish Arumugam

    Interesting article I love it very much. Instead of great content, you have shared all the things in the picture format; this image tells us many things than the content. Keep sharing this kind of unique article

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Surely, Sathish.

      Search engines like looong content. Audiences short and sweet content though.

  6. Vishal Jain

    Artist, Disorganized, Preacher I am. Great categorization Vishal..!!

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Same name, some differences. Nevermind! BTW Saw your blog. Seems like it’s taking-off. All the best.

      Thanks for commenting, Vishal.

  7. Srinvasa Chaitanya

    Night OWL, I like Blogging, but at the end of the day, I expect some money for my efforts. I work from Home, not organized. If I have more work, I will go to the British Council Library near my home. Central AC, Wi-FI, Annual membership is very cheap. Better than Caffe or co-working spaces.

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Hey Srinivasa, we share a lot of similarities.

      I know it gets hard to blog; money is an issue. Though, if you’re in love with what you do (no matter what it is), treat it like side hustle and try to keep going in spite of the odds.

      I can’t tell much about money, growth and other stuff, but there’s one things I can assure you – “it only gets better.”

      All the best!

  8. Francis Quarshie

    Powerful illustration, Vishal,

    I’m a hobbyist blogger going professional. And I started blogging all because of money but I’m now passionate about it.

    I work both from home and the office. Not easy, bro. It’s a matter of time.

    I am an entrepreneur, a preacher and an organized blogger.

    With this description, how would you classify me.

    Great post, bro.


    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Hey Francis.

      Based on you description, I’d say you’re doing great.

      As long as you’re passionate, other things count less. Even the money wouldn’t matter in that case.

      Keep Hustling.

  9. Nagaraj

    Wow..! Interesting. Really loved it. Thanks for posting. 🙂

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Nagaraj, glad you loved it!

  10. Sachin

    Thats great man. I will like to be Professional.
    Which one you are??

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Hey Sachin,

      To be honest, I still wouldn’t call myself a professional. That’s because blogging isn’t something that I use to earn…yet.

      Though, I’ve made some good things happen to me, it’s the joy of doing which matter more to me.

      May you achieve what you’re working for.

  11. Sam

    Thanks for the post Vishal. I love the illustrations!

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      You’re welcome, Sam.

      Hope to create more such stuff that you all love.


    Hello VISHAL !

    I am Happy to share my comment with you first.

    and this is amazing post. all great pictures tell thousand words. thank for sharing with shouters bro!

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Hey Suresha, it was nice to hear from you.

      Now that we’re connected on LinkedIn, feel free to start a talk anytime.

  13. Ugyen Dorji

    I liked your creativity. It does make sense…

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Thanks for commenting, Ugyen.


  14. Nikhil Jain

    hahahaha…….. true but some images are really funny.

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Are they? Hah, maybe they’re supposed to be.

      Thanks for commenting Nikhil.

  15. Shubham habib

    “A Man Is Known, By The Designs He Keeps”

    BTW, It Was An Unique Article, Keep Publishing The Same 🙂

    1. Vishal Ostwal


      I too hope Harsh to accept some of my posts in near future. Haha.

      Thanks for commenting.

  16. Shafi Khan

    Hahaha, you’re damn correct. A unique and excellent article.

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Since you’re saying so, I’d believe. Haha.

      Thanks for the comment, Shafi.

  17. Rehnu Anirudhan

    Thanks Vishal for this detailed article…

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      Hey Renu, loved sharing it with you all.

  18. Padre Pio

    And I am an uncategorized one ? I dont know.

    1. Vishal Ostwal

      We can create another image saying “categorized ones” and “uncategorized ones” in that case 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, Padre.

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