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It’s very well known in the SEO world that blog commenting is one of the great ways of generating a lot of backlinks and traffic, and also help you make yourself known in your niche and building good relationships with other blog owners.

It is also a good way for the people who are new to blogging and want to have more exposure to their brand new blog so that more people get to know about their presence online.

However blog commenting is a very effective way of getting backlinks, traffic and exposure but choosing blogs to comment on (i.e. Choosing the right ones) is paramount to your success. You’ll always want to find a right type of blog in your niche to comment on for getting better quality backlinks and targeted traffic to your blog.

So, How to find the blogs to comment on?

I have discussed below the top three ways that you can use for finding the right blogs to comment on:

1. Find Where Your Target Audience Is Already Going.

The first thing you should think about is your target audience.  What sorts of blogs are your market interested in? Whilst it is a given fact that you should comment on blogs which are in the same niche as yourself, you can widen it a little.

For example, consider also posting comments on blogs which are in a different niche but which have the same or similar target audience. Like if you blog about the topic How To Blog Better, then you may comment on blogs that write about SEO or WordPress.

2. How Active Is The Blog?

Once you have found a possible blog for active commenting, the first thing to consider is how active it is. I try to comment on blogs that are well-known in the niche and which is posting regularly, after all there is little point commenting on a blog where the last post was made 12 months ago!

Look at how many comments the blog already gets. An active community means that people are getting involved and a high number of people will see your comments.  It also makes it easier to post comments since you can pick up on what other people are saying and you can debate their points.

3. Is The Blog Already Creating Great Content?

When choosing blogs to comment on, it is also important to look at the amount of useful content contained on the blog in question. Many blogs exist as pure advertising ploys (you know the ones I am talking about – blogs which have tons of advertisements and affiliate links but very little useful information.)

These are the ones to avoid. You ideally want to seek out the blogs which people look at as an authority source. By commenting on these blogs you will associate yourself with quality content and develop your own reputation.

So, these are the top three things that you should take care of where searching for and choosing a blog to comment. Even after getting the right blog keep in mind not to leave spam comments on these blogs. Webmasters are very to know if you are really making a good comment or just spamming their website with your links.

These tips will help you to find new blogs to comment on, but to get success with your commenting campaign, you need to be a regular commentator, try to be first to comment on, and do follow ShoutMeLoud recipe for writing blog comments. Do let me know, what parameters do you consider before commenting on a blog for backlinks and for finding new visitors?

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25 thoughts on “How To Find Blogs To Comment On – For Links And New Visitors”

  1. vijay ram

    Actually, I am wasting time on commenting on other blogs which don’t have any relation to my blogs. So comment on the same niche. I think that might help me.

  2. Samsul Arefin

    Hey Ram,

    Such a great post for newbie who wants to learn more about blog commenting and it’s benefit on SEO.

    But it would be great if you add some search query to find related sites for blog commenting.

    Thanks…I appreciate your hard work!


    A great article, thanks. Very clear and concise. Thanks

  4. Mat Thomas

    Thank you for the Article. I was always in two minds for blog commenting. This helps!

  5. Angela Boxwell

    I’m just trying to build on my linking and trying to find the best way to do it. I have had a blog in the past and ended up turning off comments due to the amount of spam and nothing of any use.

  6. Asad Rai

    A Friend Told Me That Backlinks From Commenting is Spam And Google Hate!
    Is It True ?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      If you are building comments backlink from relevant site, it helps in indexing, crawling & getting nofollow links.

  7. John Davis

    This is the method I’ve been using for a couple weeks to find blogs, but most of them aren’t very active.

    “keyword” + “(URLs automatically linked.)”

    It allows you to find blogs where the webmasters have to approve your comment, but once they do it’ll be a comment with your backlink. Do you guys have any suggestions to use this method, only for newer posts?

  8. Steve

    I think just being social with other bloggers in your space will go far for helping others find out what you are up to. People like to share ideas and interests with other folks who share the same hobbies. etc. Thanks for taking the time to share this article. It got me thinking for sure.

  9. pawan

    nice article. i would like to get clarification whether we have to comment on blogs in the same niche ?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Most of them, yes. but you can comment on something which you like and you have an interest in sharing your opinion

  10. Mike O'Connor

    I really appreciate this blog, because I have written a lot of blogs for different companies, but have never taken the time to research backlinks or the reason why so many people put links in comments on the blogs that I write. It all seems to make a lot for more sense to me, so I really appreciate this information.

  11. Jason Wheeler

    I remember when finding blogs in your niche was really easy because Google had a filter for finding blogs specifically. I wonder why they decided to get rid of that feature.

    Anyway great content. This is my first time landing hear and I’ll be back. Thank you sir!

  12. Debbie Nutley

    This was really helpful Ram. I am a middle age mother who was raised on an Olivetti typewriter and a push button phone. I am digitally impaired and dyslexic. I resist change and still won’t give up my flip phone. Today is the first day I’ve ever commented on another blog. Old habits do die hard. The next time you hear me talking about spam, I’ll probably be eating a cold sandwich out of the can.

  13. vinay

    Nice article Ran on finding out blogs to comment on ,however it would be icing on the cake to also know the ways to find whether the blog allows do follow links, as i guess that is what the search engines love the most.

  14. Cornel Manu

    This is a very good article. I do believe in the importance of blog commenting. It brings the right kind of buzz over time, and it’s something that is totally worth the time.

    While I do agree following your niche is good, a little bit of randomness won’t hurt you either.

  15. Randy Carlisle

    Finding blogs to comment on is not a problem, if you apply the tips mentioned above. But most bloggers are looking for ‘dofollow’ links and ignoring ‘nofollow’ links for blog commenting. I think that is a big mistake. Both types of links can drive traffic to your site.

  16. Everest

    You really noted some important things on how to find a Good and perfect blog to comment on but my question is, can a forum owners comments on blogs to get a backlink or must they look for forums in other to get backlinks and target trafic

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Yes even a forum owner should comment on other blogs, as it will not only help in building links for your forum, but you will gain new forum members if you are commenting on similar niche blogs.

  17. Heru Prasetyono

    I agree that blog commenting has a great contribution in generating traffic to our sites if we do it well.
    Selecting the right blogs with high page rank can be useful and helpful to get backlinks to our sites.
    Doing blog commenting really has affected positively for my blog in attracting new visitors.
    Thank you very much for sharing this nice article.

  18. Abhinav Jain

    Another way I use to find guest blogging opportunities is through google.
    Find websites which provide guest post opportunities using below given
    search queries and you will find lots of them. Also depending upon your

    Keyword + “guest blog”
    Keyword + “guest blogger”
    Keyword + “guest Column”
    Keyword + “guest article”
    Keyword + “write for us”
    Keyword + “write for me”
    Keyword + “become a contributor”
    Keyword + “contribute to this site”

    1. Dewald Swart

      Cool but what would you use to search for dofollow commenting blogs?

  19. Shravan

    Nice Article Ram. I believe that a person must not just write one liner comments just to get backlinks. He should write a good quality comment related to the topic to get the best results. Again Great Articcle. Keep up the good work.

  20. Tarun kumar

    I have read many articles about blog commenting, but I never got the exact answer to get do follow blogs to comment on. Can you provide a way to find dofollow blogs with out any hard work?

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