Gravatar : Everything A Blogger Should Know [ Detailed Guide]

What is Gravatar
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Gravatar is one of the must use website for all the bloggers and marketers.

Do you know what Gravatar is?

If not, let’s learn everything about it.

Images & visuals help a lot in branding.  When it comes to commenting on other blogs, I have always mentioned how regularly commenting with same name & image will help you to brand yourself.

However, many new comers who just started with Blogging, are not sure how to add images to their name, when they comment on a WordPress powered blog. WordPress uses, to show user image in post comments. You can see an example in the below image:

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Another thing that we need to acquire our online identity is by using the same avatar (Profile picture) everywhere.

Most important is using them when you add a WordPress comment anywhere it shows your Gravatar and people starts recognizing you.

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How to add your profile picture in WordPress comment form?

Most of the WordPress comment box are Gravatar ready, all you need to do is sign up for add your Email Id’s and associate an avatar with it.

Register for Gravatar, Add your email address and associate any image for your Email id. You can associate different email ids for the different avatar.

The process of associating an Image with your Email address is very easy. All you need to do is add an Email address, verify it and upload an image to associate with that Email id. By associating an Image to your Gravatar, you are creating your online brand and identity. The best way should be using the same Image everywhere like Twitter, Facebook, and

Create free Gravatar account

Another good part is, there are many 3rd party services which use to get user picture, which is associated with the image. So, if you are starting online, is one of the website where you should add your Email address, connect a picture to that and get ready for branding.

One rule that will help you to improve your branding is by using the same image on all your social networking site. Usually, your profile image on Facebook, Twitter and should be the same, this will help other users to quickly recognize your profile among thousand others.

Do let me know if you have any questions regarding adding Images to your WordPress profile using Gravatar?

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27 thoughts on “Gravatar : Everything A Blogger Should Know [ Detailed Guide]”

  1. Carla

    Hello! I also just followed your post. Thank you was very straight forward – now let’s see if the Gravatar works!

  2. Ahmer Faraz

    Hi Harsh

    Just followed your post and uploaded my pic at Gravatar.

    Now checking whether it I showing here or not.


  3. Sachin

    Great Post!

    Never knew Gravatar and wordpress are integrated.

  4. San Solanki

    Hi harsh
    I am new in blogging and i always follow your blog. This is another great article and i`ll signup to gravatar. Even i regularly visit forum. thanks again

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Glad to hear! Thank you for your comment.

  5. hemant

    hello harsh bro thank you i have just now upload my image for gravtar reading this article
    ..thank u a lot

  6. Pravin Nath.K

    Hello Guys,

    Three days ago, I set up my Gravatar Account, but my picture doen’t appears in my wordpress profile. Because I’m not used the same email account using in Gravatar in my wordpress email address. After reading this post, I get the idea to associate my wordpress profile email address with an Image to Gravatar. Now I set up my first Profile Picture in WordPress. Happy.

  7. Paresh

    Hello Harsh,

    Please share one small secret !!!,

    I noticed the majority of commentators are having own photo in comment section.
    I am also looking for the same from past couple of week. Requesting if possible please share your secret.

  8. sai krishnan

    ahh. was wondering the same from a week..Finally found an solution

  9. Julien Lavoie-Leblanc

    Hey ! Just trying my new Gravatar account in here to see how it works when you comment on other blogs 😉 Sorry if you get a notification ! Have a good one !

  10. Sumit

    Hello Harsh!
    I created the Account in Gravatar but my profile pic did not changes. How to set the profile pic in WordPress..
    Thank you

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      When you change/update your picture on Gravatar, it usually take some time (up to 24 hours) to reflect changes online.

  11. Sachin

    Thanks Harsh, i was wondering how most of the users having a Gravator .I thought that i need to sign up as a subscriber for this site to get a Gravator, later i found this article and it helped me …..

  12. Prem krishnan

    Thanks a lot Harsh for making us to understand Image will also give branding to our websites 🙂

  13. Muhammad saleem

    Thanks Harsh I am finding the way to add my pic in comment so if found this which really help me in this regard.

  14. Sami

    I power my blog through wordpress.ORG and I keep hitting roadblocks with Gravatar without a wordpress.COM blog. I can’t seem to find any clear answer on what to do. Can you help?

  15. Saket Jajodia

    I had a/c in Gravatar v.lang time but never knew that I have to upload our pic to Gravatar, few days back I asked someone then I get to know…

    1. Jonathan Dradford

      That is great that you customize your gravatar account now. Enjoy using it.

  16. Ish

    I never knew that Gravatar and wordpress use the same account..Uploaded my pic just now..Thanks for it..

  17. Ravi

    Yes, indeed a good way to brand yourself on the net. I did not know about it, but now I have realized its importance and done it.

  18. CA Karan Batra

    Harsh, the best thing i like about your posts is the simplicity of language used..
    I’ve been through many blogs and the prob. I used to face was of technical words which are tough to understand for a beginner like me

  19. George Serradinho


    I try and send my commentators an email or comment on their site saying they don’t have a avatar. I would say half listen and signup and the others probably just ignore me.

    Great post 🙂

  20. himanshu

    Hey! i havn’t added yet, i am so lazy 🙂

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