Why Bloggers Share their Income Report and Why you Should too

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Why Bloggers Share their Income Report and Why you Should too

How many times you have come across posts where a blogger talks about his income from blogging and share his income stats. When I started sharing my income report initially, I got many mixed reactions from regular and first time-visitors. Some people find it as a motivational factor, some people find it as show off, and some people find it misleading.

I have never talked about this topic before, but after 4 years of blogging, I believe it’s the right time to talk about it, clear some air, and share my viewpoint on sharing income report.

Show me the money

Why sharing blog income report is useful for others and yourself?

There is no denying the fact, that money is one of the biggest motivational factors in every aspect of life. Ask someone, what do you want to do/become in your life? And the majority of people will answer the profession which will bring maximum recognition, respect and lots of money. That’s true in every sense because the money helps us to buy all necessity in life.  So, one thing is clear that a good career is one, which brings us money.

Blogging as potential career option:

Blogging, on the other hand, is a relatively new career option, and it’s not something that is certified or comes after a degree. It’s one of that job, where people from any age group, anywhere in the world can start working. These days everyone have the blog on one of these free blogging platform, and people blog for their passion and interest. Blogging income reports, make them realise that blogging can bring them more than fame and recognition; i.e. Money.

New source of blog monetization:

There are thousands of blogs out there, who are still unaware of different ways to monetize a blog. Most of the budding bloggers think AdSense as the only way to make money from their blog, whereas there are many more lucrative ways like sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing, CPM ads and so on are out there. When I see somebody income report, it makes me realize new ways I can explore to add into my blogging income.

Motivation for readers and self-motivation:

everyone can make money online

When I started blogging, I stumbled upon income report of few bloggers, and that helped me to understand the true monetary potential of blogging. I believed in “If They Can Do It, I Can Do It“, and with that mindset, I managed to cross more than $6000/month milestone. None the less, publishing my income report, also work as a self-motivation mechanism for me. It helped me to raise my goal with every milestone I covered. Check out my complete archive of income report and compare my first income report with the latest one, and you will notice the difference.

Commentator helps:

There is no doubt; full-time bloggers make money via their blog. Be it AdSense ads, affiliate marketing or any other methods, and sharing blog income report adds more transparency to the blog. Moreover, whenever I shared my income report, many regular readers like you, commented and suggested to try new methods like eBook, new affiliate product and so on. Many of them, messaged me on Facebook and informed me about few high-converting products.

In the end, sharing blogging earning summary helped to create a better relation between regular readers and the webmasters. Some people think that blog income reports are misleading or may not be genuine, well for such people always remember one thing in mind “you can’t keep everyone happy“. Even if your income report helped to inspire the single person, you have done your good deed today.

I would love to know few things from you:

  • Do you find blogging income report useful and motivating?
  • Do you publish income report on your blog? If not, why not?
  • How somebody blog earning report helped you to grow your blog?

Do share your opinion, and consider sharing this article on Facebook and Google Plus.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1038 articles.

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  1. Jonah says

    Hi Harsh and thanks for another informative post.

    Publishing your income and expenses is always going to attract a diverse response. It will motivate those who are prepared to do what it takes and stick at it. You will always get those who hold a slight suspicion or who are sceptical and don’t believe. They are usually the ones who generally don’t tend to move forward in their own business as they procrastinate and constantly look for reasons or excuses not to move forward.

    There are of course those marketers who do exaggerate their income to impress or who promise earnings of 6 figures to gain followers. You should ignore those marketers unless they can show you that they too are earning those 6 figures……but they will never prove it because they are not.

    There are quite a few high profile marketers that are earning what they say they are earning and they post similar income reports as you. I would like to mention their names here but that would detract from your own earning post.

    The key point I took from your monthly income reports was not the income figure but the expenses figure. I look at how much you are spending and where you are spending it. This is important but often ignored but is key.

    Your expenses reflect what you really need to be doing to be successful online. Everybody wants to do it all for free and they struggle using free blogging platforms, free software, free marketing tools and free analytic tools etc. This may appear to be a good idea at first but it is not and never will be. Unfortunately these free tools will not help any marketer’s financial progress but very few will listen. Speculate to accumulate.

    Your own income report shows, as many other income reports also show, that to be successful and to make any real money online you need to speculate to accumulate and invest some money in certain products or software that do actually help advance your business and you need to do that on a consistent basis. That is a fact for any type of business.

    So rather than looking at the income/profit figure, your readers should actually be looking at what needed to be spent to achieve that and they need to be working towards doing the same and investing and then reinvesting.

    • says

      I must say you got an eye to look at the right thing. Surprisingly, the lot of ShoutMeLoud readers take note of expenses and learning from it. I believe such reports are useful only when one take inspiration & idea from it, to implement on their blog. Directly copying the idea won’t be that fruitful, as you are just rehearsing the last layer, and missing out all other underneath layers.

  2. Jim says

    I have yet a question for you:

    Do you think that your income report attracts more visitors which at the end result in more money? If that is the case I would not be surprised that a lot of bloggers publishing income reports present an overestimation of their actual income. In fact, some people might have begun a blog with a very lux income report which isn’t true only to guaranty some visitors. Do you think that only bloggers that do good publish their income?

    I don’t think that an income report is at all transparent. It would be transparent if there would be a sort of a third party website to which bloggers could suscribe (and pay) to certify their income.

    In any case, thanks for making your opinion free and open to us.

    Best regards,


    • says

      Income reports do attract readership…. Sharing income report is a personal choice, and many people are comfortable and open about sharing it, as there is nothing to lose.

      There are bloggers who are making million of dollars via blogging, but they don’t talk about, or don’t like to share.. As I said above, this is personal choice and there is nothing wrong about..
      How can we talk about something that we don’t see or don’t hear?? To believe or not to believe is the question one has to ask himself.. If one believe it, one day he will also make it..

  3. says

    I agree,
    Disclosure of a blogger’s income from their blog, CAN be sometimes a very powerful incentive for getting better and better at it.
    Also, showing how it is done and the real numbers that prove it is TRUE, is quite a powerful incentive for other people to follow in your steps.

    Kudos on your earnings, Harsh!

    Steve ✉ Master eMailSmith ✉ Lorenzo
    Chief Editor # eMail Tips Daily Newsletter

  4. Prasanthreddy Arikatla says

    I really appreciate this post. Showing how much money you make on your blog is showing your readers your motivation to blogging and the amount of hard work you put into blogging. Keep it up!

  5. says

    Hey Harsh,

    To be frank, your income reports motivated me a lot. In fact, it helped me to take blogging seriously. When I started blogging I didn’t have any idea of monetizing my blog other than using Adsense and Infolinks. When I saw your Income reports, I realized that there a lot of ways to monetize blog.
    Though I didn’t publish any income report of my blog, but I’ve a plan to publish within next few months.
    Good luck with your income and keep publishing your Income reports.

  6. Ruthanne Crosby says

    Sharing income report helps to motivate others to dive into blogging and you are right Harsh “You can’t please everyone”. Thanks for sharing

  7. Surendra Soni says

    Hello harsh,
    Your monthly income report always motivate me…
    And remind me as same for my job portal site.

  8. says

    Oh $6000 stat is mind boggling …!!

    Congrats on that front!!

    That is something which might take someone to intire life to get in his Job Life…!! :)

    You rock man keep motivating us with the great stats!! :)

  9. says

    Hiii Harsh sir,
    i want to say something about – Do you find blogging income report useful and motivating?
    We all know, every Blogger starts their Blog after being inspire from any other Blogger. During reading any blog they also see & read the author profile.when they get some special but simple ways and tips about Blogging then they thing about their own blog. In the list of some special ways and tips the “blogging income” also an important thing. In fact, blogging income report plays a very useful and motivating role in the inspiration any blogger.

  10. says

    Income reports helps if it is true… back in 2006/07 – i used to do it. It was fun then, I used to earn under $2k a month… but still used to share the photos of my check etc.

    recently, i sold one of my blogs for over $10k+ but did not cared to do any bragging… i guess i have grown out of it,

    Uttoran Sen,

    • says

      @Uttoran Sen
      The question is what’s the right sum to brag about? Is $10k big enough to brag about? Or $1000k… The moment you will consider $10k as bragging income, your financial goal may limit to a certain amount.. When on Internet, sky is the limit…

      More over, sharing is caring.. More you share, you will get more ideas, useful informations from your readers, friends to improve it… Do consider sharing your income report, and revenue split-up with your readers, and you will see a great level of engagement from your readers…..

  11. Ugee says

    Sharing your monthly report, would actually make your readers trust your tips a lot more. Keep it up Harsh!

  12. Kushal Azza says

    Great Harsh ! I just saw monthly income report by Pat Flyn which you shared on Facebook.


  13. says

    I think sharing income is great motivational idea. Those bloggers who thinks that blogging needs time and effort, this article for all of them. I feel this article is inspirational for bloggers like me who wants make blogging as career. Just a little patience and time any one can make handsome income in $$$, but need a proper guidance. And SHOUTMELOUD is bestest in term of SEO skills. Thanks Harsh sir. :)

    • says

      Thanks for your comment, and I agree with your point. When ever I see a big income report of a blogger, it becomes a big motivational factor, plus it set my financial earning goals…

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