Amazon Affiliate Program- A Beginners Guide [With Images]

Amazon Affiliate Program

Last time I talked about Commission Junction and Dreamhost affiliate program that will help you to monetize your site. This time I’m going to talk about Amazon affiliate program. Amazon is one of the world’s biggest marketplace, and I started focusing on Amazon for gadgets product. Despite so many affiliate marketplace, many bloggers and big companies use Amazon to sell their products.

This affiliate program pays you up to 15% of the sale amount and depending on what kind of sale you are making it’s a good way to make big money. Especially if you are a gadget or mobile bloggers, you can write a complete review of a phone and give an Amazon link to buy this phone. So by spending 15 minutes of time and finding the best mobile deal, you can add extra income.

How to Sign up for Amazon Affiliates program?

Amazon Affiliate program

Depending on your geographical location, you can select any one of the three payment option. I prefer Check as in my country (India) there is no option for direct deposit. Or if you are a big shopaholic, you can select Amazon gift certificate and cards.

How to Monetize using Amazon Affiliate?

I assume by now you have signed up for Amazon Associates program, and next step is to get links, banners or widgets. Depending on your site niche, you can select different types of links. For example if you have a gadget blog, you can create a page call Recommended gadgets, if you have a movie or music blog, you can add a widget on the sidebar with Movie DVD’s link. Possibilities are enormous, depending on your niche, you can add links and monetize your site using Amazon.

I will be posting detailed tutorial on how to grab links for each product at Amazon. So that you can link them on your blog. On the Welcome Email, you will be receiving your Amazon affiliate ID and link for homepage. Many people asked me if Indian bloggers can join amazon affiliate or not, and the answer is yes.

To become an affiliate for Amazon, Sign up using this link: <Sign up for Amazon>

Do let us know if you face any problem signing up for Amazon affiliate program. Also share your experience as an Amazon affiliate.

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COMMENTs ( 65 )

  1. Ajay says

    Dear, I would like to know that, if I want to promote a Amazon’s product on my Facebook account, so for affiliation account in Amazon what will be my website address..?
    Please, give me proper guidance.

  2. says

    Hi, Most of my friends and relatives shop online. Can I tell them to go through my website? Can I refer them to my site by sending the link to the specific product they are planning to purchase?

  3. says

    Hi Harsh. I’m in a dilemma not knowing if I can use my Amazon Associate ID that I got when I applied for Amazon program through Hubpages.
    Since I recently launched 2 of my own sites I wish to put amazon links to products that related to my site topic.
    My question to you is –
    Can I use my Hubpages Amazon Associate ID on my website and if yes how to go about it?

  4. Babafemi Paul says

    Hi friend, i have been doing this business for the past 15 years, creating one site and the other taking products from amazon and cj, but up till this moment, I could not make any penny. i have spent most of my little earnings to fund personal website. I need your help to enable me not loose totally on this business because I believe there are money making potentials in the net. Thanks I expect your reply soon.

  5. says

    Hi Harsh, I am new to blogging. My question is that being located in India, shall I have affiliate program for or My viewership is more in US. Or is there any way that location specific ads will pop to user like google from one account only. Please suggest ….

    • says

      That’s an interesting question, and the solution is to show geo-location based affiliate link. For example, If a visitor comes from India, he should see affiliate link, and visitor from U.S. should see aff. link. There is this WordPress plugin call EasyAzon which handles such geo-location targeting.

  6. says

    It’s really a genuine affiliate program. As i work for amazon, I am not eligible for amazon affiliate program. I will try other affiliate programs.

  7. Pique Dan says

    I have one problem.The products in are not good and when I choose my country as India I am being automatically directed to .

  8. Kumar says

    Thank you for the informative post. I look forward to your detailed post on your experiences with the Amazon Affiliate program. Thanks again.

  9. Nikki says

    Thanks for this post. Just tried the ‘pay by check’ to india option. Waiting now. Let’s see how it goes.

    Do you recommend using widgets? Are those helpful? My site it on laptops. Thanks !

  10. YDJ says

    I want to know what is the difference between affiliate and ? Reading your post, I have signed up for affiliate program, but what if my blog is being read by people from say, USA? Can they buy those items from ? Or I need to sign up differently for ? Please help.

    • Sami says

      Hello YDJ,
      You will only get commission from the Indian site.
      People from USA will be redirected to
      If you want to get those commissions, you have to sign up on And there is a plug-in in wordpress. You have to use the plug-in to get commissions. There is also
      Hope you can understand.

      • Sumit says

        Thanks for this very useful article. I have a question regarding program. If I am already a affiliate, am I automatically a affiliate? If not, may I sign in for affiliate program also? If so, do I need to create a separate account (with a different e-mail id) for affiliate program or should I join with the same account? Thank you in advance for your time.

  11. Vishwajeet Kumar says

    Thanks for This Great Post Harsh! Amazon is Really a Big And Most Popular affiliate Programs in Internet. The Conversions are quite high despite of Other Affiliate Programs. The Variety Of Products are available to Promote and Generate some Huge Money from it.

  12. Piyush says

    I have still not earned anything from amazon..
    But i thing singning up is so damn simple.
    No email verification, no website verification, no mobile verification… Just proceed with everything and voila.. You are presented with your Tracking Id.

  13. Sandy says

    Hey nice article! Just wanted to check if you know which pays better : affiliate or ? My site gets visitors equally from India and U.S. Which affiliate should I go with?

  14. Vivek Jain says

    Thanks for sharing this useful info. Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make easy money online now a days. If it will with Amazon, then it will be surely called as Amazing Amazon service. Already Kindle e-book service is so much famous now the time for Amazon Affiliate Programs. :)

  15. Armaan says

    Amazon has recently launched its marketplace in India along with its local affiliate program for Indians. Although there are only books and movies that people can promote at the moment, it’s a big challenge to Flipkart in the next few months

  16. Jaswinder says

    Nice blog for newbies to I just started with and had some sales.

  17. Deependra Solanky says

    I was searching for Amazon Affiliate Program, especially India related information, and landed up on your post. Thanks for providing the information. I am going to signup for it, let’s see how it works.

  18. Aanand Keerthy says

    WIll this work? I tried Amazon Mturk for online job and ended up in a mess. They are not paying as I dont have US SSN. So, pls inform us after getting a successful result. Anyway, nice post. Thanks.

    • Jignesh says

      No its not like that, amazon is paying commission to Indian Users by Cheque or Gift voucher. There must be some other reason..kindly contact amazon support .

  19. Patil Makarand says

    Thanks for the useful information, i just signed up for it and used a best selling gadget in my blog. Hope for the best ! thanks

  20. Sunith babu says

    @Raghu, I don’t think they accept the paypal method of sending the payment. They only send cheque for 100$ and above

    • Jignesh says

      Thats very true..It takes upto one week to deliver cheque to your address in India and take minimum of 21 days to clear the payment after you deposit them into your bank account.

  21. Raghu Kaykay says

    Harsh i want to know what are the payment method for india resident. Are they accept indian address as affiliate ? Is it possible to received payment on indian paypal account.

  22. Sunith Babu says

    I would suggest you to take the option on cheque., so that you would receive directly from amazon and in turn you can deposit it in your bank. Any amount greater than 100$ would be sent by cheque.

  23. pushpal says

    i signed up for amazon but there is option for only US banks and not Indian banks .How can I specify this.

  24. Justice says

    I just applied for Amazon affilialite program and hope to be approved in a few blog is still new and it will be a major achievement if i got approved

  25. Rahul says

    Hey Harsh will you be using the Amazon Affiliate Program in your blogs or will you do a separate E-Commerce website with all their products.

      • shad says

        thanks Harsh fr this post, because I am a new blogger and have been wondering how can i use amazon affiliate program because i read somewhere that it works only for USA and not for India, how can i get started with the program, because it is perhaps one of the best. Any answer will be appreciated.

  26. Androidage says

    According to my experience/research Amazon affiliate program works great, if we put some more efforts of getting visits from US, UK, Canadian countries ( Because of advertisers pays more).
    More over we need to briefly research about the products that what work with our niche and what not?
    From my experience, Micro niche sites works better for Amazon.
    Thanks to the post.

  27. Jitendra Kumar says

    Hi Harsh – Thanks for sharing this information. I have signed up for Amazon and looking forward to some good output.

  28. Andy says

    Amazon is always the be the best affiliate program to earn. you have mentioned here few nice tips to earn from that. Thank you for this.

  29. Varinder Pal Singh says

    Great article I will sure to sign and get an experience from that and get monetize my site with Amazon.

  30. Sunith Babu says

    I’ve been part of the amazon affiliate program since last two years, it has brought me good deal with CAD Software. AutoCAD ! in the US,

    Helped me gain more than 1500$ every year.

  31. Praveen Rajarao says

    Harsh – Amazon was the first affiliate I signed up for, but somehow I have never got past the hurdle of my first revenue from it. I am sure I am not paying 100% attention to all the features of the program, I need to rethink my strategy.

  32. Affiliate Program Chaser says

    Very inspiring for beginner in affiliate marketing, like I am.

    Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work.

  33. Santhosh says

    Harsh, do you have any idea that Amazon products ship to India? Becuase most products that are available through Amazon seems to be cheaper than any store around India. For example iPad starts at $300 but I am sure there is customs duty etc when it ships to India and I do not have a any clue to how much that would be but certainly varies from 50% to 100%

    • Rohit Shukla says

      Hi Santosh,
      You asked this question from Harsh but i know the answer. Any ways solution is there are some services which provide you a virtual address in USA and then they ship your product to your permanent address. Definately it will cost you little more buy through this way you can buy products. Read this article for full details. (Site owner Amit Aggarwal. )

    • Sammy says

      Recently I purchased from Amazon. What I noticed was that there are some products which are available for shipping internationally (it is specifically mentioned) while others are for US only.

      However there is not much difference when you consider the import duties and the shipping charges. In fact, I thought shipping would be free because my order qualified for Super Saver. But the moment I gave my address, shipping and import duties were added which increased the cost by almost 70%. Way higher than I expected.

      But I must say, their shipping was pretty fast. You can track the progress on their site. It reached Mumbai within 4 days and the local courier from Mumbai to my place took 10 days. Pathetic!!!!

      The packing was slightly damaged though there was no damage to product. I realized that they have opened the whole thing for customs clearance and packed it again.

  34. Kunal says

    Amazon is great market place. You can earn well with its affiliate program but chances of more earning are high only in site those have high traffic like SML.
    But it’s a great place to earn. You never know who comes to your site for first time, click on banner and make a purchase.
    Not a bad thing to try out.

  35. Sharninder says

    Amazon’s affiliate program is good because of the huge number of products available for sale on Amazon. Other than that the commission is just average and if most of your readers are from India, they wouldn’t be buying from Amazon anyway.

  36. Michael Aulia says

    15%? I thought it’s only around 3-6%, depends on how many products are bought in a month :)

    I find that my review posts work pretty well with having the Amazon ads at the bottom of the posts (with the help of Amazon Product in a Post plug-in)

  37. Tuan @Tek3D says

    I’ve just created the affiliate account and give it a try. It is really not easy to sell a product at Amazon and I think it will be more suitable for websites related to high technology products like mobile phone or tablet.

  38. Bilal Ahmad says

    My fist earning from Amazon was $57 through hubpages. They are superb but the thing you must keep in mind is to write detail articles about the product.
    Target different keywords for every product. Rank one article on top page and there you go.
    However it takes to time to earn on Amazon, so always be patient.

    • shad says

      congrats bilal, that you earned from amazon. being an indian i am a bit puzzled whether amazon will pay me or not and how to earn through it. yours is a motivation for me. gud luck

    • jakehess01 says

      When your talking about different keywords are you talking about LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)

  39. Gifer says

    Great post !!! Looking forward to read the detailed post about how to grab affiliate link for a each product. Thanks

    • says

      Gifer I’m waiting for my own experience with Amazon Affiliate and once I think I can add values, I will go live with advance post for the same..!!
      Don’t forget to subscribe to ShoutMeLoud, to keep getting updates!

      • Rohan Shankar says

        I am getting a lot of clicks but non of them are converting. That’s so sad. I hear in forums that they get around 10 sales per 100 but I am getting none.