5 Best Alternatives to WordPress as CMS Solutions

WordPress Alternatives
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WordPress is currently the most popular CMS for blogging as evidenced by the fact that nearly 30% of all websites in the world are built with WordPress.

When you think of how many websites there are in the world, 30% is a huge number.

WordPress was started as a blogging platform, but over time, it has evolved as a full-fledged content management system (CMS).

Now, you can do various things on WordPress:

  • Build an E-commerce portal.
  • Create a membership site.
  • Integrate forums.
  • and so much more.

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But it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on all the other CMS alternatives to WordPress, as they are equally as good, and could be picked up for your next project.

So on behalf of all those who are flying the flag for less popular or well-known CMSs, here are our top 5 alternative CMS solutions:

5 Simple CMS Alternatives to WordPress

1. Umbraco

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Umbraco now boasts more than 85,000 installations and is in the top five most popular server applications.

It is built on Microsoft’s .NET technology and is a CMS for .NET developers.

Umbraco states on their website that:

  • “Umbraco is the choice of many organizations because of its no-cost, open-source licensing, its simplicity, and its unlimited potential.”

You probably wouldn’t use Umbraco for a personal blog; it is a CMS solution better suited to organizations running large sites.

Among their users are wired.co.uk and asp.net

2. Joomla!

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Joomla! is one of the biggest rivals of WordPress.

The community for Joomla! is very active and there are over 7,000 Joomla! extensions. You can find an extension for just about anything and there are lots of themes to choose from.

The biggest stumbling block about Joomla! is that you’ll need to pay for most plugins and themes.

But it’s still a very good CMS.

3. Drupal

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This list would not be complete without Drupal.

Drupal 8 has recently been launched providing what they say will be an “easier, more flexible, and more scalable” CMS.

Their community is great; if you ever get stuck or have a question, it will be answered very quickly on the Drupal forum.

4. SilverStripe

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SilverStripe is similar to WordPress, but it is more suitable for content management rather than blogging.

They are currently working hard to translate their CMS and application framework into dozens of languages which will perhaps see this CMS’s user base grow much more rapidly.

SilverStripe has a reputation for being particularly good on the SEO side of things as well.

5. GetSimple

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GetSimple is an XML based CMS that has a brilliant user interface which is extremely simple to use.

It’s easy to install and customize, and although it may not have all the features that large companies require, it does more than enough for the needs of most SME companies.

There are many simple CMSs being released at the moment and while it is a busy market, I think GetSimple offers enough to stand out from the crowd.

Alternatives to WordPress

These are the 5 best alternatives to WordPress at the moment, but there are many others.

It’s best to experiment and find which one works for you.

For more on this topic check out:

Which CMS are you using? Do you prefer WordPress or a WordPress alternative? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Michael Frankland

    Good round up and all fair comments.

    However, also, how about also considering some more lightweight easy to install CMS systems, like Pulse CMS.

    These are easy to setup and template and clients (end users) love the admin interface and speed.

    These should also be considered as the ones compared above are all similar.

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