Want your readers to comment on your articles? Try This one technique…

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Despite having useful content, many bloggers often face the problem of not having any comments on their posts. This can be because of several reasons:

Or maybe:

  • You never asked your readers a question.

The starting and ending points of your posts are very important. A great starting point means you have won the visitor’s interest. A great ending point means you have won yourself a reader.

A reader will feel connected when they are ready to take action (preferably the action you want them to take).

Made for AdSense blogs tell readers to take action by clicking on ads and going away from the original site, which is good if your goal is to make money. But you also want readers to take action in other ways:

But why should you want readers to leave a comment?

Because this will give you a better idea of what your readers are finding valuable, and you can cater your newer content to these needs. This will help you identify what is and isn’t working on your blog.

Also, comments are great displays of social proof.

And when there’s a large display of social proof, advertisers will start to take notice. Companies will only want to advertise on sites that have an active and engaged fanbase. Having lots of comments is one great way of saying to businesses, “My blog is a really good place to put your ads.”

So how do you convert readers into commenters?

  • Ask them a question.

Getting More Comments on blog
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And why wouldn’t this work? If I’m talking to you in real life and I ask you a question, you’ll give me an answer. It’s the same via the internet. If I ask you something, you’ll want to respond. Right?

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If you haven’t been asking questions to your readers, you should start now.

Also watch this video to master the art of blog comment moderation:

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The best place to ask a question is at the end (near the comments section). The reader will have read everything and will be ready to give his/her opinion.

Like now…

Do you feel like asking questions to your readers is an effective way of getting comments? Let me know your answer in the comments below!

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

12 thoughts on “Want your readers to comment on your articles? Try This one technique…”

  1. Amit Nair

    I feel, asking the right question is the key. The readers should feel an urge to reply. It should be a genuine attempt to make them enter into a conversation. It should make them feel that their opinion or alternate solution really counts.

  2. tabulyogang

    That’s like engaging your readers to a conversation about a certain topic. What a beautiful idea. THank you.

  3. sudha

    I have been doing this job for past few posts and its nice to be interacting with the readers 😀 Questionable post and asking suggestions and their views on the post will make the post more interactive

  4. George Serradinho

    Yes, you can ask questions and you might get answers to them. You might not, depending on your post and how much the users knows.

    Some users will leave comments, but won’t really answer the questions. I find that funny sometimes and shake my head, lol.

    This is also a way to build a community around your blog/site.

  5. Extreme John

    Great post there’s no question that engaging readers is one of the most efective ways to increase your blog comments and your community.

  6. Rajesh Kanuri

    asking question will encourage the user to comment or share some love in either way one will be beneficial..

  7. Shabnam Sultan

    I also agree with Indian cashmaker that if your posts are of good quality comments will follow.

  8. Vivek

    Yes you have said it right, i have been asking questions in maximum all of my post but i didn’t get any form this. Finally the quality of content matters

  9. Amit Banerjee

    Asking questions can encourage comments only if the question is worth asking. Imagine a blogger asking questions in each and every article. And i agree with Indian cashmaker …post quality and depth will encourage readers to comment.

  10. srivathsan.GK

    yeah !! I have been doing this job for past few posts and its nice to be interacting with the readers 😀 Questionable post and asking suggestions and their views on the post will make the post more interactive .. thanks for the tip 🙂

  11. IndianCashMaker

    asking questions does encourage comments….but still the post quality is the most important thing to be kept in mind

  12. Rahul

    Commenting increase the beauty of blog post. Peoples who get less comments either
    they post many posts per day or
    they don’t have traffic or
    they don’t comments on others post or
    they post boring posts or
    their title is not attractive. Once you will provide value to others you will comments for sure.

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