This is The Best Infographic for Small Business Websites [50 Features]


Your website is your opportunity to showcase your products and services globally and the idea that it just has to exist and ‘be there’ for people to start piling in and buy what you’re selling could not be further from the truth. But still there are 50% of small business owners who do not have a website.

A lot of thought and time goes into designing a perfect website – especially if you want it to start generating leads and raking in money somewhere along the way.

Why is it important that your logo and tagline are visible right off the bat? How does the color of your call to action button affect your sales? Why should your USP feature prominently on your page? So many different questions and we haven’t even moved below the fold!

This infographic by 99MediaLab tackles all those questions head on, detailing everything that an effective small business website must incorporate in order to promote your business in the right way and meet the expectations of your visitors and customers to be. Spend some time studying it; we’re certain it will allow you to pinpoint some areas you can improve on your current website. If nothing else, it will definitely give you the tools you are going to need when designing your next site. <Source>

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Piyush is the Managing Partner at 99MediaLab, a Fredericksburg, VA based inbound marketing agency helping small businesses with website design, SEO and social media marketing.

14 thoughts on “This is The Best Infographic for Small Business Websites [50 Features]”


    Thanx, its is really very helpful for me. After reading ur post I realize that how many mistake in my blog and Images
    makes more easier. Thank u for nice post PIYUSH.

  2. Surya Konduru

    Awesome bro. .. through info graphics a lengthy message can be conveyed in an interesting way. .. and this info graphic had a lot of sound information in it. .. thnx for such a wonderful post

    1. piyush

      Yes, Surya. I agree. Infographics do make it easy to understand the content especially if you are a visual person.

  3. fellah

    amazed infographic which should be referred by everybody who wants to design a neat website. I totally go up with cta, colors for the website, menu bar with hamburger are really effective if they are used in the right way

  4. Akshay

    It is very interesting & informative post for everyone who wants to start or already stared a website including me.Mostly I like your image or picture which is very helpful to understand your points instantly. I like specially the part of article was technical requirements & backend. Thank you!

    1. piyush

      Thanks Akshay. Its feels great that you found the infographic interesting.

  5. Aishwary Sinha

    Hey, Piyush!

    Thanks for this amazing post with a unique way to express. I was just wondering about the slider, is it really necessary for my home page?
    Why don’t i use the new single page view style like big it compaies? They are more attactive then sliders.
    What do you think?

    1. piyush

      Hi Aishwarya,

      Slider and single image have pros and cons. Some people do not like sliders because it can slow a website but other hand having just one image may limit the website on how much you can communicate to your potential customers. I usually suggest that if you sell or promote just one product/service/concept then it might bet better to use one image but if you sell multiple products/services then sliders might be better for you.

  6. Life360degrees

    This is truly an amazing post. I like how the illustrations have been used to convey the message better. Personally, I am a huge fan of the online chat service. I think navigating becomes a lot easier. Also, the job gets done faster. Other than that, I think every site must be user-friendly and simple. If it’s an online shopping site, then the payment gateway has to be quick and hassle free.

    1. piyush

      Absolutely agree with you. The most important feature every website must have is that it should be user-friendly and easy to navigate and find the information that a reader is looking for.

  7. Mukundan

    I don’t understand why you say flash elements should be avoided in all kinds of sites. It cannot be generalized. It might be right only for content based sites or blogs. Sites like bet365 that are listed companies are using flash entirely to build their site. It is a site with millions of transactions happening every day. The site creators say that using flash makes the site more secure against hacking. Flash has more client sides concern but html 5 has more server side concerns. “Avoid using flash” is the common thing I see across the web. But I don’t know why?

    1. piyush

      I think its important to note that we are talking about small businesses in this infographic. Having a site in flash is fine on desktops but the same site would not load on mobile devices like iphones. So, you would then have to make a separate mobile version of the website. This can add to the cost for small business owners. Instead its less costly, and less time consuming to do a mobile responsive website in html without flash.

      Security is a bigger concern for sites like bet365 because of how many online transactions happen everyday on it. But for a small business having an informational website its not a major concern because not much online transactions happen on their site.

  8. Sateesh kumar

    A must read for them who are running small businesses and wants to promote their products through their website. Great Infographics

    1. piyush

      Glad that you found this helpful, Sateesh.

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