15 Stunning Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes


Facebook is one of the best free blog marketing tools out there, where you can always find or create a group of target audience. You can create a Facebook Page for your blog, which will help your readers to connect with your brand on Facebook, and interact with you. With over 1 billion users on Facebook, you can always go viral, and this will happen, only when you have such a user base on your Facebook fan page. Here I will be sharing few tips that will help you to get more likes on your Facebook page.

Tips to get more Facebook Fan Page likes:

Add LikeBox widget to your Blog

The best way to get more likes to your Facebook page to add Like Box to your blog.Create Text widget & get the code from FaceBook Developers. It is recommended to show Faces of your Fans.You can put your text widget according to your design.The sidebar is always a good option.

  • How to add Facebook Fan page to a Website

3. Invite Friends

Invite friends is the in-built functionality of Facebook, which let you invite your Facebook friends.Facebook will send notification to your friends when you invite your friends.

Go to your page -> Open Admin Panel -> Click on Invite Friends ->Select option “Search All Friends”.

See below image.

Facebook Page invite Friends
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4. Invite E-Mail Contacts

You can also invite your all E-Mail Contacts from the same tab.Check above image.Click on E-Mail friends & you will have almost all E-Mail providers to choose your contacts. You can invite maximum 5000 Contacts.!Don’t worry, Facebook won’t store your password.!

Invite Email contacts Facebook Page
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5. Make more Admins to invite Friends & to invite E-Mail Contacts

You have only 500 Friends, don’t worry you can make more Admins & invite more E-Mail Contacts & friends.Make your friends Admin or from your blogging circle. Let do a little Math, If you make 5 Admins that have 500 friends.This will give option to invite 2500 friends & 25,0000 E-Mail Contacts.!

6. Share Pictures &  Latest News Updates  which is highly sharable

People like to update with latest news & affairs.So sharing useful information make your Facebook page popular.Users also love to read motivation quotes & funny things over Facebook. So when you share photos, people will start to share your pictures.Remember photos are shared more than status, so even if you have 200 Facebook page likes, you can reach up to 2000 people.

7. Held a Fan-Only contest

You can hold a Fan-Only Contest to increase more Facebook Page Likes. You can offer free domain for one year, software who liked your page. The announcement on your Page, Create event on Facebook, the announcement on your blog, some Groups, your wall, etc. will make your contest more popular.

8. Create attractive Cover Photo

Creating attractive photo will make Facebook users to like your page.You can use your Blog’s niche like Technology, Mobiles which inform Page visitors to the page is all about.

Many of Page owners also use their Fans photo in their Cover photo that encourages others to Like page.

9. Use Facebook Page URL in your E-Mail Signature & Forums

We have the conversation with clients & friends everyday. So why not to add a signature of your Facebook page link?It will make an eye of your page to your circles.

10. Share your page to your Wall as well as other Social Networks

Often, We share lots of status updates, photos to our friends over social networks. Why not share your page?

You can share at least in a week to your wall, Google, LinkedIn etc.

11. Engaging more to your Page Fans

Often we talk about engagement with our commentators on WordPress blog.So why not to on your Facebook page?

Engaging & giving answers to their queries will make your Fan as your permanent reader as well as it will encourage others to engage others to your page.This will surely increase your page’s visibility in Facebook News Feed.!

Take a look How ShoutMeLoud with their fans.!

Engagement with facebook Fans
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12. Create a short, memorable URL & About Section

Graph Search for Facebook has already started over lots of users.According to Facebook, the pages will available according to user’s interest & query.

So to make your page search easily over Graph Search, use three things.

  • Create short, memorable URL as your page or blog e.g. www.facebook.com/shoutmeloud
  • About Section should be short, informative.
  • Categorize your Facebook page properly like the website or community, etc.

Facebok About Page Section
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13. Connecting your Page to Twitter

Twitter will also help you to get more Facebook Likes.

  • Share your URL in the cover photo.
  • Share page updates to your Twitter account via tweets directly.

14. Paid Facebook Ads

If you have a good amount of budget to increase Facebook Likes, why not to choose best option?

Facebook is having the different type of option to target your fans.You can select any of the options according to your budget.They can advertise your Facebook page as a sponsored story, on Home page.

You can select audience according to your interest like U.S., India countries or gender wise, college wise, etc. Check http://www.facebook.com/help/326113794144384/

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15. Buy Facebook Page Likes

You can always buy Facebook likes, but I would suggest you to stay away from it. As Facebook has the strict policy for spam likes, and you might notice, your number of fans decreasing. It’s better ton invest money on Facebook advertising, instead of buying fake Facebook likes.

Hope, you enjoy article & get more likes from above tricks.Do share other than this with me & readers by commenting below.

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