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One of the biggest benefits of being an online Solopreneur is; you can run your business from anywhere. Moreover, you have unlimited talents working with you from the comfort of their home.

When I started online, I wanted to do everything of my own because It’s always fun learning something new. Once I feel that I understood the basics of that particular field, I assign those tasks to someone who is a master in that field. I often use a few sites to hire freelancers. In the past, I have used Freelancer,  Fiverr to hire freelancers for various tasks.

Recently I got to know about one more site call Peopleperhour which is another place to post your job & hire people to get things done.

PeoplePerhour review
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In this article I will be sharing my experience with hiring talents on PeoplePerhour. Will share good & bad about this network & hopefully it will help you to recruit freelancers in the future.

PeoplePerHour Review: Is it worth your time for hiring freelancers?

When I landed on the website, I created an account out of my curiosity. I had a video interview with a popular blogger that required final editing & I decided to hire a video editor. Even though I have started learning Final Cut Pro X but I knew it would take some time & this might delay publishing one priceless interview.

As soon as I signed up & was inside the dashboard of Peopleperhour, I was greeted with a screen to post a job & here is how I quickly posted my job requirement.

Posting job on Peopleperhour
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Here, you have the option to select from Entry to Expert level experience. I would suggest you to pick expert all the time as pricing here is reasonable & you would find quality freelancers when selecting expert skillset. As soon as I hit the post job button, on the next screen I have the option to invite existing freelancers to see the job & send a proposal.

You also have the option to filter & invite the freelancers based on various parameters such as country, past projects & so on. Within 15 minutes, I received 2 proposals & I carefully reviewed their portfolio. I decided to wait for some more time before awarding the project to someone.

The waiting was totally worth it as I got more options to pick from & since I was looking to hire someone for the longer term. Finally after 12 proposals, a freelancer named Benjamin proposal & portfolio was a good fit for my requirement & I asked him to do a test video editing for 2-3 minutes before I could award the project to him.

Proposal from Freelancer
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Peopleperhour offers various ways to chat with freelancers including video call which is very useful in many scenarios. Benjamin & I discussed the scope of the project in 2-3 messages & finally, he sent me a 3-minute edited video to review his work.

Interaction with freelancer
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One thing which I took care & suggest you, the same is to give clear instructions on what all you need & provided the freelancer with all the images, intro-outro videos to ensure the flawless work.

Clear instructions to freelancers
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Note: Once you decide to work as a freelancer, you need to accept his proposal. Do remember, some of them would work at the price you quoted & some of them would bid higher. So before accepting the proposal, keep this point in mind. The price they would quote is the price/hour & you would be billed according to the time taken to accomplish the task.

Once you accept the proposal, you need to add downpayment money into your Peoplperhour account. The money will be in the Escrow & will not be released until you are happy with the delivered work. Within 24 hours of accepting the proposal, he delivered the final edited video. He uploaded the video on Dropbox & once I verified his work, I gave him a green signal to send me the final invoice. Here is the final edited video:

Overall, my experience with Peopleperhour was good & had no issue in posting or recruiting freelancers for the work. The only thing which I wish they should have added is videos/help for the first timers to understand the process of payment. It took me a while to realize that the final payment will be made once the freelancer will send me the invoice.

Pros of Peopleperhour:

  • Good pool of freelancers & experts to recruit from.
  • Easy to interact with freelancers including the option for video call.
  • Payment is safe as they use Escrow to hold the payment until work is done.
  • Buyer’s friendly

Cons of Peopleperhour:

  • The interface might be overwhelming for the first-timer.
  • The onboarding video for the first-timer could solve this problem.

Overall as an Entrepreneur or work from home blogger, you should try this site once to recruit freelancers. At the same time, Freelancers can use this website to get jobs.

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Have you used PeoplePerHour before? How was your experience with this site to find freelancers or getting new jobs? Share your experience & review in the comment section below.

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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

32 thoughts on “My Experience With Hiring Freelancer on Peopleperhour”

  1. Ashok

    Guys especially from India
    Plz plz do not work with PPH this a fraudulent site.
    I worked on this website as a seller and even after client/buyer approves the money you may not receive it.

    Also what I noticed there roughly top 25 affiliates that are there and remaining long tail is used to rip of the money.
    This is confirmed after going through the review of ex employees
    on glassdoor.

    So please stay away. Do not leave more than $150 in your pph escrow.
    Please save your self from this scam.
    There is no phone number on site, no address of its whereabouts,
    its design has not changed in last two years this is just a company operated by freelance team and ceo sits in Greece operating from his bedroom.

    no comparison with and Upwork.
    see the apathy of freelancers on PPH Facebook page and then decide.
    Its sad to see fellow freelancers money getting stolen by these scammers.

  2. HatiTC

    I recently used PPH and I am very disappointed about there false advertisement about the fees. It says payment with bank transfer is free of charge, instead the fee was more than paying with paypal or credit card. This is simply false advertisement. Therefore, I am not recommending this platform.

  3. joe

    Peopleperhour charges a 10% fee if you, the client, cancels the project due to your own reasons. Which others sites dont? I think from a client perspective, freelancer is better but from a freelancer, PPH suits them best

  4. Jacob Maslow

    Been using Elance (now upwork) for 15 years. Been using Fiverr for a couple of years as well. Never had an issue. Spent $1200 on People Per Hour and really came to appreciate the other market places. Many of the Hourlies are outright fraudulent. Two of my orders were cancelled by the seller. PPH charged me a refund fee despite their official policy not to charge if seller is unable to deliver.Third order I received a substitute that was significantly inferior and i didnt want or need. Seller made numerous threats against me online via PPH message board. PPH refused to deal with the seller despite his threats and the fact that he is advertising services he cant fulfill. PPH makes a lot of their money off the refund fees from sellers who cancel.

    Leaving feedback for a seller that doesnt perform is impossible. Believe that their system blocks feedback for “unsuccessful” transactions. So the worst sellers that cant perform do not get dinged for feedback. Oficially they ding sellers for cancellalations that isnt buyer initiated, but all cancellations are automatically considered buyer initiated regardless of circumstances, this way they can collect a 15% cancellation fee.

    Other marketplaces have plenty of sellers and a robust monitoring system as well as established procedures and professional customer service staff.

    Absolutely no reason to deal with People Per Hour.

    1. Brian

      I have recently returned to PPH after a gap of about 18 months. I find the navigation around the site a complete shambles and it is quite clear that they have made piecemeal so-called improvements that have not addressed the overall integrity of the site. If only they could take the whole lot down and start again and export the data that will be the only thing. I think they’ve been asleep at the wheel for too long. I’m currently engaging with PPH people on a small contract but I’m definitely going to try some of the others.

      I’m so sorry about this because when I first started about five years ago it was transparent

  5. Lavina

    Hi Harsh,

    The article was great! I do keep scanning upwork for help freelancers but it’s really difficult to narrow someone down!
    Will give peopleperhour a try!
    I guess I could use the Contact page to send this request but thought I’d pen it own here anyway.
    I’d love if you could maybe post an article on Facebook Research in the coming days – just an idea.

    I’m currently fiddling with AdExpresso – and I hate the fact that FB has made it so difficult to market your content!


  6. Nikhil

    I didn’t understand one thing. How did you determine the hours since payment is per/hour basis? How can we decide how much time a work will take?


  7. Deepika

    Nice information. Trying to do everything by ourself is not possible at all and hiring a full time staff with proper office is not worthy for everybody because so many affilliaters and bloggers are working from home. This information is really useful. Thank you so much…

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