ShoutMeLoud May 2015 Transparency Report – Traffic

Hey Shouter,

Welcome to monthly transparency report of ShoutMeLoud. Every month I publish revenue & traffic report of ShoutMeLoud. Along with these, I share what’s new happening around us, and what I’m planning. This report works as a reality check for me and is helpful for our regular readers to find out new ways to earn money.

This month I got delayed in publishing ShoutMeLoud monthly report, as I was waiting for the new ShoutMeLoud design to go live first. Our new design is almost done, and will be live in the coming months. We are changing our color from Blue to Red. I will explain the ideology behind changing color in the official announcement post when we go live. For now, let’s look at what’s happening new at ShoutMeLoud.

Here is the first mockup of our upcoming design. (You need to wait for few days to see the complete design). 

Shout Home New
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This month we went live with the final design of our iOS app, and so far I see a huge number of downloads, and users around the globe are sending us their feedback, and congratulating for the iOS app.

May 2015 Traffic report for SML:

Last month Linode data centre had a meltdown, and due to this ShoutMeLoud was down for five hours. It’s sad when the site goes down when you are sleeping. Have you ever had a similar issue?

Overall the traffic for the month of May was like any other month, as there is only a fraction of difference from earlier month report.
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About 80% of out traffic is organic (From search engines), and about 12% of traffic is social. Now let’s have a look at Android app traffic report:

Android app traffic report:

From next month, I will be sharing traffic report for iOS app. For now, let’s look at how our Android app is performing. One thing that I have realized is: Push notifications are the lifeline of mobile apps. From last 4 weeks, I have disabled push notifications, and you can clearly see the impact on the app traffic.

mobile app may 2015
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We are getting returning visits, but without push notifications users are unable to read the latest article within time. The good news is, I have fixed the push notification issue, and from now on you will get new post notifications for both iOS & Android app.

Connect with hundred of Bloggers at Shouters Forum

ShoutMeLoud bloggers forum is growing rapidly, and many experience users are helping others with their blogging query, and getting into the healthy discussion. In this process, I also got to meet one Shouter name Sunny Ujjwal, who shared how ShoutMeLoud is helping him to achieve his dream:

Sunny Ujjwal Internet marketer
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You can see more recent testimonials by Shouters on our Fb page here.

ShoutMeLoud coverage on YourStory:

Yourstory coverage
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YourStory is a popular website among Entrepreneurs to stay updated with latest industry news & tips. Few days back Pradeep reached for an interview, and you can read the interview live on the YourStory website here.

ShoutMeLoud Affiliate Marketing eBook:

Last month I launched my Affiliate marketing eBook silently, and I’m proud and happy to share ravishing feedback & reviews from ebook reader. Here is one recent testimonial by Paul:

Paul eBook testimonial
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You can buy this ebook in two places:

What’s next?

In the upcoming days, you will see a rebranded ShoutMeLoud. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, you should do that right now from here.

Do let me know how was your last month traffic report? Is there any new blog monetization or marketing technique that you want me to try in coming months? Do share SML transparency report with your circle on FB & Twitter.

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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

47 thoughts on “ShoutMeLoud May 2015 Transparency Report – Traffic”

  1. Just want to tell you something wrong in your initial paragraph as you mentioned SML down for 5 years . Correct it bro 🙂 and congrats for your income:)

  2. Hello, Bro

    Every months in first week waiting to see your income report to motivating Myself. Really inseparable income report.

    Thanks for share,

    Go Ahead

    Have Great Week 🙂

  3. Punit Mahajan

    That’s great harsh! Happy to know that your Forum is doing great where I get my queries and doubts solved. Excellent for newbies like me.

  4. Sandeep Kumar

    Dear Harsh and Neil patel are role model and that is why i started blogging through my website Iaspaper and now i got much more visitors due to your guide and i started implementing on my site and now I am reaching on the path like you.

  5. Hi Harsh,

    How is Affiliate marketing income different from your clickbank income….Are you a vendor in Clickbank.

    Also I never saw any affilate link in shoutmeloud 🙂


  6. Pankaj Dhawan

    I am avid follower of your esteemed blog and I follow yourstory very much. When I saw your name on there, I was like – I know this guy!! To be on such established startup news site is a big deal. I must say you have grown to very big level, at least nationally if not internationally and I am sure you will reach new heights. Congratulations!!

    I also wish to learn SEO and backlinks creating methods. I am not sure if your new ebook is about that. Please let me know if I can learn SEO and backlinking methods that you used for SML from your ebook. If not, where I can learn these two methods.

    Awaiting your resposnse 🙂

  7. Hello Harsh , How are you ?
    Very first congratulation for good Income . I’m biggest fan of Yours . i want to start a Blog which is based on Programming language tips and tricks and i also want to create Video Tutorial and want to upload it on Youtube . i’m from India and i am not native english speaker . so please tell me how i can improve my writing skills .

    Manoj kumar

  8. Just want to say Harsh, you are awesome dear. You are also inspiring & motivational blogger for me.

  9. Hi Harsh,
    Nice post.I waited one week for this post.And glad news is i made first sale in clickbank($12.36)
    where i commented in march income report i will update here if i make a sale and it happened today.Two months,made mistakes , got failures, but learned a lot,tried again and again and finally achieved it.Feeling a new journey in my online life.And your income reports will be always a stepping stones for my success.
    Thank you.

  10. Hi Harsh,

    Very nice to see your earnings report and good luck for your future journey!!

    Always your postings rocking….


    Venkatesan J

  11. Hey harsh bro congratulation for new design of ShoutMeLoud. But as a graphics designer I like your old logo. You can change color of the older logo with change blue with red. Please.
    If I wrong then sorry !!

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hi Salek
      Like you, Even I’m not very impressed with the theme. This is all what I got at this moment.
      Since you are a graphic designer, if you like you can design a logo for ShoutMeLoud. If it looks better than this, I would love to use your creativity. 🙂

  12. You are an inspiration for me and your income reports are the resin why I started blogging.

  13. Hello Harsh.

    I am following your awesome blog for long especially the income reports. While you give detailed earning report about the individual earning stream, can you break down the “affiliate marketing” as its the highest earning mentioned across all your income reports.
    It will help all of our readers and me if you mention more details about your “affiliate marketing” earnings.

    Thanks and keep rocking.

  14. Meenakshi Rana

    Hello Harsh,

    Just one Word “Awesome ” I am also recently start blogging . I hope i can also earn like you. You are inspiration for everyone who starts blogging .

  15. Awesome report as always Harsh. Can you explain more as to how you get the sponsored post? I saw that in your income piece. I have been trying but no great luck so far. Looking forward to learn more on that from you.


  16. A very inspirational report from ShoutMeLoud.This month even I earned my first affiliate income from MyThemeShop.It was $9.49.
    Waiting for the giveaway to start.

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