8 Tips To Make You Most Popular Virtual Assistant


Working from home, on your set schedule, from your own comfort, and making big money is not always as glamorous as it might seem. Becoming a Virtual Assistant and mastering it requires time and patience, along with some smart work. Assuming that you are clear with the Basics of Virtual Assistant profession and know about the resources to find a Virtual Assistant gig, let’s move on to how you can be more effective working as a Virtual Assistant.

Most Popular Virtual Assistant
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How to become an Efficient Virtual Assistant?

Being an effective Virtual Assistant is not rocket science and could be mastered with a little effort and patience. Given the high competition for these jobs, you need to stand out from your competition to land higher paying gigs.

Below are the eight tips to help you become a much effective Virtual Assistant.

Get your basic skills right

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Before you set on your virtual assistant journey, you need to make sure that you possess all the basic skills required. An ideal and successful virtual assistant would be on par with the basic skill-set required.

So do you think you have a good hold on the basic skills? Let’s go through a few basic skills expected of you:

  • Comfortable with using Windows / Mac.
  • More than 45 words per minute.
  • Know how to use Internet and emailing.
  • Know the basics of social media marketing.
  • Have a good time and resource management skills.
  • Have a good understanding of newsletter creation.

Get all the right tool set

Virtual Assistant Toolkit
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I truly believe that a perfect toolset guides a potentially talented man to success. Pat Pattison, a songwriting professor at Berklee school of music for more than 30 years, always used to emphasize on the tool-set concept very often in our songwriting class.

A right tool-set is power in the hands of man to build a legacy out of nothing. Make sure you have got nothing but the best tools before you jump in.

  • A good computer/laptop that works perfectly.
  • At least two up to date browsers.
  • A good email client.
  • Skype or other chat software.
  • A good speed Internet connection.

These are just the basic tools required, and most of the people would mostly satisfy the criteria.

Work on a fixed schedule

No matter you work locally or remotely, nothing is going to work for you if you neglect the importance of a fixed schedule. Although virtual assistant allows you flexibility from your home office, that doesn’t mean you wake up suddenly at the wake of the night and start working.

Make a habit of working during the same hours of the day, every day. You don’t need a 9-5 schedule, but a schedule is a must to get the most out of your work. Make a schedule as per the times when you are at your best with least distractions and day in day out, work during the same hours.

Work on your Home Office

Home office
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You would want your office to be somewhat like a Google campus, if not exactly the same.

Who wouldn’t like a slide to get to the canteen and grab free perks? Your home office too needs a makeshift, a positive change that would inspire you to work much better. Make some time and fix your home office if you’re planning on working as a virtual assistant.

Make sure your work-desk is not generating unbearable noise and making people fear from calling you. Get yourself a good, calm and clean room where you can sit down and work on your tasks.

Build a plan/strategy

If having a plan is good, having a plan B is a must. So,  for every plan that you make, have an alternative plan ready to execute. Things might not always work out the way you planned them to, so having a backup plan will help you in the long run.

Build a strategy of how many hours you’re willing to work,

Where you’re going to work,

What about your taxes,

You should continue making a plan, and you will end up with more questions to be answered even before you accept your first gig.

Be exceptionally good at something

“If you’re working to be good at everything, you could never be best at anything. “

– Neil patel.

Virtual assistant means a much wider spectrum nowadays. Anything and everything come under working as a virtual assistant. You can become anything, but quickly find out what your specialty is and work for improvising it.

Below are a few examples of you could become an expert on a particular job title:

  • Social media guru
  • Email marketing
  • Organizer and scheduler

Deliver more

When was the last time you over delivered and your customer couldn’t stop singing your praises? For customers to sing your praises you need to provide that rare high-quality service. So it’s always good to deliver more, surprise your customers and keep them happy.

Don’t always do everything for the money and at least sometimes do for the love of it. I love making people happy and go the extra mile to deliver more than anyone expects. Go out of your way to leave a legacy in whatever you do. Make people remember you for what you’ve done rather than as a man who’s always bugging about the next paycheck.

Be prompt and value time

Time is the most valuable thing you’ll ever have in life. Time is precious – both for you and your customer. So don’t run around making a fool out of yourself wasting theirs and your own time.

Be prompt on your promises. Deliver on time, if not before it, as you promise your clients. Be concise and very clear in your communications to explain your condition as to why you missed your deadline. Emails should be replied to within a business day, and most of the virtual assistant tasks shouldn’t take more than two business days. Be courteous of your customers and reply to calls and emails in a timely fashion.

Make use of these tips and set your sails on this journey towards a successful virtual assistant career. Want to add any tips from your personal experience as a virtual assistant? Feel free to shout out your comments and thoughts below.

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2 thoughts on “8 Tips To Make You Most Popular Virtual Assistant”

  1. Mariane

    Great tips, Srikanth. I agree with you and want to add some more points in your basic skills. You can consider the communication skills as one of the basic skill and probably the most required skill needed in working as a virtual assistant. It is very much used in this industry as regardless whether you do blogging or writing or customer support, you always need to communicate with your client. So to make the long story short, we need an excellent communication skills to be able to perform.

  2. Parul Arora

    Hello Srikanth,

    Yeah, We are learning from the school time that Time Tablets are the most important part of our life and we should make it and follow it time to time.

    Well, I do have a time table and I do follow it.


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