Installing a Free SSL and Payment Gateway on your WooCommerce Site

Free SSL and Payment Gateway on WooCommerce Site
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If you’ve landed here, you’ve probably spent the time looking for all sorts of solutions to get Stripe to work on your website without an SSL or for multiple different free SSL solutions.

As a small business owner, I know paying for SSL or premium plugins can be stressful for start-ups with small budgets. 

I am happy to share our solution for a FREE SSL on your woo commerce website, with FREE functioning stripe payment gateway with- No Coding Needed.

Follow the five steps below and you will be running in no time! For our example, we have a running installation on so feel free to head over there and check it out before you get started.

Free SSL on Woocommerce
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1. Install and activate all the following FREE plugins

2. Register and Set up a Stripe Account

Sign up for a free Stripe account here.

Once you have filled out everything from Stripe and your account is all set up your going to want to head to the top right corner of the screen click your account name and select account settings.

From there navigate to API keys in the modal window and save these keys for later.

How to get Stripe API Key
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3. Link Stripe and WooCommerce

  • Head into your WordPress dashboard and find woo commerce > settings on the left-hand side.
  • From the nav bar on the top select checkout
  • Select Stripe from the checkout options
  • Enable Stripe and make sure you have the following fields filled out. Live Secret Key, Live Publishable Key, Capture: Capture card immediately enabled, Saved Cards: Enable payment via Saved Cards Enabled.
  • Hit Save
Woocommerce Stripe
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4. Setup CloudFlare and CloudFlare Settings

Sign up for CloudFlare here and follow the setup procedure. (this will also make your site faster! YAY!) Once you have your CloudFlare setup follow the next steps to make sure it’s ready for your SSL. (note: the following work with my server setup and should work with yours, if you’re having trouble you may need to alter some settings)

  • Crypto Tab – Set the following options SSL: Flexible
  • Firewall Tab – Security Level: Medium
  • Speed Tab – Auto Minify: All Selected, Rocket Loader: Off (very important)
  • Caching Tab – Caching Level: Standard, Cache Expiration: 4 Hours, Always Online: On
  • Page Rules – See image… Make sure has SSL: Flexible, Rocket Loader Off
  • Network – Websockets: On, IP Geolocation: On
  • Scrape Shield – Email Address Obfuscation: On, Server-side Excludes: On.
Cloudflare Page rule
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5. Set up CloudFlare WordPress Plugin

  • In your WordPress backend navigate to Settings > Cloudflare on the left-hand sidebar.
  • Input your domain name as it is registered with Cloudflare,
  • Input your Cloudflare API Key (which can be found in Cloudflare under (top right) my settings > API KEY > Global API KEY
  • Your Cloudflare Email address.
  • Turn on HTTPS Protocol Rewriting
  • Save


You should be all done. Your website should be able to take credit card payments over SSL + Stripe at no additional cost of plugins, or paying your host for an SSL.

Stripe Checkout
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Feel free to leave comments below and we will do our best to answer them promptly.

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Founder of Arboxy LLC - I am a quick learning, entrepreneur that believes anything is possible with dedication. I am a hardworking individual with a heart for business and a head for problem solving.

10 thoughts on “Installing a Free SSL and Payment Gateway on your WooCommerce Site”

  1. Reed

    Does this work with other payments? Paypal express etc?

  2. Jorge

    Hey there, I’m usgin my own VPS + CloudFlare + LetsEncrypt + WooCommerce and Stripe Payment Gateway, but with the SSL enabled, and your recommendations on this post I see the same message saying that Stripe Test Mode is Enabled, even thought I already have deactivated the test mode.

  3. Ajay

    What are its effect on SEO and server speed ?

  4. Meenu Malhotra

    Thanks for sharing the guide, will give it a try.

  5. Manthan

    What about Letsencrypt ssl ?

    1. jszell

      Maybe I’ll make a write up on that one as well. This is a pretty basic setup with Cloudflare, it’s more of a No Coding Needed Solution.

  6. sugandha chejara

    Wow great Idea. It will save money and time. But I am getting 501 error after installing plugin. I think it is server problem. I am trying to resolve it. Thanks for sharing this useful info.

    1. jszell

      Let me know if anything changes… I’d be happy to take a look for you, make sure its not a plugin conflict somewhere.

  7. Anmol Duggal

    Hi JSZELL,

    I had tried using cloudflare a few weeks back but site speed increased instead of decreasing so i changed my DNS nameservers back to original. Does it happen with others too or i may have done something wrong??

    1. jszell

      So, the problem is, your site speed (according to google) is not going to increase because cloudflare doesn’t have an effect on your google page speed, so it will likely increase since you’re installing more plugins to your site and likely increasing server load. I could make a post on how to increase site speed, it’s not too difficult. I got my site site speed up almost 40 points in 4 hours with one of our sites, without any heavy coding or removing plugins.

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