Why Engineering Students Should Blog

Blogging is getting great exposure in India and many other countries. It’s getting great exposure in print media and blogs like ShoutMeLoud shows the right path of monetizing it and shows the reality of money and Blogging. Though, one most common question which you will hear from people: What’s the right time to start a Blog? And honestly, there is no right or wrong time. Any 10 year old with good writing skills can start a Blog and someone who is retired at his 50’s and sitting at home and can start a Blog. In this article, I will focus more on Why engineering students should Blog and why it’s the best time to have a Blog when you are in college days.

Reason why I haven’t used Students in total but Engineering students here is because Blogging requires technical skills. There is no second thought about it and when you are in a Technical college, you can look out for support from your peer group. And if you have excellent entrepreneurship skills, you can start a company right from college. Since, it’s easy to find people who can contribute and help promotion. More over, at school and college level, your creativity is out of the box and don’t you think it’s always out of the box thinking which can take you from Bottom to top.

You all know very well about what is blogging and if not, check out Blogging archive of ShoutMeLoud. From many bloggers it proved that blogging can be done at professional level and it can give you all those benefits which you suppose to get from a job. This article is exploring most of the possible reasons about the motivation of engineering students Bloggers. In India we have a long list of top successful bloggers which no doubt from engineering stream. Even we know very well that the owner of this blog Harsh Agrawal is also an engineer by education. Also one of the top and first Indian professional blogger Amit Agrawal (labnol.org) is also an IIT pass out Engineer. Saying, that I don’t mean that people from other field doesn’t do great, but having an engineering background helps in many tech know how. And especially, it’s easier to start a niche blog on Technology because it’s a broad niche and you can pick anything from Security, software, Gaming, Gadgets and many other topic, which an engineering student is comfortable with.

Engineering Students Should Blog
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In the same way if we consider most of the successful bloggers then we come to know that most of them are engineers by education. Then a thought came in my mind why this coincidence every time? Are today’s engineering student Bloggers are motivated because of these all successful pro bloggers?

Why Engineers Students should have a Profitable Blog:

When I’m talking about engineers should have a Blog, it means not a personal blog but a profitable blog with perfect Blog business plan. Lets do a calculation and lets imagine you know what is Blogging and how to start a Blog. You created a blog in 1st or 2nd year of Blogging and every month you write 10 articles.

Now, lets do a simple math calculation and lets see what could be your stats by the end of your engineering degree:

  • 10 *12 : 120 Articles
  • 120*4 : 480 Articles (4 Year course)
Now, lets expect you are using Adsense to monetize your blog and can you imagine how much money a blog with proper Blog business plan can make in 4 year time. More over, when yo graduate, you will have a passive income and you will be in condition to decide if you want to be your own boss or you need to work for some one else. Sounds like a dream, but believe me it’s  not tough.
Remember, ShoutMeLoud income report, this blog started making whopping 5000$ in 1.6 year term and if one blog can do this much, why not we?

So lets, look into some of the reasons why Blogging is easier for Engineering students:

1)Passion and interest in blogging :

Ok let me kill your excitement with this boring and most recommended tip. Blog for your passion and if you starting a Blog, it should only be your passion behind any niche. Lets exclude the tech niche as it’s more generic, if you are a student and interested in art, painting, Taxation, Forex or any such topic and you have passion of writing what you have learned and put it in the form of writing, you are on right track. All you need now is the right platform and right direction to move on, once you have it, there is no one stopping you. More over, with your young ideas and rebelous nature, most likely you going to create a standard for many. How many of you are part of your college website and yes, it’s going to be in your resume and profile but is it really going to help you after you graduate? Having your blog is like an investment of your time and it will change things for you. Read on:

2)Need of money :

When I was a child, my money requirement was less but it was there. When I went to school it increased and now I’m in college and it has increased more. My phone bills are getting higher, I spend more on cafeteria, in nutshell my money requirement graph is increasing with time.

Are you looking for some part time job, to pay some of your bills? Why not, start a Blog which makes money for you now and will continue making in future. There is no denying the fact, money will not start following from day one and that’s why I started passion as  first topic here. Money from your Blogging work might take some time (4-5 months), but instead of not working at all, don’t you feel it’s a good idea to create your own money making system.

  • Blogging and College: How to maintain Balance?

More over, Blogging is not related to writing articles only, if you are good with creating Websites, php or designing, you can create such niche websites and get some freelancing work. If you are not have enough confidence to start a Blog right away, do some freelancing work and with time requirement for quality article writers are increasing.  You can make good 2-20$/article and that’s a handsome income when you are studying and it’s just your part time income.

3) Recession in IT and other engineering field :

Now, getting back to most important point and that is career and job. By the time, you are in final year of your college most important thing in your life will be placement and working for a reputed company. And trust me, Job stress is really bad, you might find people who get into depression for not getting a Job.

Having a blog by that time which is making decent 200-400$ month will give you peace of mind and you will be in a condition to take risk. Though, it’s always a good idea to work for any Professional company for some time to learn corporate know how and how things work in real world. But, on the backend having a Blog will give you recurring income and you can take the risk of leaving your job anytime.

Most of  the people, who learned about Blogging and how it makes money when they are working and if you ask how many of them in a condition to take the risk of leaving their job for starting a blog from ground level, you will find very few. When Harsh Agrawal left his job for Blogging, he was making decent 700-800$/month (recurring) and it’s good enough for anyone to leave his job and work full time.  Needless, to say what ever money you made from your blog in college days is because of your part time work and how great it would be if it become your full time job?

The numbers of engineering colleges are increasing day by day so the admission to it is becoming easy. This resulted in large number of students are being passed out per year from all engineering faculty. The demand for engineering students has been  increased over time but students passing out with Engineering degree has increased a lot over time. It’s not the same and easy to have a technical degree and you will get job instantly. Most of Engineers I know, land into call center in search of job and ended up being a part of it and lose all the value of degree they earned after 4 years of hard work.

So the student like me will always think to create a thing for bread and butter (blog) during studying so that even I can afford a low salary job. So this is one of the strong reasons about engineers moving towards blogging.

4) Motivation from other blogger-cum-engineers :

There are many bloggers success story already live on the internet and more such success stories are created every day. Even my experience is that I started a BlogSpot blog just to share my photos with friends and family and I really felt proud that I have a website. After that I read some professional blogger success stories like ShoutMeLoud (Harsh), Labnol (Amit Agarwal) etc… Then I started a tech blog. So we can say that most of the engineers are got their motivation either from their friend who are in engineering field and doing blogging or from online blogger’s success stories.

You can also set a standard in your college or school and be a role model for everyone. Who doesn’t like a person who is making 200-500$/month from his own Blogging work in college days.  You will be an eye-candy among your peer group and a role model for generation after you.

5) Blogging from web designing:

I must say this one will one more valid point about this ongoing discussion. Because I know an example of my friend who are studying in computer engineering in Mumbai University and he has web designing subjects in his engineering syllabus. By different practices and project on php, CSS, MySql he is now able to create a better website. So this passion moves in blogging and now he is sharing web designing tricks on his website. In this way as a part of academics syllabus the he got inspired about blogging.

Even if don’t consider Web designing and stuff, talking about Self Hosted WordPress blog, you need to have little bit knowledge about Tech stuff. Specially, Hosting and SEO. You need to learn SEO which is very crucial for any blog and if you are going to use WordPress having little bit of information about FTP and Database will give extra advantage.

The list will keep going on but in nutshell Blogging has come out as an excellent career opportunity for everyone who wants to make money by sitting from home. But by adding business skills into your blog, you can create a Blogging company and especially in India, where Blogging is not recognized as a Professional career opportunity for now, you can set a landmark for next generation.

If you go on expanding this list sure it will not going to end on this page. So these are the main reasons which I feel about engineering students like me to start blogging as a part time carrier.

If you are a student Blogger and have an experience of maintaining a quality blog along with your studies, I would love to know your opinion on How Blogging helped you to grow?

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Authored By
Tushar is MU Engineering student and interested in electronics and computers. He is blogging at xtendedview(How to Tech) as a part time blogger.

37 thoughts on “Why Engineering Students Should Blog”

  1. Nice article
    I am also an Engineering student + A part time blogger.
    I dont want to be a professional blogger in future but I love blogging and i will continue blogging because blogging is fun.

  2. I’d say critically narrow minded thinking.
    Tushar, I do understand it is sometimes easier for someone with computer background (read computer NOT Engineer) but as a matter of fact people with penchant for writing get on with their blog no matter what. Being good at designing website doesn’t qualify you for blogging and thus earning online.

    The names you mentioned are no doubt the one’s with engineering background but there are plethora of those who write quality stuff and know zilch about SEO, and other related stuff.

    I believe, if your content rocks then you WILL be read no matter the blog design, your knowledge about server or other generic “technical” skills.

    1. Yes a appreciate your thinking but if you make a small research on bloggers then you will come to know that most of them are bloggers. And yeh ryt blog designing is no matter the rocking content is required.

  3. the post is well formed and nice to read.
    I would like to mention here that I too am an engg student (but in final year)
    I would be obliged if you could give me some tips regarding my blog.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Priyank Pandey

    Wow Sir, You Wrote Such A Lovely Article.Even I Also Told My College Friends To Start Blogging But They Never Listened Me. I Am Damn Sure That They Will Start Working Like Harsh Sir,Like You And Like Every Blogger After Reading This Fabulous Article.

    1. Same story I also have to elaborate but you did my job, and thanks for that. Now I left even talking about blogging infront of my friends but they shows interest after getting aware of the fact that I became an earning blogger and even better than they are going to get initial package for working 9 to 5.

      So friends don’t give free advice to your friends because they will never ever listen your words until and unless you will prove your words that blogging may also help them to pay their bills and also more than their JOB sometimes.

  5. Its really a very good article, thanks for great post. Students should concentrate on blogs in there free times, its a very good hobby also.

  6. Nice Article. I am not Engg. Student but i love Blogging and i Choose Blogging arena. Thanks For sharing this article.

  7. Hi Tushar, Tushar this side.
    Nice article this. I am also a computer engineer and this is my third blog. I had two blogs in my engineering and all those were on blogspot. Those were the days when I learned the basics of blogging that are helping me big time in this tough time

  8. Aditya Chintha

    I am also a +2 student and own a blogging. I love working in blogging because i am successful in that and may be i could become a n pro blogger like you all……
    anywayzz…….a good post…..This post will surely be an inspiration to many engg students!!!
    Thanks for posting such an nice article!!

  9. nice article bro……i m student of engg background. and also prep for UPSC…but i love blogging and i choose this field….thanks for sharing this type of article..keep it up….

  10. This is one of the best article I have read in recent times. I am an Engineering student and maintain a blog. Managing time is very difficult. I see none of my friends and even friends of friends too doing it. I guess am the lone blogger in this colony.
    You are very true blogging can be very handy to earn good bucks. I have shifted my interest in blogging from just a hobby. Addition good skills with WordPress and Joomla is also helping me to build websites and blogs.
    Blogging has vast vast opportunities.

  11. Hi Tushar thanks for such a wonderful article and a great motivating examples for also a dropout Engineering student like me, I started (digmlm) even before joining my college means 2 years ago and now I proud to be an earning blogger from India.

    Not just earning but also hired 3 senior students from the different states of India and working on a variety of projects to become a professional blogger.

  12. Saurabh Mukhekar

    Really nice and truthful post for engineering and bloggers like,actually blogging give u platform to serve or share your ideas and keep updated with latest trends !!! I strongly agreed with your point “Passion” πŸ™‚ It’s a only way for successful in blogging

  13. I am also happy after read this article if any Engg student start blogging in First year he can get some pocket money after 1-2years.so after complte his Engg 4years basically every one looking for good job so at that time you can get some income source from Your blogging so try to start blogging

    Best of Luck Guy’s πŸ˜‰

  14. It was really a nice and descriptive post for me and other engineering students. As I am doing my BCA, which is a software engineering course. This post will surely help me to motivate myself and encourages me to blog consistently. Well thanks to Mr. Tushar and of course last but not the least Mr. Harsh who is the man behind this blog to come up with new ideas for beginner bloggers like me.

  15. Very truthful. Even I started blogging at my second year of MCA. The fact is that the IT sector is no longer stable. If one batch managed to get placed, the next batch will face a recession. Nothing is your hand when recessions come and when they are left, you are not fresher. The same thing was to be happened with me if I di not have my blog. I wen for only one company interview, rejected from the GD test level and never tried for a second. I decided to leave the IT sector and become my own boss. Now I am happy and never want to go back at the job where I will have to copy-paste all the day under some freaks.

  16. Well made article Tushar. Although i am also an Engineeing Student but i dont feel that , blog needs much of technical knowledge.

    But i am also sure that, Engineering Students can learn and grow their technical skills by getting into blogging.

    I hope that you get my point.

  17. Trushit Vaishnav

    Hi Harsh…

    First of all thank you for writing especially about Engineering students. I am mechanical engineering student with some knowledge about programming and webdesign. I am not expert at web design but I learn step by step as and when needed. Though we don’t need any in depth technical skills to start off a blog we need some basics. In engineering college library books about webdesign and all are easily available and are of great help. So that can be one of the benefits that we can add to the list.


  18. The main reason I find necessary for engineering students to blog is to stay in touch with the latest technological developments going around in the world and express their opinions on the on going development, this in turn will help to build up there cognitive skills in areas of their interest. Pecuniary advantages should come in the wake of cognitive learning, as those can be helpful too πŸ™‚

  19. WebHosting Saga

    Good Article Tushar..
    When started looking up for blogging.
    Harsh is the who inspired me.
    Forget about money.
    After all for anyone who want to start blogging, needs ultimate passion towards a specific Niche.

  20. arjun salyan

    I have been engaged in web development and blogging since I was 13 years old. (now I am sixteen)

    But I have not been able to set up a successful project, though my current blog has started gaining popularity.

    This post has encouraged me, though i am a school student. But really thanks. I am learning a lot at SML , Harsh bro…and you all. πŸ™‚

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