How Women Can Make Money Online From Home

Women guide to Make money Online
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Money is a major concern for many families. Women who choose to stay at home after they become mothers are often criticized in these times of crisis, but again, internet now empowers any women to work from home and make money online.

We have already discussed many ways of making money from home, and be it a women or a man, anyone can work online and earn a decent income sitting from home. Though, when it comes to women, many of them are great with certain skills but lack technical skills, so here I’m creating few of the easy ways which they can use and earn from home.

How Women can make money Online

Start blogging:

Blogging is one of the easiest way any housewife can earn from home. There are many female bloggers out there, who are making thousands of dollars just by sharing something that they know. Being a women, you can start a blog based on your knowledge and interest. For example, if you are great in cooking, baby care, home care or anything like this, you can start blog, and earn from advertising. I know, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but once you get into the blogging, you will understand how easy it is. ShoutMeLoud blogging category is full of guides and tutorials to help you get started. If not, you can always opt for proper paid guidance, and then start a money minting blog for yourself.

If you wanna know how much money is in Blogging, check out Harsh latest income report, and read his blogging journey to understand how a simple graduate student become India’s popular blogger.

Become virtual assistant:

These days, there is a great requirement for talented virtual assistant. In VA job, your role would be taking care of someone work, like replying to emails, filling out forms, or similar job. These jobs are quite easy, and work will be delegated online. You can work according to your flexibility. You can search for some companies which have job requirement for virtual-assistant.

Freelance writing:

If you are good at writing, and managing your own blog seems like a rocket-science to you; you can take freelance writing job. Here are best websites which you can use for finding freelance writing work. Here is one great story and experience of freelance-writer, which will give you great insight on how you can also earn money online.

Fill Forms

You can also get cash for filling out forms. Fusion Cash offers data entry jobs and pays very well. All you need are typing skills. A similar offer is available from Project Payday. Companies like Global Test Market are looking for survey takers from all over the world; so, your place of residence is of no importance. You can get checks from these companies for years on end. All you need to give them is your name and e-mail address upon registering.

Test Cosmetics

Another option is product testing. If you are testing cosmetics, skin care products, nail products, and such, you are probably on the safe side. You either make money or keep the product you tested after giving feedback. You can just watch skin cream, anti-aging products, and cosmetics pile up in your house. You will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Testing pharmaceutical products, on the other hand, is a little risky. Yes, the payoff is huge, but you may find yourself experiencing side effects you didn’t think you possibly could. Better skip this one. You can make money by testing games if that is something you would enjoy doing and earn big just by playing games online.

Work-at-home-moms with experience in product testing inform that free samples are not all they are getting – blankets, clothes, coffee bags, tea boxes, DVDs, books and CDs are up for grabs. Sometimes, you may have to cover shipping and handling, but the cost is much lower than the value of the item you get.

More Jobs for Virtual Workers

You can do jobs like telecommuting, customer service, and order processing from home very efficiently. Employers are starting to rely more and more on virtual workers. This saves them money and saves you the hassles of driving to work, dealing with traffic jams, wasting time in pointless meetings, and more. Other work-from-home opportunities include e-librarians, bloggers, and information retrieval experts.

You can get paid for reading e-mail and for freelance work such as taking photos, moderating web forums, and writing descriptions of cities and attractions. You will earn cash just for surfing the web and using certain search engines. Finally, you can be an online message board host or turn traffic into profit if you have your own website.

Do let us know if you are using any method to earn from home apart from blogging? Don’t forget to share this article with women in your home, who are willing to work from home and make money online. If you have more tips to share for make money at home online, do let us know via comments.

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Melissa Dean writes for, a Canadian blog offering reviews of popular Canadian credit cards .

13 thoughts on “How Women Can Make Money Online From Home”

  1. Kuldeep Thopate

    I am agree with all of you, blog is a one of the great way to earn money online, But if some one have not enough writing skill (Like me) or she haven’t expertise in any niche, Then what will she do?
    I think MELISSA is correct, if you do proper study for forum posting, PTC sites you can earn enough money.

    I would like to add two more options one is microjobs sites like Fiverr and another is Youtube will best options for housewife.

    Thanks For This Great Post MELISSA 🙂

  2. Neelam

    What r th other easy ways exept blogging to earn money frm home for woman n which websites provides ths jobs?

  3. Danuns Numk

    Wow I should ask my sister to read this post. She is trying various ways to earn online. It would have been better if some websites are specified under each section.

  4. Asif

    Data entry is a Big Market, People (in India itself) are making Huge money by just data entry.

  5. Wasim Ismail

    Some simple ideas, anyone can work from home, you just need to ensure that you have passion for what you want to do, no point setting up a business in an industry that you don’t enjoy, find something that you love, and you can easily work from anywhere.

  6. Kamal Hasa

    The best job for Women at home if they are good at English is to start their own blogs or write articles for others.

    Good money and great way to spend time online..

    1. Sathish @ TechieMania

      Well said Kamal. Don’t take it wrong Melissa, but most online providers who are providing paid surveys and online form filling jobs are just spammers. Also its really difficult to differentiate the genuine people from the spammers. So its really good to start a blog and write articles for it.

      1. Melissa

        Thanks to both of you. Yes, I have a blog, and it is my experience that many people try to post spam comments in it. So, spamming is all around us :). I know that some work-at-home options are better than others. I just wanted to show that possibilities are out there, and everyone can make their choice. Wrong or right. Yes, I love blogging, but if you think about it – some people don’t like writing or don’t have the gift for it. So, they might be looking for some other possibilities.

      2. Rahul solanki

        yes i too agree with satish and kamal.There are many(most) companies which makes fool.just start a blog and earn money and that too long life

        1. Melissa

          Thanks to everyone for the comments! I mentioned that in a previous reply to a similar suggestion – I do have a blog, but it’s too blatant to self-promote :). As for having a blog, yes, it’s a great idea. But imagine a person whose native language is not English – he/ she understands some English but cannot write a post or at least not a text that is readable by English readership. By saying that, I don’t claim that only people whose native tongue is English can write well (there are some native speakers who can’t write at all 🙂 ). The point is that people who know some English, but not enough, might be looking into other opportunities to make ends meet. Then, they might want to write a blog in their own language, but in some parts of the world, people don’t use Internet much. So, I was just looking at what is available on the online job market. As for spammers – they are just everywhere. Cheers!

        2. Nihar

          I agree with all. I have also see some websites provide ad banners which waits for few seconds or a minute max. Need to click on the ads. But, not sure whether they work or not….

      3. Ankita Roy Chowdhury

        You are so true Satish. I have had real life experience with such spammers. You really get disheartened when you come to know after the hard work that its only scam

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