Must Have WordPress Plugins For Multi-Author Blog

Before few days we shared with you about the pros and cons of having a multi-author blog. According to me having multi-author blog is good but the only thing which you need to remember is to manage it properly.

Many bloggers prefer to receive articles from writers through mails, but what if you miss any of their mails or forgot to draft to blog? It is always better that you must allow your loyal writers to draft the post directly on your blog. There are many plugins which can help you to manage your multi-author blog effectively. We have  already discussed about 4 WordPress plugins useful for multi-author blog, which are:

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All above plugins are very useful and must have, if you are planning to start a multi-author blog. Apart from these plugins, there are few more plugins which can make your multi-author blog experience good. Here is the list of 3 more plugins for a multi-author blog:

Capability Manager

Capability manager is worth installing. It is best and easiest plugin to manage the roles and capabilities of authors. You can edit the roles, add roles, and add new capability to exciting role. It provides you lots of options than four default roles of WordPress. Thus, you can provide the roles and restrictions to author according to your need.

roles and capabilities

Author Image

Author Image allows you to add the image of author easily on your blog. It creates a widget that you can insert in sidebar, you can even cal in the loop where you want the author image to appear in your blog. Images are very important in blogging, people might not remember you by name, but by image they will sure remember.


Edit Flow

Edit Flow takes cares of all editorial workflow, keep track of all the Meta data. The best part of this plugin is that you can assign five default statuses to the post, such as “Assigned”, “Draft”, “Pending Review”, “Pitch” and “Waiting for feedback”. You or writers can also add additional custom status.

edit flow

All the above plugins won’t let your multi-author blog experience a mess. These are worth trying out for all multi-author blogs.

Which plugin you use to make your multi-author blogging experience rich?

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COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. P.K.ARUN says

    currently I’m not running multi author blog to share some plugin names here. I don’t know about Capability Manager plugin seems it must have plugin for wp multi author blog. Thanks for sharing about here.

  2. jai prakash says

    I think multi blog author plugins (author advertising plugin) gives to chance for general user also .Readers who are intrested to write the blog go ahead and share your knowledge and enjoy with money from shoutmeloud……..great

  3. TechGyo says

    Hey good post, But I’m wondering is that(Revenue Sharing Plugin) link sending me to correct page. I was hoping of landing on some other relevant page. Do you link others posts manually or do you have a plugin which does it?

  4. Arafat Hossain Piyada says

    You can also add ‘Rich Text Biography’ by Matthew Praetzel too. I personally use Capability Manager as I’m willing to hide my admin id(though I change the default name). I’m also testing ‘Author Advertising’ in my blog for future use. Thanks for this compilation Ruchi.