Shoutmeloud Monthly Income Report November 2009

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Shoutmeloud Monthly Income Report November 2009

Every month, I publish my income report along with source of income, to give you an idea about how you can also earn more from your blog. You can see my up to date guide on: How I make money with ShoutMeLoud, this will give you a clear picture of blog monetization technique I use here at ShoutMeLoud. Few days back we have published our monthly traffic report and here are Monthly income report for November 2009.

  • Google adsense :                                     275
  • Direct Advertisement :                        600
  • Affiliate Marketing :                             1400
  • WordPress SEO + Customization :  400
  • Blogspot to WordPress Migration : 400


Total                                                            : 3075

We recently started a new program, and you can find details about it here: ShoutMeLoud free WordPress blog setup program.

I know I’m delaying posts on Make money online, because that is something I want to write but I believe it will be much better if I create an entire new blog and write about it there. I have few domains under my name, which are perfect for those articles. But due to lack of time I’m unable to start them. I will try to get everything up soon. Right now I’m working on making my WordPress tutorials website up and standing tall.

Meanwhile do let us know how was your earning last month ?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1047 articles.

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  1. Baba says

    Brother its Great. I recently found your blog.
    I really impress with your site.
    All the best for your future.

  2. Tinh says

    Great achievement but your adsense is very low, much lower than mine with such big traffic. You should optimize your adsense and I am sure your adsense earnings will be bossted next month. Congrats to your affiliate revenue. T

  3. says

    Nice one!

    That’s all because of your hard work and efforts on the content on the website.

  4. George Serradinho says

    Well done Harsh, another great month of income for you. Seems it keeps rising and rising, hope you hit the $5000 mark soon.

    Seems direct advertising and affiliate marketing is doing great for you, keep the great work up.

  5. Rajeel says

    Hey bro,

    Your earnings are increasing rapidly. I thinks that you are a pro in affiliate marketing. Make a seperate section for affiliate marketing tips on your blog. THat’ll make you really famous .

  6. Koi Fish says

    Wow, this is really impressive, congratulations. I know there is almost never time to start new projects but keep at it, you’re doing great already.

  7. Gabe | says

    Looks like a very good month compared to some others! Keep up the excellent work!

    Also, thanks for the transparency. This helps manage expectations for many bloggers.

  8. Anupum says

    Amazing dude….I wish my blog did this well….I was banned from ad-sense long ago :(

  9. chandan says

    Hey Harsh really very nice report, I think your earning is going increase day by day. Congrats.

  10. saif says

    What affiliate marketing services do you use ? Plus you use kontera on your site , do you consider that as affiliate marketing in your income ?

  11. Gagan says

    gr8 harsh,

    make me your student… I also want to learn secrets of affiliate marketing.. Do write more and more and more on it.

    my best wishes

  12. Malhar Parve says

    Your affiliate income is good as compared to others. Where can I find the information about how to increase my affiliate income?

  13. CA Karan Batra says

    Rocking Good Harsh
    Seems like you’ll be dominating the Blogging Industry very soon
    Keep up the Good Work Mr. Blogarwal

  14. Ricky says

    Your affiliate income is great. Any tips for that? I guess it depends on traffic as well. Your traffic is great.

  15. RahulBuzz says

    Your overall earning is amazing. And you are pro in affiliate marketing. Still your adsense earning is not amazing as compared to your traffic.