My Experiment with Buying Traffic from a Paid Medium


Have you been struggling with getting traffic to your blog? Are you thinking of paying to have traffic driven to your site?  Either way, read on to learn from my six years of blogging experience.

When I wrote my first blog post here at ShoutMeLoud on December 1st, 2008, I never thought this deal will get so real. I was blogging for fun, and one day some kind of magic happened and I turned into a professional blogger!

I like the idea of being known as a “professional” in the field, as it sounds so cool. But deep down I’m still just a blogger at heart.

If you would have asked me this question 2-3 years back:

“Hey Harsh, do you think I should buy traffic for my blog?”

…I would have said no, and told you to focus on SEO, guest posting and driving natural, organic traffic.

But honestly, things have changed a lot over time, and a blog is not just about sharing your morning routine or your experience with the new gadget you just got. Blogging has become a real deal for many, myself included!

While organic traffic used to be the best way to obtain web traffic, these days we can’t ignore the importance of targeted traffic. In the past couple of years, the contribution of social media sites to web traffic is rising, and all of them (or almost all) have started offering various advertising solutions. You can use these to promote your social media property, or to drive traffic to your blog.

I’m not opposed to buying traffic from cheap sources in general, but I personally don’t trust them. I would rather spend some extra cents/clicks to get more quality and reliable traffic from trustworthy sites.

At the time of this writing, I’m testing many trusted networks to buy not-so-cheap traffic driven to my blog, and here I’m documenting all those sites.

If you have experience with any other sites apart from the ones listed below, feel free to let me know via the comments section at the end of this post.

In the end, I will share all of the places from which I am buying traffic. (Hint: It’s not only to the blog!)

I bought traffic from these 2 sites, and here are the results:

Reddit Advertising:

Reddit was mentioned here on ShoutMeLoud once, and it’s one of the biggest social communities on the web. Links which are naturally getting likes on Reddit, get huge traffic. Reddit offers an advertisement option which they call “Promote on Reddit“.

Creating your ad campaign on Reddit is easy, and you have the option to select targeting based on Sub-Reddit. In terms of targeting in general, you have limited options.

I would suggest you spend some time understanding Reddit, and then use its advertising platform to promote your content.

reddit advertising
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Reddit accepts payment via credit card only, and once you create a campaign it can take up to 12 hours to get approval.

Facebook advertising:

Facebook is currently one of the top destinations for advertisers to buy traffic or advertise their product. I have used Facebook ads for buying Facebook likes and for boosting my page content in the past.

When I think about all the things I’ve done in the past in this regard, I feel kind of stupid. I should have used Facebook to drive traffic to my blog rather than buying Facebook likes!

Here is my take on my earlier action: I paid for Facebook ads to buy likes for my page.  Later I paid Facebook for making my status updates reach out to the same audience. In the end, a Facebook page is still a property of Facebook.

Isn’t it better to drive traffic to landing pages, and then convert that traffic into an email subscriber or for getting likes via the Facebook “Like” box?

buy Website Traffic Facebook Ads
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Lately I have started using Facebook to drive traffic to the blog, and it really is one of the best platforms to work with. I can be very precise with my targeting, and can get targeted users to my blog.

Here are few things which first-time users should know about Facebook ads:

  • You can use your existing email list to target ads to only those people.
  • You can use your existing email list to create a look-alike audience set. (That means your ads will be shown to people with similar interests and qualities to those on your email list.)
  • Facebook also offers retargeting ads. This could be a great way to increase brand value or to target content to people who have visited your site before. You can learn more about it here.

Here is one video which will make it easier for you to understand retargeted ads via FB:

Subscribe on YouTube

What am I’m promoting with this paid traffic?

At this point, my approach to paid advertising is to get more email subscribers and app installs.  ShoutMeLoud is a niche blog, and one-time traffic is not so profitable for a blog like this.  My advertising ROI is when traffic converts into an email subscriber or when someone installs my app.

Apart from driving traffic to my high-traffic pages, I’m focusing on promoting:

I see these two opportunities as the future of ShoutMeLoud after the email-list. 90% of my blog’s traffic is from search engines, but I would like to have the complete freedom to reach out to users without relying on search engine traffic. For now, that can be accomplished by my blog app and my YouTube channel.  These will more than likely provide the next big move forward for my blog.


If your blog is ready to be marketed, you should have an advertising budget and buy traffic. You can either do it yourself or hire a company to do it for you. If you are doing it yourself like I am, be prepared to fail at first (or maybe the first few times!), but soon you will discover your own secret recipe for success!

Let me know what other mediums or sites you have used to buy traffic for your blog.

How you are utilizing that traffic?

As always, feel free to share this post with anyone who might benefit from the information!

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

25 thoughts on “My Experiment with Buying Traffic from a Paid Medium”

  1. Siddaiah

    Hey Harsh,

    Once I tried Facebook Ads with clicks to website option for 15oo/- but the results was very bad, I got only 23 clicks to my website which costed me 65/- per click.

    Here we have to be careful when we are targeting audience, sometimes it works sometimes it may not.

    Thanks for sharing the information about paid traffic.

    1. Aman

      Hi Siddaiah,
      I have been using Fb to get likes for my pages and on average it cost me Rs 6 per like…

  2. Anuj

    Hi harsh
    You are really an angel for new bloggers as your tips and tricks really helped us to survive in this blogging world. Your idea of paid advertisement is good . I want to know more about reddit so it would be nice if u help me in it.

  3. gaurav

    I also bought Facebook likes for my Facebook page for an earlier website. That provided me with subscribers to my Facebook posts. But now, I was thinking on the same lines to advertise my website directly through Facebook ads & here came your post. Thanks, will surely try this one…who knows it can work for long time 🙂

  4. Rohan

    Hey Harsh,
    Very informative post but can you please tell using Google adwords to drive traffic to your blog. Have you used Adwords earlier and what was your experience. We get Adwords credits from various hosting, domain providers that’s why i am curious to know. I have read its not worth because you will not be notified when you cross the limit and end up loosing money.

  5. Felix B

    Thanks for the Post. It was very informative. Being an Indian, It makes the Post more reliable for me. Because Indians will face many issues while trying to attain something online. The post is well explained. Thanks. Gonna try Facebook ADs

  6. Peeyush Rajput

    Thanks Harsh for this informative post and you have clearly defined about paid advertising in your article.I was thinking to use Facebook ads to increase my page likes but by reading this article I understood that its better to increase the subscribers than doing advertisements.

  7. Tanmoy Das

    Is it healthy for Adsense as I know that Adsense don’t like paid traffic! Anyhow, thanks for sharing legit source to buy traffic.

  8. Mehak

    Hi Harsh, thanx for sharing.
    But, I would like to know if you are getting good traffic from SEO; Why you tried for Paid Links ??
    Is there any harm from these things to Google adsense ??

  9. Miraj Gazi

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for this honest transparency! I just want to know that why Google Adwords is missing?

    Best Regards
    Miraj Gazi

  10. santanu

    Hi Harsh,

    This is nice and honest sharing from your end. Just one question in my mind, how is Google ad-words? Why don’t you try them? Is ad-words return in less traffic compared to these 3 you have mentioned?

  11. Gurpreet

    Hey Harsh , Thanks for sharing your experience but i have noticed sometime when i share my blog posts on Social websites and on next day my traffic from search engines got decreased as well as alexa rank.
    Can you tell me the reason behind it ?

  12. Manikaran Singal

    Informative post harsh. I have tried facebook ads but for page likes only. I like your point to bring traffic on site and convert visitors into subscribers. Will try it next time.

  13. John

    Never thought about StumbleUpon as advertisement Medium. thanks for the info. Tumblr to add Sponsor posts? Any Idea about this?

  14. krishnan

    Hi Harsh,

    Becuase of Buying traffic in social networking or in other medium, will increase blog or website visibiltiy in search engines?


  15. Din Tok

    Well.. that’s so cool. First time reading I was thinking “buying traffic is an illegal method” 🙂

  16. Sonali

    But buying traffic is against Google Adsense if you are diaplaying their ads…. Also most of the companies claim premium traffic which is actually not…

  17. Vijay

    Can we use paid traffic for ad-sense?

  18. Piyush Dhiman

    Really useful article….Using Facebook is one of the best in the list, as we can target the Audience Type we want like; Age, Interest, Geo Location Etc. Thus we get the desired type of audience & this strategy can be used to convert that visitors into sales.

  19. Samex4rill

    wao harsh tnx for this eye opening post.

    some ppl I personally consider a blogging pro have been discouraging targeted ads but seeing you recommend it, I think its good

    concerning those ads company u mentioned above pls
    1) which is the cheapest
    2) which is the best to use in generating more revenue from adsense
    3) what are their payment method

    pls reply

  20. Satish Pandey

    Paid advt. or promotions are always good choice for Pro bloggers, i observed this in recent days as many blogger use this and get good result. Hope i will also use this in future !
    Thanks for providing insights of your experiment..

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