My Experience With Hiring Freelancer on Peopleperhour

One of the biggest benefits of being an online Solopreneur is; you can run your business from anywhere. Moreover, you have unlimited talents working with you from the comfort of their home.

When I started online, I wanted to do everything of my own because It’s always fun learning something new. Once I feel that I understood the basics of that particular field, I assign those tasks to someone who is a master in that field. I often use a few sites to hire freelancers. In the past, I have used Freelancer,  Fiverr to hire freelancers for various tasks.

Recently I got to know about one more site call Peopleperhour which is another place to post your job & hire people to get things done.

PeoplePerhour review
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In this article I will be sharing my experience with hiring talents on PeoplePerhour. Will share good & bad about this network & hopefully it will help you to recruit freelancers in the future.

PeoplePerHour Review: Is it worth your time for hiring freelancers?

When I landed on the website, I created an account out of my curiosity. I had a video interview with a popular blogger that required final editing & I decided to hire a video editor. Even though I have started learning Final Cut Pro X but I knew it would take some time & this might delay publishing one priceless interview.

As soon as I signed up & was inside the dashboard of Peopleperhour, I was greeted with a screen to post a job & here is how I quickly posted my job requirement.

Posting job on Peopleperhour
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Here, you have the option to select from Entry to Expert level experience. I would suggest you to pick expert all the time as pricing here is reasonable & you would find quality freelancers when selecting expert skillset. As soon as I hit the post job button, on the next screen I have the option to invite existing freelancers to see the job & send a proposal.

You also have the option to filter & invite the freelancers based on various parameters such as country, past projects & so on. Within 15 minutes, I received 2 proposals & I carefully reviewed their portfolio. I decided to wait for some more time before awarding the project to someone.

The waiting was totally worth it as I got more options to pick from & since I was looking to hire someone for the longer term. Finally after 12 proposals, a freelancer named Benjamin proposal & portfolio was a good fit for my requirement & I asked him to do a test video editing for 2-3 minutes before I could award the project to him.

Proposal from Freelancer
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Peopleperhour offers various ways to chat with freelancers including video call which is very useful in many scenarios. Benjamin & I discussed the scope of the project in 2-3 messages & finally, he sent me a 3-minute edited video to review his work.

Interaction with freelancer
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One thing which I took care & suggest you, the same is to give clear instructions on what all you need & provided the freelancer with all the images, intro-outro videos to ensure the flawless work.

Clear instructions to freelancers
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Note: Once you decide to work as a freelancer, you need to accept his proposal. Do remember, some of them would work at the price you quoted & some of them would bid higher. So before accepting the proposal, keep this point in mind. The price they would quote is the price/hour & you would be billed according to the time taken to accomplish the task.

Once you accept the proposal, you need to add downpayment money into your Peoplperhour account. The money will be in the Escrow & will not be released until you are happy with the delivered work. Within 24 hours of accepting the proposal, he delivered the final edited video. He uploaded the video on Dropbox & once I verified his work, I gave him a green signal to send me the final invoice. Here is the final edited video:

Overall, my experience with Peopleperhour was good & had no issue in posting or recruiting freelancers for the work. The only thing which I wish they should have added is videos/help for the first timers to understand the process of payment. It took me a while to realize that the final payment will be made once the freelancer will send me the invoice.

Pros of Peopleperhour:

  • Good pool of freelancers & experts to recruit from.
  • Easy to interact with freelancers including the option for video call.
  • Payment is safe as they use Escrow to hold the payment until work is done.
  • Buyer’s friendly

Cons of Peopleperhour:

  • The interface might be overwhelming for the first-timer.
  • The onboarding video for the first-timer could solve this problem.

Overall as an Entrepreneur or work from home blogger, you should try this site once to recruit freelancers. At the same time, Freelancers can use this website to get jobs.

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Have you used PeoplePerHour before? How was your experience with this site to find freelancers or getting new jobs? Share your experience & review in the comment section below.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

32 thoughts on “My Experience With Hiring Freelancer on Peopleperhour”

  1. I’d used them few months ago for finding high paying job 😉 there are more services which are similar to this. By the way, i’ll remember your advice before hiring someone 🙂

    1. @Sanjeev
      What are other services that you have used & worked out for you? Do share it with ShoutMeLoud community.

  2. Hi Harsh

    In this article, you clear my doubt for hiring a freelancer for my work, As I am confused to hire any freelancer from these websites. After reading your article and your experience now I also try to use one now


  3. I think Freelancer and Peoplehire are one of the same kind of websites. Other are oDesk and there was some Indian based similar freelancing site too. They all are same I guess but yes, there is some kind of differences like payment processing and the rules, how you get work done and many other stuff. Freelancer is much ahead of all but all in all, choose that suits your need. Great that you liked it and I would like to give it a try for sure!

    Thanks for sharing all about it.

  4. Harsh, the problem which I find with similar sites is people sometimes bid without seeing what is needed!
    Once I asked for a custom website development which I totally knew would cost atleast 10k but in freelancer bids were in rs850 for whole project and same was done by 11-12 ppl and when I msged them and said that read the description properly, how can you quote this price, then they say the real amount.

  5. This article added a new site in my directory in order to have my work done..!! Thankyou very much for your support Harsh..!! also great interview with John as well as it showed the power of blogging as he said he works for only 4 HOURS a week..!!! Awesome just Awesome…!!! everyone in this world has struggled earning money but with blogging we can automate even this process i.e EARNING MOENY..!! haha..!!

    keep sharing such good stuff
    Cheers 🙂

  6. I m very much excited to checkout this website which you have stated as the whole article was written in good manner a good work is always expected from good people.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. Not often that I opt for freelancing. Instead I always try to learn them myselves. But do you think freelancing while you pay from your own pocket is good?

  8. hi Harsh
    i think to start freelancers work in my empty time…i will check and try this website for freelancer work…
    thanks to suggest…!:)

  9. Hi Harsh,

    These tips really Awesome I want to post project On UPwork For Seo consultant because I’m beginner in SEO.But I started Reading Your blog on regular basis to learn SEO.But that time i need SEO expert to rank my educational niche blog.Your Article Helps me a lot to hire someone.
    Thanks For sharing your expireance with us!!

  10. I should try the new site, but as a freelancer, I think this is pretty cool! and looking forward to earn $ ! Paypal is available for Peopleperhour?

  11. Raaja Anandhan

    Hi Harsh,
    Am also a regular user of peopleperhour, but the difference is i just refer this site to my readers from my blog as affiliate. Interview with John Chow is interesting. You have shared a simple and genuine usage of peopleperhour and the video edited by benjamin is really nice, but mosaic graphics of picture in the video is somewhat irritating to me. Don’t mistake me.

    Anyway thanks for share.

  12. Sateesh kumar

    Hi Harsh Sir. Very nice post. As a new blogger, I want to ask you, when is the right time for hiring freelancers?

  13. Hi Harsh.
    How are you?
    Hope you are enjoying your week.
    Very rightly said..
    As a Solopreneur..
    We can run our biz from anywhere.
    Recently was in Goa..
    And had fun on the beach…
    Plus worked on the beach…
    We had our breakfast,
    Lunch, tea and dinner
    On the beach
    While at the same time…
    Great post once again.
    Best wishes and regards.

  14. Istiak Rayhan

    Hey Harsh,

    Great review.

    I have never used a freelancing site. Currently, I am doing everything on my own. After reading this post, I realized that it’s a good idea to assign some works to freelancers. It will save my time and help me to focus on most important things like building content.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. You really should use freelancing sites. Other than People Per Hour,they have always been great.

      I have outsourced hundreds of jobs in the past 15 years.

      Only thing is that fiverr has some low quality jobs (it starts at $5 so quality varies) but they have a robust system to handle any issues.

      One time I didnt get a chance to review the work for a couple of days or longer. That was completely my fault. Fiverr immediately refunded me as soon as I contacted them. That comes out of their pocket.

      You really should consider Upwork and Fiverr. Dont know what you are missing.

  15. Thanks sir for such an useful website Peoplehour.I had never heard about this website before.But after reading your review i will try it

  16. Thanks You Harsh Sir to share your experience with freelancer. I knew Freelancer, Elance, Upwork. But I don’t know I should test first freelancer will work for me. Thanks for your top class guidelines and tips. These are always helpful.

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