How to Increase Conversions from a Business Blog

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We all know what the role of content in internet marketing is. So, creating only high quality and targeted content is not going to work for your website. You need content from which users can interact with your website.

Almost of all of us are aware that content is king in online marketing. But your content should convert your readers into buyers or your content should try to fulfill your business goals.

Some important thoughts to keep in mind when we creating content for call to actions are, what type of content makes users respond. You need to take care of what exactly your customer needs. The message which you are using to create a call to action is like your user takes action on your message.

Here are a few suggestions for your business blog content and optimization to increase the conversion, and get more from your content marketing strategy.

A few ways to reach your customer with the help of content Marketing:

1.      Call to Action

Call to action buttons
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The word Call to Action or CTA is commonly heard in the internet marketing world. It means driving your website visitors to fulfill your goal. Call to Action is very important for your site whether it’s a service or product based website. We can say that better your call to actions gets the more chances of conversion, so we need to approach our site like a newspaper which is more focused on ads and in the rest of the area they are placing ads.

While creating a Call to Action for your website you should decide where you will place your call to action in the header, sidebar, footer or in content. You should put your content in the place from where users convert your business goals the most. For example,

Let’s say you have created some good design for your customer. Then you can show them with the help of cool action from your client with punch lines like how so and so web design firm helped to create these creative designs. But you need to create this Call to Action to some related pages.

The above example which I have mentioned will help your customer to visit your own work. In the end, the result will help to increase your conversion rate.

2.      Pop-ups

Different website owners use pop-ups in various different ways according to their business goals. We all know that many browsers are blocking pop-ups but still, too it’s going to work for a site owner. Pop- ups are really good for content based sites. A study states that pop-ups will convert more visitors than those sites who are not using pop-ups. Pop-ups are not liked; they disturb your customer by showing unnecessary things which they don’t want to see. You can use pop-ups with a timer or with closed links or continue to cite link on that. So when users don’t want it they will move from them.

3.      Case Study

Case study plays a major role in the customer’s mind. When a customer is going to invest thousands of dollars he/she wants to see your previous work. Here is where case study comes into the picture. The case study will cover the story of how your services have helped your client to grow better and to convert more customers into buyers.

Make your case study in such a manner that it is easily understood.

You make your case study as you are narrating some story. Use images, audio, video and different visual things to make your case study more attractive. Make your case study shareable on different social media platforms, so indirectly it helps with SEO. Here are few examples of case studies:

4.      Testimonials

Testimonials are a shortened version of your case study. Your customer will provide you pay-off in terms of testimonials and you are going to display testimonials on your sites. But suggest to your customer to provide testimonials and reviews on their social media page; they can also provide testimonials and reviews on some local listing sites like Google Local or Bing Local where you are listed. They will provide you with reviews and testimonials on some business directories as well.

5.      Email  sign-up

Most websites are creating a database of their customers. They use this database to retarget their customers and try to drive them to fulfill business goals of the organization, for we are aware that the customer is more interested in getting information through e-mails. Here where e-mail sign-up comes into the picture. Use these databases to get information related to sign-ups.

6.      Easy to use contact us form

Contact us form is the first medium through which visitors can contact the website owner. Visitors use the contact us form to ask queries related to your site. You can use different live chat services to get more customers online.

7.      Trust Badges

Website trust badge
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We all know that in online business people are not being physically connected with you; neither has any of your executives yet talked with them or met them directly. Many online business customers have a bad experience so they are not going to trust here where trust badges come into the picture.

Big business companies like McAfee, Verisign provide you with trust badges and in return, they get a good amount of revenue. Trust badges provide your customer with the assurance that the site from which they have purchased is genuine. Social media buttons on your site will help to generate trust for them as it shows that you are real.

8.       Social Network

Nowadays people are very active on the social media. So you need to be more focused on social media as it will play a major role in your marketing strategy. Social media helps you to create awareness among target audiences. It will ultimately help you with your branding and create trust in people. Your website will help you to promote your on-site content on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and a few more. It will grow your likes, fans and followers on social media platforms.

The search engine is now taking social media into account as one of the signals in ranking. Even if social media fans and followers are not going to convert, it will help to spread the news about your products and services to different people. Creating social media presence for your business is quite easy, and here are a few guides which will help you to get started.

9.       Better Display Phone number and live Chat

A better way is to represent phone numbers and have a live chat section if possible on your website. The main motto behind this is to drive more customers through calls and live chat. So, display your phone number and live chat option in such a manner that it is visible to every visitor in his/her first view. For example, display it in the header section of your website.


Content is always king in the search industry. But while creating content people mostly focus on the quality of content and they forget their business goal. You need to create content in such a manner that it will convert customers into buyers. As a marketer our end goal is the conversation. In this post, I have given a few tips for conversion with the help of content. You are free to discuss some more tips in the comment section.

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Stephen Moyers is an out of the heart writer voicing out his take on various topics of web design, mobile apps, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, startups and much more in the cutting edge digital world. He is associated with SPINX Digital a Los Angeles web design company & digital marketing agency. You can follow Stephen on Twitter @StephenMoyers

7 thoughts on “How to Increase Conversions from a Business Blog”

  1. Divya

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. I believe less number of fields, call-to-action form, that too on the landing page, good quality content with optimum use of keywords are the major factors for a successful campaign.

  2. Paul Adams

    yes you said (your content should convert your readers into buyers) correct Stephen not only quality unique content needed to become a user to buyer need some attracting stuff should be have in that content, the content should be like describing about the product offers and features etc.

    Live chat facility also works nice idea….

    Thanks for sharing the good information keep post something more innovative..

  3. Stephen Malan

    Good Post! Like the mention of case studies as they allow you to lay out the problem customers face and then you give the solution backed by facts that your company has accomplished. I believe case studies lend some authority to company.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. sangram barge

    Couldn’t agree more, the points that u have highlighted are really good to expand conversation.

  5. Jamie Anderson

    Some good tips here Stephen. I recently started my own blog and will definitely be implementing a few of these. I really need to get more content published so I give myself a change of getting some sort of award to display on my blog. I think that alone will be great for improving conversions.

  6. Amal Rafeeq

    Displaying Phone number and providing Live Chat facility!! Hmmm! That’s something new. 🙂
    But, do you really think that Content is the King? What do you say about it please?
    Thanks a lot Stephen.

    1. Stephen Moyers

      Hey Amal,
      I always think that content is king in search industry. Because nowadays Search Engine is giving a more important to quality content for ranking.

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