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Register plus WordPress plugin for Multi Author blog

Register plus WordPress plugin for Multi Author blog

WordPress offers some easy way to create multi author blog and Shoutmeloud is a revenue sharing multi-author blog and few days back I have covered few topics on creating revenue sharing blog.

Another very useful plugin which I have come across while working for one of my wordpress client. The plugin name is Register plus.

It adds lots of functionality to your wordpress register page and as an admin it gives you lots of control which is missing in default wordpress registration options. One very useful thing about this plugin is when user will register for the blog he can fill up all the details for his profile from right there. This helps them to skip the process of editing profile at later stage.  More over this plugin lets you add custom logo on login page which adds another level of branding for your blog.

Here is an example of register page, generated by this plugin.

The setting page of this plugin is full of features like :

  • Required filed at registration
  • Captcha verification
  • Admin approval
  • Password meter
  • Blog logo
  • disclaimer message
  • Custom email notification

Features are enormous and the plugin is very useful for multi author, membership websites.

Have a look at Register plus setting page

Download plugin

Do let us know if you customize your WordPress login page and make it easier for your users to sign up and complete profile? Are you using any plugin to add custom logo on WordPress login page?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1047 articles.

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  • Nizam

    Really awesome plugin with lots of useful features, especially users can fill up all their details directly when they are registering for the blog. Thanks Harsh for this useful post :)

  • David Harris

    Same question as arta from April 2010. I installed the plug-in, made all the settings like I want them. Now, I want a form to show up on my register page and I don’t see any code or widget functionality that will allow me to do that. Help! Thanks.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      David what kind of Form you are trying to show on your registration page??

      • Acee Baba

        Same question as Arta, I wish to show a link from where visitor go to register page and add his info. I didn’t find any code that show registration form at front end. Please help

  • Meezan Rahman

    I have a multi author article site and looking for this kind of plug-ins for my site.

    Thanks for the post.

  • arta

    I’m new in wordpress, how can I display my register plus plugin into my website??
    Thank you Harsh

  • freeblogger

    Thanks Harsh for this. It will help me manage my blog as i want to start guest posting on my blog

  • Gen

    hope its possible to put this on a wordpress page/post also…

  • Stefan

    Thank you Harsh, I’m currently rebuilding one of my sites to allow multiple authors and one of the problem is that not all of them add their personal information. By using this they will add it when signing up.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Best of luck with your new project Stefan. I hope this plugin will help you.

  • George Serradinho

    I have seen this plugin and thought it was cool. It would be nice if it was part of WP core functionality.

    It saves a lot of time for the user who registers, although that is probably the first thing that should be done when signing in.
    .-= George Serradinho ´s last blog ..I™m a Puzzle lover, are You? =-.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      That’s true George. I will add this into wordpress support forum, I hope they will integrate it in future update.

      • karim

        Hi Harsh,

        Nice plugin !

        How can i add an option to allow the new users to upload their own profile photo when signing-up ?

        I found this but don’t know how to integrate it with your pluging.

        Thank you


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